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4.2 out of 5

Beam Boys by Hacksaw Gaming
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:3 February

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Dear Readers, Welcome back to another exciting slot review here on Casino.Band! My name is Maria White, and today I'll be giving you my in-depth thoughts on the new Beam Boys slot from Hacksaw Gaming.

🎰 As a seasoned slot reviewer, I always make it a point to spend at least 1000 spins on a game before finalizing my review. This allows me to fully experience everything the slot has to offer and accurately convey my emotions to you, my readers. For Beam Boys, I rigorously tested the game across desktop and mobile devices to provide the most comprehensive review possible.

🌟So buckle up and get ready to join me on this electrifying adventure - let's dive right in!

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Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Right off the bat, Beam Boys ushers players into a dark futuristic alleyway, where a lanky cyborg cat stands watch on the right side of the reels. This eerie feline wields a special power - shooting blue energy beams out of its mechanical eyes!

While the color palette mostly comprises black, white and gray, bursts of electric blue and orange punctuate the screen when laser beams activate. It's an edgy, stylized look that immediately grabbed my attention. The cyborg kitty also swayed back and forth hypnotically, upping the creepy vibe.

I'm quite fond of how Hacksaw Gaming sprinkles quasi-horror elements into their slots. The visuals may seem cold on the surface, but small details like the swaying cyborg cat reveal an oddball charm underneath. Overall, Beam Boys won me over with its unique spin on a cat-themed slot.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

The sound effects perfectly matched the futuristic theme, with crispy sci-fi tones for spins and wins. Zapping laser noises added flair whenever the bonus features engaged. I particularly enjoyed the satisfying crackle triggered by winning combinations.

However, the soundtrack itself was quite minimal and atmospheric rather than melodic. It complemented the gameplay without distracting, but I wish Hacksaw added some catchy tunes to liven things up. The music suited the tone but wasn't memorable.

Gameplay: 4/5

Beam Boys employs a 6x4 reel setup with an impressive 6,561 ways to win. This provided tons of winning potential across the large playing grid. I also appreciated the inclusion of a volatility switch, allowing me to toggle between normal and extreme settings. This let me customize volatility based on my mood and preferences.

The gameplay itself centered around Laser Cat wilds transforming entire rows into wilds when they landed. It was simple yet engaging, especially when multiple laser cats hit at once! I was pleased by how smoothly everything operated across desktop and mobile.

While not the most complex gameplay, Beam Boys offered dynamic visuals and straightforward mechanics that I found easy to get into. Only the lack of bonus features beyond free spins prevented a perfect score.

Rewards: 4/5

Beam Boys offers generous winning potential, including a maximum payout of 12,500x your bet. With so many ways to win in play, even smaller hits stacked up quickly when laser cat wilds spread generously. The free spins round also brought frequent wins thanks to increased wild density.

I was impressed by how large my balance grew, even during regular gameplay. The volatility switch let high and low rollers fine-tune the frequency of payouts. Combined with the epic top win, Beam Boys catered nicely to varying bankroll sizes and reward expectations.

My only critique is that the bonus buy options are excluded for UK players. More accessible bonus features would have rounded out the rewards. But the winning potential still remained high.

Originality: 3/5

At first glance, Beam Boys seemed like a rehash of earlier Hacksaw titles. The neon sci-fi look and spreading wild cat were familiar. However, the laser beam mechanic put a fresh spin on the formula. Watching entire rows light up and transform added excitement and moments of suspense.

The Beam Boys theme also stood out for its wacky fusion of cats and lasers. I've played many animal-themed slots before, but a cyborg feline shooting lasers was delightfully absurd. While not wildly innovative, Beam Boys ultimately crafted classic Hacksaw elements into a unique package.

Overall: 4.2/5

Beam Boys may not seem warm or cuddly at first brush, but its bizarre charm sank its claws into me by the end. Though lightning shooting from a cat's eyes sounds scary, seeing the game in action revealed an oddball personality that intrigued me.

Between the spread out reels, volatility toggle and laser beam mechanics, gameplay stayed engaging through all 1000 of my spins. Frequent payouts thanks to numerous ways to win sweetened the experience further. While more original or complex features would improve Beam Boys, I had a blast with its quirky style.

This slot gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me! Beam Boys combinedsolid rewards and dynamic visuals into a satisfying experience. Hacksaw Gaming has scored again.

