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4.6 out of 5

Blade & Fangs by Pragmatic Play
Written by:Mia LeeMia Lee
Last Updated:21 January

Spotlight: Blade & Fangs
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👻 Hello Everyone, Mia Lee Here! As a Seasoned Slot Reviewer, who has spun the reels thousands of times, I'm always eager to sink my teeth into exciting new game releases. Pragmatic Play's Blade & Fangs caught my eye recently with its creepy horror theme and unique dual-grid setup. After spending over 1000 spins exploring every dark corner of this slot, I'm ready to share my in-depth thoughts in this review.

🎰 With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time for spine-tingling slots, and Blade & Fangs delivers frightful fun in spades. From the haunted mansion setting to the fanged creatures on the reels, Pragmatic Play leans heavily into creepy vibes with this release. I appreciate that they tried something new here with the split screen format while also incorporating some innovative bonus features.

🌙 After many late night sessions getting acquainted with this slot, I can confidently say that Blade & Fangs is an entertaining, if slightly flawed, addition to Pragmatic Play's stellar lineup. There are some hits and misses, but overall, this is one haunted house that horror buffs will want to explore. Time to turn down the lights, fire up the cobweb machine, and dive right in!

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Graphics and Theme: 5/5

Right off the bat, the graphics and theme of Blade & Fangs are a perfect fit for horror fans. As mentioned, the altar room setting immediately pulls you into the unsettling atmosphere. Small details like glinting candles and floating fog sets the scene perfectly. The color scheme of dark hues contrasts nicely with the game's red accents.

Each symbol complements the theme, from the demon and werewolf premium symbols to the flaming scatter skulls. Even the card royals became shining blades and knives to match the creepy ambiance. Little touches like the characters displayed on screen during bonus wins and other flourishes add personality. Overall, Pragmatic Play's attention to aesthetic detail is fantastic here.

I also appreciate that Blade & Fangs fully commits to its horror premise rather than boasting a generic spooky theme. The gameplay innovations like the dual reel setups being guillotine-shaped reinforce the frights. Across the board, the graphics and theme get top marks for creating an immersive, chilling experience.

Sound Effects & Music: 5/5

The audio experience of Blade & Fangs is just as impressive as the visual presentation. From the moment you load the game, an excellent mix of spooky sound effects builds up the suspense. Eerie noises, screams, and unsettling background tones do a great job setting the mood.

The music alternates between creepy, atmospheric tracks and rocking metal riffs to accentuate big wins. Everything from the spinning reels to winning combinations have unique audios that pop. Even small touches like deep laughter when purchasing free spins excel at keeping players immersed.

Both the sound effects and music convey the intended frightening atmosphere. The audio made me feel like I was in a haunted mansion filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered with each spin. Top marks for outstanding horror aesthetics enhanced by masterful audio.

Gameplay: 4/5

In terms of gameplay, Blade & Fangs brings excellent entertainment value across desktop and mobile. The dual 5x3 reel setups allow for many winning combinations during base gameplay. Small touches like celebratory win tunes keep the action satisfying.

The bonuses and features also provide plenty of excitement. I loved when the rose symbols landed simultaneously, merging the reel grids and ramping up the suspense even further. The free spins bonus brings great potential, especially with its expanding multiplier.

The only downside is that Blade & Fangs' doesn’t have traditional wilds. While the multipliers fill their role nicely, wilds would have added another layer of winning potential to an already solid game. Otherwise, the gameplay provides great immersion in its creepy world.

Rewards: 4/5

For rewards, Blade & Fangs brings great potential despite its lack of wild symbols. With the 96.05% RTP, rewards definitely feel satisfying during base gameplay. Smaller symbol wins add up quickly, and big wins deliver great payouts of up to 500x your bet.

The free spins are the highlight, especially when played out on the merged 6x5 reel grid. The expanding multipliers alongside the unlimited additional spins make huge wins very achievable. I reached over 1000x my bet at times! Bonus buys are also rewarding for those seeking instant gratification.

The only thing limiting bigger rewards is the fairly low max win cap of 5000x your bet. Many slots offer wins exceeding 10,000x or even higher, so Blade & Fangs' max potential falls a bit short of competitors. Overall, great rewards but limited slightly by the max win cap.

Originality: 5/5

For slot originality, Blade & Fangs stands out from the crowd. Its dual reel setups provide such a fresh change of pace compared to most standard 5x3 or Megaways slots. The way the rose symbols allow the two grids to merge is innovative and ups the excitement significantly.

Creative touches like the glowing scatter skulls and blade/fang symbols reinforce the originality. The bonus buys deviate cleverly from the standard free spins triggers as well. Across the board, the development team clearly aimed to create something unique rather than a cookie-cutter horror slot.

In a sea of seemingly identical slots, Blade & Fangs carved out a unique identity that had me hooked. The original structure and entertaining bonuses will satisfy players seeking something outside the box. Kudos to Pragmatic Play for not playing it safe here.

Overall: 4.6/5

Taking all categories into account, Blade & Fangs is one of the most entertaining and addictive slots I've played lately. The immersive visuals and chilling audio create a fantastically frightening atmosphere true horror fans will adore. Smooth responsive gameplay provides engaging entertainment across devices.

