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Want the real numbers behind 1RED Casino? Explore spins, satisfaction rates, bonuses, and more. Uncover the hidden data! November 2023

Our team, headed by Oliver Miller, finalized the statistics by November 10th. Although the data reflects the situation as of November 1st, we invest substantial time and effort in analysis. Lily Adams is responsible for publishing the refined data, ensuring it's both accurate and insightful for our audience.
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Comprehensive Casino User Analysis

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Pros 1RED

1RED Pros:

  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Cryptocurrency deposits accepted
  • Extensive range of game providers
  • User-friendly website
Cons 1RED

1RED Cons:

  • Many country restrictions
  • Relatively new in the market







1RED Casino Overview

From Vegas Vibes to Digital Delights.

The online casino landscape can seem daunting to navigate. With hundreds of gaming sites vying for players' attention, discerning the fair and transparent from the dubious is no easy task. This is where data-driven insights become invaluable. By delving into key performance metrics and operations data, players can make informed choices about where to play.

Our mission is to empower players with the knowledge to identify trustworthy, ethical casinos. We believe that transparency and integrity should underpin all facets of iGaming. While most operators uphold such values, a minority exploit gray areas to mislead and manipulate players. We aim to shed light on these shadows.

In this report, we will analyze a lot of data about the best online casinos. Including the likes of Golden Crown, Queenspins and many others. Our focus lies on 1RED, a newcomer to the market established in 2022. By scrutinizing its figures across 30+ metrics, we will determine how 1RED fares on transparency and fairness compared to its more established peers. From ratings and revenues to game volatility and cashier performance, no stone will be left unturned.

Let's commence our deep dive into the operations of 1RED Casino.

Trustpilot Rating

On Trustpilot, an independent review platform, 1RED has a mediocre rating of 2.6 out of 5. This implies mixed customer feedback, with some enjoying their experience but others facing issues.

For a new casino, teething problems are expected. However, a priority for 1RED must be boosting its Trustpilot rating through stellar service and transparency. Players favor casinos with reputations for integrity, so improving this metric is key.

Of the casinos in our dataset, Platincasino and BitStarz lead with superb ratings. 1RED should aim to match their standard.

AskGamblers Rating:

AskGamblers is another renowned casino review site. 1RED fares decently here with a 7.32 rating. But slots-focused rivals like and BitStarz show there's room for improvement.

AskGamblers ratings provide a snapshot of players' experiences. Factors like game fairness, payout speed, and customer support all contribute. If 1RED focuses on perfecting these aspects, its rating should rise steadily.

CasinoGuru Rating

At CasinoGuru, 1RED obtains a rating of 7.8 , which is relatively competitive. Leading casinos like BitStarz and Magicred are only marginally ahead.

CasinoGuru's metadology covers not only the technical aspect, but also real user reviews. As one of the opinion leaders, its ranking reflects well the performance of online casinos.

Projected Annual Revenue

1RED's projected yearly revenue is < $1,000,000. For a one year old casino, this is reasonable. However, it pales in comparison to giants like Ignition and BC.GAME that make over $20 million annually.

Lower revenue typically implies smaller player activity and wagers. However, it does mean 1RED has significant room to grow if it can attract more customers. Increased marketing and brand awareness efforts could aid with this.

Spins per Month

1RED players made 912,960 in the tracked month.

This spin volume positions 1RED as a mid-tier casino. For comparison, mass-market leader Bovada saw over 1 billion spins that month - over 50 times greater than 1RED.

Spin activity correlates strongly with overall wagering levels. More spins signal greater player involvement and cash flowing through the casino. As its reputation grows, 1RED should strive to continually increase its monthly spins.

Average Time on Site

On average, 1RED players spent 18 minutes per session on the site. This is middling, with some casinos like LTC Casino seeing significantly higher engagement.

Extended time on site implies players are immersed and enjoying the games. It also means more wagering activity for the casino. 1RED should angle to boost on-site retention by expanding its game selection and introducing more tournaments or challenges.

Satisfaction Rate:

1RED's customer satisfaction rate stands at 58.51%. This is again mediocre, lagging behind casinos like by over 10 percentage points.