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Beam Boys is a 6-reel, 4-row online video slot from Hacksaw Gaming. Launched in February 2024, this slot aims to electrify players with a unique theme centered around cats with laser beam vision.

The game employs an edgy, mostly monochromatic visual style punctuated by bursts of electric blue and orange when the cat's laser ability activates. The cyborg feline on the side adds a creepy yet captivating vibe. With bet sizes ranging from €0.10 to €100 and an RTP of 96.35%, Beam Boys offers something for all bankroll sizes.

Gameplay revolves around Laser Cat wild symbols transforming entire rows into wilds when they land. Players can also toggle a volatility switch between normal and extreme modes. Although light on bonuses, Beam Boys provides tons of winning potential with its 6,561 ways to win and exhilarating laser cat wilds in action. This slot may seem an unlikely choice at first brush, but its bizarre charm makes it a rewarding adventure.

My Thoughts Overall

While testing Beam Boys, I was initially skeptical that its darker visual style and horror undertones would appeal to me. However, seeing the gameplay in motion revealed an oddball energy that ultimately won me over.

The spreading laser cat wilds added an electrifying twist to standard expanding wild features. Being able to alter volatility settings was also a major plus, letting me tailor the experience to my mood. Across 1000 spins, the frequent payouts combined with enthralling visual effects kept me engaged the entire time.

Although Beam Boys doesn't have the cheeriest theme, moments like the swaying cyborg cat hinted at an offbeat personality beneath the surface. This weird blend of sci-fi and feline made for one of the more unique slots I've played lately. It was just different enough to stand out while retaining Hacksaw's signature style.

Overall, I think Beam Boys succeeds at livening up a standard format with its unexpected theme and novel laser cat mechanic. The wins kept coming, the visuals popped off the screen, and the gameplay remained dynamic over many sessions. While a tad darker than my usual preferences, Beam Boys won me over in the end with its quirky charm. This is one slot that kept me coming back for more!

Bonus Features

While Beam Boys keeps bonuses concise, focusing on its core laser cat wild feature, there are still some neat extras to enhance the experience. Let's take a closer look at what this slot offers beyond the base game.

Wild Rows

Whenever the Laser Cat Wild lands on reels 2-6, it fires a beam across the row turning all symbols into wilds. This often results in big chain reactions, especially if multiple laser cats hit. I loved watching the entire grid light up with these electric wild transformations!

Free Spins

Landing 3+ scatters triggers 5 to 40 free spins based on the number of scatters. The bonus round brings more frequent laser cat wilds to amp up the winning action even further. Plus, hitting additional scatters during the feature adds more spins on top. Free spins brought some of my biggest payouts.

Volatility Switch

Players can toggle between normal and extreme volatility settings. Normal mode provides smaller but more consistent wins, while extreme mode brings less frequent but larger payouts. This let me easily adjust the slot's risk profile.

Bonus Buy

A selection of feature buy options are available, allowing instant access to bonuses. However, UK players are unable to utilize this portion. I'd have loved to try the bonus buys myself for even more laser cat mayhem!

Win Potential

Across my many sessions with Beam Boys, I was highly impressed by the winning potential it delivered. While gameplay stays straightforward, the laser cat wilds can lead to enormous wins when they link up across multiple rows. Even in standard play, the expanded wilds occurred frequently enough to steadily build my balance. Once free spins started triggering, my account really took off.

The 6,561 ways to win allow for lots of combinations across the grid, while a max payout of 12,500x your stake provides that epic jackpot ceiling every slot lover wants. Regardless of bankroll size, Beam Boys has the versatility to satisfy both low and high rollers. The volatility toggle even lets you customize the risk and reward ratio to your liking.

During my time with this slot, the rewards felt properly balanced and scaled well from small hits up to big wins. Even when playing casually, the laser cat wilds hit often enough to deliver a steady stream of payouts. Yet you still get those thrilling moments when multiple wild rows connect for a truly monumental result.

While playing in free demo mode, I achieved some very respectable wins from the base game alone. Once I switched to real money wagers, the bigger bet sizes allowed for even more epic wins, especially during bonus rounds. Across many sessions, my balance kept rising at a healthy rate.

For slots lovers seeking solid winning potential, Beam Boys should tick all the boxes. Thanks to its generous max payout, plentiful ways to win and frequently activating laser cat wilds, this game dishes out rewards on par with the top-tier Hacksaw titles. The electric cats bring electrifying rewards!

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