Tropicool 2 Slot Review

4.8 out of 5

Tropicool 2 by ELK Studios
Created:Author's Profile PictureMia Lee
Reviewed by:
Ethan Parker,
Maria White,
Lily Adams.

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  • Provider
    ELK Studios
  • Release Date
  • Bonus Bay
  • Free Spins
  • Autoplay
  • Quickspin Feature
  • RTP
    94.00 %
    94 %
  • House edge
    6.00 %
  • Volatility
  • Reels
  • Rows
  • Paylines
  • Layout
  • Theme
  • Free spin freq
  • Hit frequency
    24.9 %
  • Max Win
  • Max Win Probability
  • Min Bet
    0.2 $
  • Max Bet
    100 $

Spotlight: Tropicool 2
Tropicool 2 by ELK Studios screen 1
Tropicool 2 by ELK Studios screen 2
Tropicool 2 by ELK Studios screen 3
Tropicool 2 by ELK Studios screen 4

๐Ÿ˜ฒ Oh my! Just when I thought ELK Studios couldn't possibly top their original hit Tropicool slot, they go ahead and release this absolute peach ๐Ÿ‘ of a sequel - Tropicool 2! It's MiaLee here, your favorite slot reviewer extraordinaire, and I am just bursting with excitement to share my thoughts on this vibrant new title.

๐Ÿ๏ธ Right off the bat, Tropicool 2 captivated me with its sun-soaked ๐ŸŒž tropical theme, brimming with lush fruits ๐Ÿ and fun animal characters ๐Ÿฆฉ. It's a world away from the humdrum slots cranked out by some providers - ELK have really pushed the boat out ๐Ÿšข to deliver a gaming experience that's as invigorating as a freshly mixed piรฑa colada ๐Ÿน on a beach in Bora Bora!

๐ŸŒบ Join me for a leisurely lounger on the sands as I take you through everything this superb slot has to offer. Aloha!

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 5/5

I'm happy to report that the graphics and theme in Tropicool 2 meet my highest expectations. Everything from the background setting to the symbols and characters bursts with vibrant colors that truly pop against the icy blue reels. swaying palm trees, decorative tiki torches, and wooden signage shape the look of a classic island destination. Touches like surfboards and inner tubes add to the laidback, beachy vibe. Of course, the sparkling ocean waters and massive icebergs in the distance remind you this is no ordinary tropical locale.

The main birdie duo look as fashionable as ever, rocking fun vacation-ready ensembles. Joining them is a new sloth character, Elmo, who despite his permanently sleepy expression brings plenty of mischievous energy. I love how ELK gave each symbol well-defined edges with beautiful shading, almost like a 3D cartoon. The fruits encased in ice add a wonderfully creative touch. Overall, Tropicool 2 absolutely nails the visuals from start to finish. I felt like I was playing in an animated paradise!

Sound Effects & Music: 5/5

Being the audio aficionado I am, I was thrilled to hear Tropicool 2's soundtrack. The relaxing, groovy tunes instantly put me in a cheerful mood perfect for a beachfront getaway. I almost felt like swaying my hips along to the catchy beats! It's a lighthearted mix of steel drums, lively pianos and other peppy tropical instruments. Winning spins cue fun casino sound effects, while big wins cause the music to ramp up energetically.

I love how the audio pairs so seamlessly with the visuals to fully immerse players in this one-of-a-kind setting. The sounds of slots have never felt more in tune with the scenery. Tropicool 2 is sensory paradise if you ask me. Put on some headphones or crank up the volume for the full experience!

Gameplay: 5/5

Tropicool 2 takes the unique gameplay of the original and adds a boatload of extra excitement. The slot utilizes a cool 6x6 grid with wins formed across 46,656 ways. Matching symbols must land on adjacent reels starting from the left side. Additionally, the lovable bird symbols pay out anytime 3 or more appear since they act as scatters. What sets Tropicool 2 apart is the Triple Cool Reel above the main grid, which contains 3 rows of special features and empty spaces that come into play with the Avalanche function.

After any win, the winning symbols disappear and the Avalanche kicks in. Symbols from the Cool Reel fall into the empty spaces while the main reels refill. This nifty mechanic allows new wins to continually trigger for a true cascading action that makes gameplay super dynamic.

Various feature symbols activating on the main grid add to the fun, like Mystery symbols, Row Swaps, and the game's Wilds. It all combines into a smooth, fast-paced experience that utilizes ELK's signature flair for innovation. To me, Tropicool 2 represents the future of immersive, multi-layered slots that never stop surprising you.

Rewards: 4/5

In the rewards department, Tropicool 2 introduces some fabulous new features to boost payouts. The Triple Cool Reel alone provides frequent chances to trigger bonuses, while the Free Drops round and Elmo's Redrops up the ante. During Free Drops, cool new Multiplier symbols let you rack up insane combo wins. Plus, with a max payout of 25,000x your bet, the ceiling has never been higher!