The satisfaction rate gives a direct window into players' experiences. For 1RED to thrive, increasing happiness must be priority number one. More fulfillment leads to positive word-of-mouth and site loyalty.

To raise satisfaction, 1RED should optimize its bonuses, mobile experience, withdrawal times and VIP program. Player surveys can also identify weak points to address.

Average Bet Size

On 1RED, the average bet size is $1.76 per user. This is reasonably in line with competitors like Jackbit and PaddyPower.

Higher average bets signal that wealthier, high-stakes players are attracted to the casino.

Percentage Playing Max Bets

1RED's data shows that $5 per players were utilizing maximum bet sizes. Most casinos saw similar percentages, between 2% and 4%.

The max bet rate helps gauge the proportion of high rollers. 1RED's 3% is healthy and can likely be increased by bonuses and promotions to VIPs. However, the bulk of players will stick to smaller, recreational stakes.

Players Using Bonuses:

73% of 1RED players utilized a bonus during the tracked timeframe. This is strong, outpacing many rivals by 10 to 15 percentage points.

More bonus usage equals more player activity. By driving adoption of its promotions, 1RED benefits from increased deposit and play volumes. Keeping bonus terms transparent and deals engaging will maintain high uptake.

Players Completing Bonus Wagering

Out of 1RED players that used a bonus, 86% completed the associated wagering requirement. This conversion rate surpasses most competitors, who saw 60-70% completion.

When players fail to finish wagering, the casino profits without paying bonuses. Thus, high completion rates benefit users more than the casino. 1RED's high rate indicates their requirements are attainable, allowing fair bonus redemption.

Usage stats reveal 1RED's peak playing hours are 20:00-23:00. This aligns with most online casinos that see the bulk of traffic in the late evening.

Tailoring site operations to suit these primetime hours is smart. Customer support levels can be increased, maintenance scheduled earlier, and promotions targeted to evening players. However, sufficient resources must remain to serve late-night gamers too.

Ratio of Volatility Offerings

1RED's slot portfolio comprises 47% low volatility, 16% medium volatility and 37% high volatility. This is a prudent balance that caters to various player appetites.

High volatility slots have bigger but less frequent payouts. Their swings appeal to thrill seekers. Low volatility games provide steadier small wins to please casual slot fans.

By spreading its games across the risk-reward spectrum, 1RED ensures broad appeal. Maintaining this variety is wise as its library expands.

New Player Registrations

In the sample month, new signups constituted 15% of 1RED's players. Most competitors saw 5-15% new registration rates.

Solid user acquisition is essential, so 1RED's double-digit percentage is encouraging. For sustainable growth, they must keep funneling fresh players through promotions, affiliate partnerships and advertising.

Active Players

Of total registered players, 58% were active during the sample period. This means they logged in and wagered at minimum once.

1RED's engagement rate is decent and typical of the market. Still, having % of players dormant is less than ideal. Reviving lapsed users through loyalty rewards, free spins and event invitations is prudent.

Deposit Increase Rates

  • Players doubling deposits: 18%
  • Players increasing deposits 5x: 4.19%
  • Players increasing deposits 10x: 0.42%
  • Players increasing deposits 100x: 0.023%

These metrics reveal how many 1RED players exponentially increased deposit sizes within the month. Doubling was most common at 18%, with 100x jumps rarely occurring.

Rising deposit levels signify greater player comfort and enjoyment. 1RED's doubles rate aligns with the industry norm, so there is still ample room for boosting engagement. Effective VIP programs and incentives are key facilitators.

Deposits Per User

Each 1RED player made 3.69 deposits during the tracked month on average. This lackluster rate trails leading casinos that saw users deposit 7 to 10 times monthly.

More frequent deposits mean more wagering activity and revenue. To drive this metric up, 1RED should actively remind players about reload bonuses, new games, and tournaments to spur revisits.

Time Between Deposits

For repeat depositors, 1RED's data shows an average of 8 days between transactions. Most casinos saw 5 to 7 day ranges, so this is broadly normal.

Faster re-depositing indicates stickier users. To shave the interval down, 1RED must incentivize players to return through daily promotions, contests and features like jackpot trackers.

