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Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus by Games Global
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Last Updated:13 February

Spotlight: Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus
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⚡️ Welcome readers! Mia Lee here, super excited to be sharing my thoughts on the thrilling new Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus slot from Alchemy Gaming after playing over 1000 spins.

🎰 As an avid slot enthusiast, I couldn't wait to climb Mount Olympus and see what adventures Zeus had in store. So strap in as I give you the full scoop on this electrifying game!

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Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Right from the first spin, I was captivated by the graphics and theme of Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus. Alchemy Gaming has truly outdone themselves creating a slot that oozes Greek mythology. The backdrop instantly transports you to the peaks of Mount Olympus with its cloudy grey skies and rocky mountainous terrain. I could almost feel the cool crisp mountain air as the reels spun.

The character symbols are exquisitely designed and pack a powerful godly presence. Seeing Zeus, Poseidon, Hera and Demeter gracefully appear on the reels made me feel like I was in the company of legends. The attention to detail is phenomenal from Zeus' chiseled physique to Demeter's elegantly braided hair. Even the card suit symbols have a classy Greek twist. Overall the graphics are visually stunning and do a fantastic job bringing ancient mythology to life.

Sound Effects & Music: 5/5

The sound effects and music perfectly complement the Greek theme and add to the immersive atmosphere. Triumphant trumpet fanfares sound whenever you hit a big win which made me feel like I was being rewarded by the gods. The dramatic orchestral soundtrack builds anticipation during gameplay and kept me engaged.

I love how unique audio cues play when you trigger key features like thunder rumbling for Zeus wilds or chimes for landing scatters. It's clear no detail was overlooked in the sound design. I'd happily play for hours and not grow tired of the accompanying audio. Top notch work by Alchemy Gaming!

Gameplay: 4/5

With 1024 ways to win, Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus offers smooth, exciting gameplay. I had no issues with lag or bugs during my many sessions which allowed me to fully immerse in the experience.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to customize settings and check symbol values on the paytable. I'm a fan of the quick spin and autoplay features as they add convenience when I want to speed up or automate gameplay.

One downside is the lack of more advanced customization around things like win lines or coin values. But the overall gameplay cycle is gripping and kept me actively engaged rather than passively watching the reels spin.

Rewards: 3/5

Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus provides solid rewards, especially when the bonus features are triggered. The base game payouts range from 0.2x to 4x your bet for standard symbol matches which is pretty standard. Five Zeus wilds can pay out a decent 5x your stake.

Where the rewards potential really shines is during the free spins round. With multipliers climbing up to 25x your bet, you can take home some heavenly prizes! Of course, being a high volatility game, the bonus hits don't come around super frequently. But when they do, it's a major win.

In over 1000 spins, my highest reward was a 350x bet win thanks to a well-timed free spins round. I'd say the rewards system is solid though high variance means calm periods followed by massive hits. Just how Zeus would have wanted!

Originality: 3/5

Alchemy Gaming has incorporated some fun twists to enhance the classic Greek mythology theme. The X Up feature with its red and blue scatters added an intriguing dynamic where I was collecting tokens to boost the multiplier for big rewards down the road. It felt rewarding to build up the multiplier over multiple sessions and added incentive to keep returning.

While the base gameplay mainly uses standard mechanics, being able to permanently upgrade the multiplier and having those upgraded levels sync across play sessions was innovative. It keeps things fresh after you've put in some time with the game.

Outside of this though, much of the bonus features like wilds, free spins and an upsizer option are typical fare for slots in this genre. But the modern touches on a classic theme were appreciated.

Overall: 3.8/5

After my marathon gaming sessions, I can confidently say Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus is a mighty fine slot! The immersive graphics and sounds successfully brought the Greek gods to life and made me feel part of the action. Smooth gameplay and solid rewards, especially during bonus rounds, kept me satisfied. While not hugely innovative, the multiplier upgrades and sync across devices were a clever touch.

For mythology fans or those seeking an engaging, high-variance slot, Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus comes highly recommended. This electric game is sure to stir up some big wins worthy of Zeus himself!

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Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus is an exciting high-variance online slot from Alchemy Gaming and sequel to their hit 2021 title Chronicles of Olympus. The setting of mythical Mount Olympus is vividly brought to life across 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 ways to win.

Players can trigger free spins, win multipliers up to 25x, and collect upgrade tokens through the X Up feature. With an RTP of 96.08% and high potential rewards when bonuses hit, this electrifying game offers immersive gameplay for mythology lovers. Let's dive into the details!