Despite a lower max win potential than some slots, the rewards consistently feel fair and satisfying. Free spins and multipliers bring excellent bonus potential. And Blade & Fangs' innovative dual reel setups provide such an original experience that keeps you coming back.

Some may find the lack of wilds limiting or wish the max win cap was higher. But in terms of sheer enjoyment, Blade & Fangs had me hooked. For players craving a fresh horror adventure, look no further than this stellar release from Pragmatic Play.

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Now that we've sharpened our stakes on the core criteria, let's dive deeper into Blade & Fangs' gameplay and features. This gothic slot takes you to a spooky altar room where wins await across its dual 5x3 reel setups with 243 ways to win each. The lower-paying symbols are the expected card royals stylized as creepy blades.

Higher-paying symbols include bats, snakes, zombies, werewolves and scary demons. Get ready for a terrifyingly good time when the rose multipliers hit simultaneously, merging both grids into a 6x5 area with huge potential. Free spins with unlimited additional spins and a rising multiplier are also in the cards.

With bets starting at just $0.20, Blade & Fangs accommodates all bankrolls. I played extensively at multiple stakes and found the rewards scaled nicely. The default RTP of 96.05% provides expected returns. Big wins of over 1000x my stake highlight the potential during bonuses.

I loved exploring during base gameplay, waiting for the rose symbols to hit and merge the grids. The suspense builds after each spin, helped by the eerie sound effects and ominous music. Despite its classic high volatility, Blade & Fangs rewards patience with some massive wins.

My Thoughts Overall

Having played 1000+ spins on Blade & Fangs, I'm pleased to report it's become one of my favorite recent slots. The creepy theme and chilling atmosphere alone are fantastic for Halloween gaming sessions. Every spin heightens the tension, from the spine-tingling audio to the innovative dual grid setup.

It's clear Pragmatic Play aimed to deliver something fresh rather than a generic horror slot. The merging reel grids create such unique gameplay, and the multipliers keep things dynamic. Unlimited free spins with expanding multipliers add massive reward potential that keeps me coming back.

That said, I do wish the max win cap exceeded 5000x to truly reward lucky players. And the lack of sticky wilds is noticeable. But neither take away from the enjoyment. I think Pragmatic Play has another hit on their hands that will satisfy horror fans and slot enthusiasts seeking originality.

Bonus Features

No frightful slot is complete without scary good bonus features. While Blade & Fangs doesn’t have traditional wilds, it delivers entertaining extras that make the gameplay exciting. Let's explore what this slot offers to boost rewards.

Multiplier Symbols

Instead of wilds, Blade & Fangs has two multiplier symbols that are key to forming big wins. A pink rose with a +1x multiplier appears on the leftmost reel of the top grid. And a red rose marked 2x lands on the rightmost reel of the bottom grid.

When both rose multipliers land simultaneously, the separated grids merge into one giant 6x5 area for lots of winning potential. This triggers a respin where all wins receive a 2x multiplier. Plus, more multipliers can hit to increase the general multiplier further!

These multipliers symbols deliver huge excitement when they collide, ramping up the suspense. I loved playing out the respins on the merged grid watching the general multiplier grow. This innovative feature is a nice trade-off for the lack of wilds.

Free Spins

Of course, what would a great slot be without free spins? In Blade & Fangs, 3 or more flaming skull scatters trigger 8 free spins. And you receive a great instant payout based on the number of triggering scatters. Like the respins, free spins take place on the combined 6x5 reels.

A starting 1x multiplier applies during this bonus. When the +1x or 2x rose symbols land, they increase the general multiplier accordingly for incredible winning potential. Plus, 3 more scatters grant 4 additional spins so you can keep the fun going!

These free spins are exhilarating, especially when many multipliers hit. The unlimited retrigger potential means you never know how high your wins will climb. This highly volatile feature is fantastic and provides most of the big wins.

Bonus Buy

For instant gratification, Blade & Fangs also provides players the option to buy the free spins bonus. By paying 100x your stake, you're guaranteed to trigger the feature and dive right into those rewarding spins and multipliers.

Bonus buys are always a nice addition for impatient players like myself. Being able to jump into one of the game's most exciting features is a great perk. Blade & Fangs executes it nicely, making bonus buys well worth the price.

Win Potential

With features like multiplying multipliers, unlimited spins, and dual playing grids, the win potential in Blade & Fangs is drool-worthy. The default max win sits at 5000x your bet, but between the volatility and bonuses, much bigger wins feel achievable. Even in base gameplay, the dual grid setup opens the door for lots of combined wins.

Once the rose symbols hit and those grids merge, wins can skyrocket during the respins. Multipliers rapidly accumulate, especially if additional rose symbols keep striking. I reached 500x and higher many times from those lucrative respins.

But the free spins is where Blade & Fangs really bares its fangs. Starting on an already expanded 6x5 grid, the rising multipliers paired with unlimited retriggers push wins to insane heights. Across many bonus rounds, I earned well over 1000x my stake multiple times.

That's the beauty of those unlimited respins. You just never know how high the multipliers will climb and rewards can just keep striking. While 5000x is still the technical maximum, it always feels surpass able, adding great anticipation.

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