Withdrawal Amounts:

On average, players withdrew $175 per cashout request at 1RED. This is solid, with competitors averaging between $150 and $250.

Higher withdrawals benefit users, allowing them to realize greater winnings. 1RED's elevated rate is a positive sign, suggesting earnings are readily payable thanks to reasonable wagering restrictions. This distinguishes them from casinos with overly stringent rules to limit payouts.

Time Between Withdrawals

For players making multiple withdrawals, $10 days separated transactions on average. This falls in line with industry norms of 7 to 14 days.

Faster cashouts indicate better payment processing speeds. 1RED's rate is decent, but optimizing verification and queues could help slash this period. Prompt withdrawals enhance trust and satisfaction immensely.

Comparative Analysis

Let us now contrast 1RED's metrics with key competitors to identify relative strengths, weaknesses and industry-wide patterns.


The majority of casinos in our dataset are licensed in Curaçao, a jurisdiction famed for lightweight regulation. However, some alternative casinos hold more reputable UK or Maltese licenses.

1RED's Curaçao approval aligns with most operators. But opting for stricter oversight could boost its credibility. Players recognize licenses as an integrity indicator.

Provably Fair Games

A key transparency marker is offering provably fair games. These utilize cryptographic techniques to demonstrably prove game fairness.

Unfortunately, 1RED does not currently offer provably fair titles. In contrast, competitors like BitStarz and promote their extensive provably fair game suites.

Introducing provably fair slots and tables would significantly augment 1RED's transparency credentials in players' eyes.

Website Translation

Many casinos translate their site into 10+ languages to ease international access. However, 1RED's website only appears available in English currently.

By localizing into key languages like Spanish, Russian and Chinese, 1RED can open the door to more customer demographics. Improved translation looks inclusive and builds trust globally.

Customer Support

1RED provides email and live chat customer service. But it does not seem to offer phone support or an extensive FAQ knowledgebase.

By comparison, casinos like PlayAzart boast multi-channel contact centers with email, calls, chat plus extensive self-help info.

Expanding support options raises quality perceptions and helps build steadfast user relationships. 1RED would benefit greatly from elevating its customer service infrastructure.

VIP & Loyalty Program

While 1RED has a loyalty program that awards points for play, it does not advertise a flashy VIP scheme. However, many competitors promote multi-tier VIP clubs with special treatment.

Dedicated VIP programs that pamper heavy hitters are an opportunity for 1RED. These build brand cachet and keep high rollers loyal. Even basic amenities like personalized managers and faster support go a long way.

Community Forum

Some online casinos offer community forums where players can socialize freely and voice feedback. However, 1RED currently does not have a community channel.

User forums foster authentic engagement and advocacy. They also provide valuable sentiment data to guide casino decisions. Opening its own community would enable 1RED to better understand and serve players.

Bonus Offers

1RED provides a standard lineup of welcome bonuses and free spin deals. However, competitors often have longer welcome packages spanning multiple deposits.

While 1RED's bonus selection appears decent, expanding it could amplify user activity. Lengthier welcome deals and tailored VIP promos may be impactful upgrades.

Payment Options

1RED accepts major cryptocurrencies and credit cards. But more obscure payment methods like Trustly and Interac are not listed. Their inclusion could ease payments for some demographics.

Competitors also integrate trendy options like Apple Pay that 1RED lacks. Staying on the cutting edge of financial technology keeps the casino experience seamless.

Mobile Experience

Though 1RED's site is mobile-friendly, it does not advertise dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices. Many established casinos offer full-fledged apps.

Developing its own branded apps could help 1RED penetrate the mobile channel better. Apps feel more immersive than mobile sites and also permit push notifications to drive re-visits.

Tournaments & Challenges

While 1RED lists tournaments on its promotions page, these seem infrequent, with only 1-2 running currently. In comparison, casinos like Slots.LV have a full upcoming schedule.

Tournaments and challenges foster community while binning players together toward common goals. Expanding its competition slate can potentially make 1RED's brand more engaging and sticky.