My Thoughts Overall

I had sky high expectations going into Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus and am thrilled to report it did not disappoint! Alchemy Gaming has crafted an atmospheric Greek mythology themed game with lavish graphics and sound effects that make you feel part of the story.

The instant I loaded the game, I was transfixed by the almost photorealistic visuals - the ethereal clouds rolling over the mountainous reels make you feel close to the heavens. And the imposing sight of gods like Zeus and Poseidon appearing in vivid detail is a majestic experience.

Adding to the immersion is the superb accompanying audio with booming orchestral music to build anticipation and unique cues for events like scoring scatters or wilds. It's clear no detail was overlooked in creating a polished, cinematic feel.

Of course, graphics and sounds can only go so far - the gameplay has to measure up. Thankfully, Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus delivers rewarding, exciting spins. 1024 ways to win keep the payouts flowing and while volatility is high, the potential multiplier values through features like the X Up trail and Upsizer make for epic rewards when you hit bonuses.

Being able to sync upgraded multiplier levels across play sessions is an ingenious touch that rewards loyal players. My multiplier reached 10x after a few days of play and it was a thrill to think future free spin bonuses would reap bigger rewards.

The free spins and wilds offer standard fare but are smoothly incorporated. More importantly, they provide plenty of big win chances that kept me feeling like the next massive payout was just around the corner.

After over 1000 spins across desktop and mobile, I'm convinced this is a world class example of a Greek mythology themed slot. Whether you're new to slots or a seasoned player, Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus should be a go-to game for premium quality entertainment.

Bonus Features

Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus has several bonus features that make gameplay exciting and trigger big rewards when activated. Here's an overview of what they offer:


  • The gold coin wild can substitute for any symbol except the scatters to complete winning combinations.
  • When a wild participates in a win, it may reveal a 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier to dramatically boost the payout value, up to 5x the stake for five wild symbols.
  • Having wilds with multipliers added hugely to my rewards during base gameplay and free spins. Their appearance was always a thrill!

X Up feature

  • Whenever two red scatters landed, I earned an X Up token displayed on the feature's trail on the left.
  • Collecting X Up tokens increased the multiplier applied during the eventual free spins activation.
  • Two blue scatters would also permanently upgrade the multiplier value at one trail level, up to a maximum of 25x.
  • This made every spin exciting as I tried to upgrade the multiplier for bigger free spin payouts down the road.

Free Spins

  • Landing three or more red scatters triggered eight free spins with all payouts multiplied by the achieved trail level.
  • Additional spins (+2) and X Up tokens could be won when hitting two red scatters during the feature.
  • With my multiplier at 10x, the free spins consistently resulted in heavenly prizes up to 200x my stake.


  • This let me pay a fee to upgrade to the next highest free spin multiplier level before the spins commenced.
  • The cost diminished based on my collected X Up tokens, adding great strategizing potential to maximize winnings.

Win Potential

With RTP of 96.08%, Chronicles of Olympus II - Zeus offers enticing winning potential, especially when factoring in the bonus features.

In the base game, the 1024 ways to win setup allowed for frequent lower value payouts between 0.2x to 4x my stake from adjacent symbol matches. While not huge amounts individually, these minor wins nicely padded my balance as I awaited bigger payouts.

Of course, this is a high variance slot, so I would frequently endure cold spells without substantial wins. But my persistence was rewarded with some thunderous payouts when I finally triggered the key bonus features:

Free Spins

  • With multipliers reaching up to 25x, these free spins were by far the most lucrative part of the game.
  • Once I built up my X Up trail to 10x after several days of play, my next free spins bonus scored me a heavenly 300x stake win!
  • Even at lower multipliers, the 8 to 14 free spins consistently resulted in at least 50x to 100x wins thanks to the wild multipliers further boosting pays.

Wild Payouts

  • While not as incredible as the features, I still achieved some very strong payouts from 5 wild symbol matches in the base game.
  • On a few occasions, getting a full stack of wilds with a 5x multiplier led to payouts between 25x to 50x my stake.
  • Wilds showing up during free spins added even bigger wins, at times even doubling or tripling payout values when they had 2x or 3x multipliers attached.
  • In total, I achieved over a dozen 100x+ wins and several in the 200x to 300x range thanks to well-timed wild and bonus round payouts.

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