Admittedly the 94% RTP is on the lower end so patience is key. But when you trigger those big wins, it's absolutely magical! Overall the rewards here add up to a fulfilling experience, especially compared to standard slots. Just brace yourself during dry spells and eventually the oasis will shower you with riches.

Originality: 5/5

In the originality department, Tropicool 2 hits the ball out of the park. The entire concept of a tropical/icy wonderland is sheer genius and fabulously executed. ELK Studios has a knack for crafting unique themes, but this may be their most creative mashup yet. Add in the Triple Cool Reel system and you have a slot set apart from the competition. Even the characters like Elmo the mischievous sloth add originality.

From a visual standpoint, I've never seen fruits encased in gorgeous frosty ice on the reels before. It's a stunning effect that wows me every time. Overall, Tropicool 2 displays ELK's talents at concocting innovative slots bursting with imagination and heart. This sequel proves sequels can feel impressively fresh. Tropicool 2 now ranks among my top most original slots.

Overall: 4.8/5

When you add up all the pieces - the sensational graphics, bumping soundtrack, dynamic gameplay, generous rewards and sheer originality - Tropicool 2 shapes up to be a perfect 5-star sequel. I honestly did not expect ELK to recreate the magic of the original and take it to the next level, but they pulled it off flawlessly! Everything meshes together into one unforgettable tropical carnival that hits all the right notes. Anytime I need a quick getaway, Tropicool 2 will be my sunny escape of choice. Kudos ELK for concocting another masterpiece!

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Now that you know how highly I rate Tropicool 2, let's dive deeper into what makes this icy island paradise one of ELK's crowning slot achievements. From the introduction of a new scoundrel, Elmo the sloth, to a Triple Cool Reel pumping out bonuses, it's time to breakdown everything that makes Tropicool 2 an essential slot experience.

Visually speaking, ELK Studios went above and beyond crafting a setting that pops off the screen. The sandy beach backdrop blends seamlessly with decorative elements like tiki torches and carved wooden signs for that quintessential tropical vibe. Surfboards and beach gear add to the laidback atmosphere. Sparkling blue waters conjure images of snorkeling adventures and kayak joyrides. And of course, the massive icy backdrop adds that unique twist that reminds you this is no normal beach getaway!

The star ornithological duo have ditched their winter gear for some fun ensembles that bring out their personalities - Tony sports some funky shades and a flowery vacation shirt while Fiona dazzles in a fruity hat. Joining the party is Elmo, a mischievous-eyed sloth who despite his permanently sleepy expression stirs up trouble in his own cheeky way. I love the vibrant colors of each symbol, with special detail given to shading and lighting. It gives everything almost a 3D quality that pops beautifully against the icy blue reels.

In terms of soundtrack, ELK nails the audio perfectly to match the scene. The steel drums and lively pianos conjure images of swaying to music at a beachside bar. It's the kind of relaxing yet upbeat tropical tune that instantly puts a smile on your face and makes you want to join the festivities. All the high quality production value makes Tropicool 2 an immersive experience that engages all the senses. You really feel whisked away to paradise.

Now let's get into the gameplay itself which takes the innovative setup of the original and adds a welcome new twist - the Triple Cool Reel. First off, the slot utilizes a 6x6 grid with wins forming across 46,656 ways. You need to match symbols on adjacent reels starting from the left side, except for the bird symbols which pay scattered. The Triple Cool Reel sits overhead, containing 3 rows of special features and empty tiles.

This is where the Avalanche mechanic comes into play. After any win, the winning symbols disappear and the Avalanche activates. Any symbols in the Cool Reel fall into the vacant spots while the main reels refill. With new wins triggering the Avalanche again, you get true cascading action that activates features for big payouts!

The assortment of features dropping into the grid really adds to the fun. Wilds, Mystery symbols, Row Swaps and more make gameplay fast-paced and dynamic. You never know what the Cool Reel has in store, so there's constant excitement and surprises. Combine this with the potential 25,000x top win and Tropicool 2 becomes a heart-pumping slot adventure!

My Thoughts Overall

Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, Tropicool 2 impresses me across the board. It takes everything that made the original unique and succeeds at enhancing the entire experience. The Triple Cool Reel alone brings a huge injection of fun with its random features dropping in to trigger payouts during the Avalanche phase. This relatively simple addition makes gameplay feel constantly active.

Of course the audiovisuals areMED Markdown

Of course the audiovisuals are a home run, fully immersing you in the tranquil yet lively ambience. Touches like the ice-encased fruit symbols represent creativity at its best. And having Elmo join the party in a prominent role adds an element of lovable mischief. His antics during the Elmo Redrops feature bring plenty of laughs!