Ownership Transparency

Most casinos simply list an owning company without further background. However, 1RED fully discloses that its owner Bets Entertainment is an Aruba-registered firm, increasing transparency substantially.

Clear ownership details like this distinguish 1RED from opaque casinos that anonymize their operators. Being upfront garners immense trust from discerning players.

Key Industry Patterns

Analyzing the bigger picture, some overarching trends become apparent:

  • Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is growing, with Bitcoin, Ethereum and stablecoins like USDT offered almost universally now. This grants users enhanced financial privacy.
  • Multi-product loyalty programs are on the upswing. Casinos now integrate sportsbooks, poker sites and other offerings under one rewards scheme, serving wider gamer interests.
  • Increased prioritization of mobile optimization. With players gaming more on smartphones, dedicated apps and mobile formats are becoming expected baseline features rather than differentiators.
  • Stricter identity checks during registration are emerging as a security best practice. However, frictionless processes for withdrawals and gameplay remain equally crucial.
  • Greater support for responsible gaming is apparent via limit setting options, cool off periods, and self-exclusion tools. But there is scope for improvement through clearer visibility of these features.
  • Curaçao remains the licensing jurisdiction of choice due to its relative flexibility. However, high-profile brands are increasingly obtaining additional European licenses to boost repute.
  • The prevalence of live dealer games continues accelerating, with enhanced studios and expanded table diversity catering to their popularity. Table game fans increasingly expect live dealer offerings.
  • Limited transparency persists around game fairness. Only a handful of casinos publish clear return-to-player (RTP) rates or offer provably fair titles. Industry-wide improvement in this realm is essential.


In closing, while 1RED's operational statistics indicate a reasonably well-run casino, there is certainly room for improvement in key areas.

Compared to industry leaders, 1RED notably lags in domains like customer satisfaction and loyalty program quality. Focusing here would substantially boost player perceptions. Strengthening its mobile app offering and community participation channels presents further high-impact opportunities.

For any casino, sustaining trust requires ceaseless vigilance. To become a top-tier brand, 1RED must prioritize transparency across all facets; from open licensing to providing expected amenities like live chat support. Elevating transparency remains an ongoing journey - not a one-time checkbox.

Total Users

> 6,340

Session Duration

18 min

Total Spins

> 1 Million

Return to Player %

97.41 %

Player satisfaction rate

58.51 %

Average bet size per user

1.76 $

Users who play with maximum bets

> 5 %

Players using bonuses

73 %

Users complete wagering requirements

86 %

Average deposit frequency per user


Average time between deposits

8 days

Average withdrawal amount per user

$ 175

Average time between withdrawals

10 days

New user registrations

15 %

Active users

58 %

Most popular time for playing


Deposit Multiplier Chart

Discover the power of data visualization to enhance your online casino experience with our innovative deposit multiplier chart. This cutting-edge graph showcases the percentage of players who have successfully multiplied their deposits by 2x, 5x, 10x, and even 100x at various online casinos. By analyzing this insightful chart, you can gain a deeper understanding of your winning odds and make more informed decisions when selecting the perfect casino to suit your preferences.

Volatility Chart

37 % - Users who prefer high volatility games
47 % - Users who prefer low volatility games
16 % - Users who prefer medium volatility games

Is 1RED Casino Legit & Safe?

Year Established: 2022

Company: Bets Entertainment N.V.

  • Trustpilot Raiting: 1.3 / 5
  • AskGamblers Raiting: 7.32 / 10
  • CasinoGuru Raiting: 7.8 / 10

License Details

  • License Status: Active
  • Licensing authorities:CuraçaoCuraçao
  • Curaçao Gambling License

    Curaçao is one of the earliest jurisdictions to regulate online gambling. Its licensing process is known for its affordability and efficiency.

    Key Features

    • Single License System: Curaçao offers a single license that covers all types of gambling.
    • Cost-Effective: Compared to other jurisdictions, Curaçao's licensing fees are relatively low.
    • Quick Processing: The application process is usually swift, often completed within a few weeks.

    Challenges and Considerations

    • Reputation: While accessible, Curaçao's license is sometimes viewed as less prestigious.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Operators must adhere to local laws and international regulations.

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