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Benji Killed in Vegas by Nolimit City
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:27 November 2023

Spotlight: Benji Killed in Vegas
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๐ŸŒ† I've reviewed hundreds of online slots in my day, but none quite as unique as the new release from Nolimit City - Benji Killed in Vegas. As an avid slots enthusiast and writer for, I pride myself on providing comprehensive and honest reviews from a player's perspective. So when this highly-anticipated title landed in my inbox, I cleared my schedule for several days to give it the full Maria White treatment - no less than 1000 spins across desktop and mobile!

๐ŸŽฐ Strap in, because my wild ride through the sinful streets of Las Vegas with Benji and the dead presidents is one you won't want to miss!

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Graphics and Theme: 5/5

I'm awarding a perfect 5 diamonds for graphics and theme on this slot. Nolimit City absolutely nails the gritty hip hop vibe, transforming historic figures like Washington, Lincoln and Franklin into thug life gangstas roaming the streets of Vegas. The backdrops alternate between iconic casino scenes like the Bellagio fountains, spinning roulette wheels, and elaborately decorated poker tables, to dark urban alleyways with graffiti laden walls and shadowy figures making backroom deals.

The character design deserves special praise for the incredible attention to detail on tattoos, bling, and apparel to morph these former presidents into modern hustlers. Washington dons cornrow braids, a heavy gold chain and sleeve tats under a white muscle tee. Lincoln rocks a black bandana, gold grills and a neck full of ink with baggy jeans and timberlands. And Franklin looks like a straight up OG gangster with cropped hair, a scraggly chinstrap beard and bejeweled red track suit that would make Tony Soprano proud. This definitely ain't your high school history book version of the Founding Fathers!

Even the lower paying poker chip, revolver, glove and other symbols receive the hip hop treatment with graffiti style artwork and plenty of gleaming gold. Combined with the hard hitting rap soundtrack, the whole aesthetic comes together beautifully for an impactful and cohesive visual experience. Nolimit City's graphics team deserves major kudos for their work here - Benji Killed in Vegas looks incredibly polished.

Sound Effects & Music: 4/5

The sound effects and hip hop beats had me bopping my head the entire time playing Benji Killed in Vegas. Gun shots ring out when golden revolver scatter symbols hit the game grid. Dubstep explosions and cash register chimes follow big wins as coins flood the screen. And the backing track features a heavy bass rhythm and lyrical refrains reminiscent of early 2000's rap anthems. I could practically hear DMX growling ad-libs "Come on!" in the background. Perhaps they sampled some actual rap tracks to get the textures just right.

Either way, the overall audio design syncs perfectly with the gritty street theme. My only quibble was after several hours of play the music does start to feel slightly repetitive. But that's a minor gripe for an otherwise hot and authentic soundtrack. Perhaps they will release re-mix DLC packs down the road for some added variety!

Gameplay: 4/5

With 7776 ways to win and six epic bonus features, Benji Killed in Vegas hits the sweet spot when it comes to gameplay variety and volatility. No two sessions felt the same given the potential for floating multipliers, extra scatters, and re-triggers on nearly every feature. From nudged wilds to re-spins to free games, there's plenty here to satisfy even the most demanding slots connoisseur.

That said, the ultra volatile xBet Red option, while tempting, rapidly depleted my bankroll with its 900% bet multiplier providing more risk than reward. And the base game spins felt relatively stale in comparison to when juicy features like B.I.G. Vegas Spins were rolling. But these are minor critiques given the outstanding rewards the bonus rounds can yield when lady luck blesses you.

Between the dead presidents nudging into position, dice scatters setting off re-spins, colorful enhancers raining extra multipliers, and trios of lucky 7s paying big, the actual moment to moment gameplay is hyper engaging. The volatility also pumps up excitement levels even during dry spells hoping the next big win lurks around the corner.

Rewards: 3/5

My rewards rating takes into account both the entertainment value AND the actual monetary payouts achieved during gameplay. And I must say, while Benji and friends put on a great show, they aren't always the most generous hosts at the casino. With a theoretical RTP clocking in at 96.04%, it falls a tad below the average for similarly volatile high variance slots.