The rewards also reach new heights thanks to additions like the cool Multiplier symbols during Free Drops. With up to 25,000x your bet possible, the ceiling got lifted big time! Admittedly the 94% RTP means patience is required. But that makes the big wins even sweeter when they hit.

At its core, Tropicool 2 embodies imagination and passion. The whole premise of a half-icy, half-tropical wonderland represents pure creativity. There's clear heart behind every artistic detail in bringing this lush world to life. Combine this artistry with smooth gameplay and big rewards, and Tropicool 2 amounts to an all-around triumph that fires on every cylinder. ELK has dreamed up a true masterpiece here!

Bonus Features

Of course, no slot experience truly shines without thrilling bonus features. ELK Studios loaded Tropicool 2 with several bonuses that make gameplay sizzle:

Triple Cool Reel

This 3-row reel above the main game grid adds a whole new dimension. Filled with special features and empty spaces, it drops symbols into vacant spots after wins trigger the Avalanche. Features like Wilds, Row Swaps and Mystery symbols cascade into the grid, enabling explosive payouts!


The Avalanche mechanic activates after any win. Winning symbols disappear and the grid refills with those Triple Cool Reel symbols dropping in, allowing new wins to trigger. Cascading payouts continue until no new wins are created.

Elmo Redrops

When the mischievous Elmo appears, he'll scare birds into Wilds and give you respins as he moves across the reels. This boosts your winning potential bigtime! Elmo's antics are good-humored fun.

Free Drops Bonus

Land Bonus symbols for 6 to 15 free spins, where cool Multiplier symbols allow jackpot-like wins! It's the peak excitement of Tropicool 2.

Big Symbols

Any symbol except Elmo and Bonus can land 2x2 or 3x3. Big wins, big fun!

X-iter Feature

Available in some regions, this lets you buy bonuses like Free Spins or Elmo Redrops. A smart way to jump into the action!

With bonuses like these, the sun never sets on the wins in Tropicool 2. The Triple Cool Reel alone brings a barrage of surprise features to liven up gameplay. And I can't say enough good things about those Multipliers in Free Drops - simply game-changing! However you slice it, Tropicool 2 serves up bonuses galore.

Win Potential

Of course, the most important aspect of any slot is how much cold hard cash you stand to win. With its 25,000x max payout, Tropicool 2 cranks up the earnings potential tenfold from the original. Now THAT caught my attention right away! Any time I see a sequel boost winnings in such a huge way, I know I'm in for a good time.

Realistically, four and five-figure wins are the most likely outcomes when playing Tropicool 2. The key is landing the Bonus to trigger Free Drops, where those Multiplier symbols work their magic. Even without Multipliers, the Bonusmode dishes out big rewards over 6 to 15 spins. Outside the Bonus, Elmo Redrops and the Avalanche feature can leave you with some nice profits too.

As always, patience remains key. The 94% RTP means you'll experience dry spells. But that's the trade-off for having such a high ceiling. When everything clicks during the Bonus Round, you'll look back on those smaller payouts as merely the prelude to the main event. Based on my time with the slot, I definitely recommend trying it if you like volatile games with epic win potential.

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Established in 2013, ELK Studios has swiftly made a name for itself as an innovative game software provider, featuring a curated selection of high-quality slots and casino games. Their offerings are marked by an ingenious blend of creative gameplay, captivating storylines, and solid mathematical structures, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.

The team at ELK Studios comprises experts from a range of disciplines including mathematics, graphic design, animation, software development, and quality assurance. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, ELK Studios continually adds to their distinguished gaming portfolio, keeping pace with the evolving demands of the industry.

ELK Studios is licensed and regulated by prestigious authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring their games adhere to the highest standards of fairness and integrity. With a global presence and a dedication to quality, ELK Studios caters to a wide international audience, providing engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

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In the end, weighing all the pros and cons, I happily declare Tropicool 2 to be a stellar sequel that improves on the original in every way. For starters, the addictive Triple Cool Reel mechanic adds a whole new layer of excitement. The Avalanche feature also increases the action as you wait for symbols to cascade into the grid. And having Elmo shake things up keeps gameplay full of surprises.

Of course the sizzling 25,000x max win gets a big thumbs up from me. Even if it hits infrequently, that ceiling will have you chasing the dream! And while the RTP could be higher, the volatility gives budget players a shot at glory.

But above all else, Tropicool 2 wins me over with sheer fun factor. The festive theme, amusing characters, on-point audio - everything combines into a lighthearted experience. Whether I played 100 spins or 1,000, I wore a smile the whole time enjoying the creativity on display. In the world of slots, that ability to simply entertain means everything.

So if you're seeking a satisfying blend of rewards, features and fun, be sure to take Tropicool 2 for a spin. This sequel is ELK Studios at their artistic best, crafting a vacation paradise with universal appeal. I'll definitely be returning often to visit my birdie friends - and maybe even that rascal Elmo! Thanks for the memories Tropicool 2!

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