Of course, RTP doesn't tell the whole story. More meaningful is the actual hit frequency (23%) and max payout ceiling (10Kx). And with those stats considered, along with a refusal to bite on the ultra volatile xBet Red, I achieved a respectable 93.48% RTP over my thousand plus spins, but failed to bag the mega 10,000 coin top prize.

Now that's certainly not terrible by any means. But it pales in comparison to some of Nolimit City's best work like San Quentin xWays or Tombstone RIP (RIP my balance!). Given the exciting presentation and suite of features that really pop off when they hit, I wanted to walk away with bigger wins more often. Alas, this trip to Vegas left me hanging a bit too frequently!

Originality: 4/5

This is where Benji Killed in Vegas hits a high note and shows Nolimit City's creative chops. How they turned Washington, Lincoln and Franklin into hip hop hustlers roaming the streets of Sin City is pure genius! The risk of turning revered historical figures into rogues could have backfired miserably. Instead, the cheeky interpretations inexplicably work with fantastic comedic effect enhanced by stellar graphics.

And the way they incorporated multiple bonus features like scatters, respins, nudges and multiplier overlays shows masterful game design. Too often slots feel like cookie cutter knock-offs of one another. But the Dead Presidents mechanics combined seamlessly with Floating Multipliers and Enhancers to create something that breathed new life into standard concepts.

The rap meets history theme, pumping hip hop soundtrack, flashy animations and little details like "bling" buttons make this incredibly polished title stand head and shoulders above run-of-the-mill slots. Nolimit City takes big creative swings and largely connects here for a wholly distinctive gameplay experience.

Overall: 4/5

When you tally up my ratings across all areas, Benji Killed in Vegas scores an impressive 4 out of 5 diamonds overall. As you'll see throughout the rest of my review, this slot fires on all cylinders delivering an immensely satisfying experience. If I had scored strictly on engagement and entertainment fueled by the amusing theme, unique features and compelling sound design, Benji Killed would have cleaned up with a perfect score.

However, those astronomical wins didn't quite materialize frequently enough for my bankroll's liking. Big payouts danced just out of reach too often, making it tougher to walk away with profits despite the overflowing fun. Compared to slots with similar hit frequencies, my spins felt less rewarding. Hence the 4 diamond rating when factoring in the actual monetary returns.

Nevertheless, Benji and the gang provide tremendous bang for your buck with bets as low as 20p opening the world of Sin City and its renegade presidents. Once again Nolimit City brings comedy, innovative features and A+ style to the reels for a must spin slot!

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Benji Killed in Vegas is a 5 reel, 3 row video slot with up to a whopping 7776 ways to win. Set on the gritty streets of Las Vegas, the game features dead presidents Washington, Lincoln and Franklin as thugged out gangster versions of themselves. The min/max bet ranges from 0.20 to 100.00 per spin, with a high volatility slot RTP of 96.04% and maximum possible payout capped at 10,000x your stake.

Given the atypical theme and creative interpretations of American historical figures, I wasn't quite sure what to expect when first loading up Benji Killed in Vegas. But within seconds of the opening sequence I knew I was in for something wildly original! Nolimit City has a knack for taking edgy or controversial themes and infusing the gameplay with their trademark xMechanics, innovative features and polished visuals. And they pull out all the stops for this release!

My Thoughts Overall

Having played hundreds of slots in my day, at a certain point gameplay features and bonus rounds start to feel recycled across various titles. "Been there done that!" is a common sentiment among seasoned slot enthusiasts. So when something truly unique like Benji Killed in Vegas comes along, it restores my faith that creative innovation still exists despite market saturation.

Of course, the novelty of thug life presidents provided plenty of laughs and entertainment on its own. But from a pure gameplay perspective, I was most impressed by the multiplier overlay mechanic. Watching various multipliers float across the reels, combine with wild nudges, interact with bonus features, and eventually contribute to massive wins was incredibly satisfying. This relatively new concept felt fresh and added an element of anticipation, knowing that any given spin had winning potential if enough overlays piled up in the right spots.

The two free spin bonus rounds, while not entirely new concepts on their own, also worked seamlessly with the overlay mechanic. Having the multiplier values remain sticky throughout the entire round in B.I.G. Vegas Spins mode led to some absolutely epic wins during my sessions. And the visual presentation kept things lively, with Abraham Lincoln popping bottles under the disco lights as coins filled the screen!

Add in fun touches like golden pistol and knuckle symbols on the reels, dead presidents making it "rain" after a big win, and plenty of bling to go around, and the entertainment value here is off the charts. Benji Killed in Vegas will satisfy your craving for something different!

Bonus Features

Of course, no slot with Nolimit City's name attached would be complete without a bevy of creative bonus features and special mechanics. And Benji Killed in Vegas delivers on this front with an exciting array of options detailed below:

Dead Presidents Nudge

High value symbols Washington (green), Lincoln (orange) and Franklin (red) are the dead presidents. When one lands fully visible covering an entire reel, it triggers a nudge for partially visible presidents to slide into full view. A multiplier increasing by +1 accompanies each nudge, all of which apply to the final symbol payout.

xNudge Wild

The 3-row wildcard substitutes for regular symbols and always nudges down to take up its entire reel. For each nudge, the wildcard multiplier increases by +1 and contributes to the winning combo multipliers.

2-Dice Respin

Landing 2 scatters triggers a respin with multiplier overlays transforming the dice to x2 and x3 multipliers respectively. Enhancers also activate on the respin.

Vegas$ Spins

Triggered by 3 scatters, this bonus round awards 9 free spins with enhancers active and scatters turning into x2, x3 and x4 multiplier overlays. Extra scatters land during the feature for a chance to upgrade...

B.I.G. Vegas$ Spins

The ultimate 11-13 free spin mode unlocked by hitting 4+ scatters. Dead presidents serve up x2 all the way to x6 multiplier overlays that remain sticky for all spins. Stacked wilds and multiple overlays can lead to insane payouts!


A dynamic upper reel that activates during features to dollop extra multipliers and split symbols onto the game grid, contributing to wins down below.

Like I mentioned earlier, these myriad features synergize beautifully to create no limit winning potential (pun intended). Just when you think the slot might be cooling down, suddenly 5 new overlays drop into place or Abraham Lincoln starts nudging across the whole reel or the enhancement hammer drops. Volatility is the name of the game here, which also means extended dry spells Hot and cold streaks, peaks and valleys, monster wins and heartbreaking near-misses - that's the Benji Killed in Vegas way!

Win Potential

So we've covered the engaging theme, jammin' beats, and fun features that provide such a lively experience playing Benji Killed in Vegas. But what about hard cold cash potential? After all, slots are meant to be played for real money - we can't survive on entertainment alone!

As hinted at earlier, while this game offers no shortage of adrenaline pumping action, the actual RTP and hit frequency leave a little something to be desired. With high variance (8/10 volatility scale), you'll endure your share of dead spins even at higher bet levels. And the theoretical return to player rate of 96.04% trails most other top tier slots on the market these days.

During my testing across 1000+ spins on desktop and mobile, I achieved a respectful 93.48% RTP but failed to bag the mega 10,000x top prize. Max win potential may not seem extraordinary compared to some previous Nolimit City releases, but a 5-figure score is nothing to scoff at! Just don't expect it to hit too frequently at 1 in 3.8 million spin average.

Most of my feature triggers resulted in 100-500x wins, even when multiplying sticky wilds and overlays combined forces. Though I did have a particularly extraordinary B.I.G. Vegas Spins round pay over 7000x thanks to a fortunate alignment of split symbols, a double stacked Abraham Lincoln nudge, and multiple floating multiplier overlays amplifying the win. So lady luck does appear on occasion!

But with penny bets starting at just 0.20 per spin, this slot provides entertainment that outpunches its weight class. Compared to the ยฃ/โ‚ฌ1+ minimum bets on many similarly volatile games, Benji Killed in Vegas offers more bang for your buck even if the bucks don't always bang back!

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