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Pop Cop by Peter & Sons
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:8 February

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๐Ÿšจ Greetings fellow slot aficionados! Maria White here, back with an in-depth review of the new Pop Cop online slot. I'm thrilled to be your guide on this neon-fueled adventure through the streets of Neopolis.

As always, I've put this slot through its paces, spinning the reels over 1000 times across desktop and mobile. This comprehensive playtime allows me to provide my honest thoughts and ratings on all aspects of the game.

๐ŸŽฒ The moment I loaded Pop Cop, its vibrant retro graphics and energetic synthwave soundtrack had me eager to start spinning. This slot's neon pop art aesthetic immediately grabbed my attention.

๐Ÿ‘พ Developer Peter & Sons went in a novel direction theming and style-wise with Pop Cop. Its crimefighting narrative paired with an almost nostalgic anime/manga flair makes for a unique combo.

๐ŸŽจ I appreciate when slots take risks to offer something outside the norm rather than following trends. Pop Cop's inventive art direction and scatter pays format rather than paylines showed promise from the get-go.

๐ŸŽฐ Join me as I break down if Pop Cop hits the jackpot or misfires when it comes to graphics, soundtrack, gameplay, rewards, originality and overall experience. Let's jump right in!

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Graphics and Theme: 4/5

The moment Pop Cop's intro animation and theme song started, I found myself awestruck by the visual presentation. Vibrant neon purples and pinks create an electrifying backdrop.

Our renegade City Cop protagonist distributing justice with an enormous sci-fi gun immediately grabs your attention. Other characters like bandits fill out the reels with a charming retro anime aesthetic.

Small artistic details bring Neopolis to life, like flickering signs and speeding hovercars. Pop Cop leverages color and character design to inject personality into everything.

Some graphics like the cop herself are a bit risque and over-the-top. But overall, the nostalgic 80s/90s pop art style is highly immersive and pairs perfectly with gameplay.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

The synthwave soundtrack delivers an energetic mix of vibrant, futuristic beats fitting Pop Cop's cyberpunk vibe. I often found myself bobbing along as I spun!

Satisfying chimes ring out with every cascade or win trigger. The cop springs into action shouting phrases that enhance the crimefighting narrative. My only critique - bigger wins deserved more robust sound effects.

Gameplay: 5/5

Pop Cop employs a 5x6 scatter pays format rather than defined paylines - a nice deviation from the norm! Wins are formed by matching 8+ symbols anywhere.

This allows for frequent payouts even on losing spins. Any wins trigger cascades, removing symbols and replacing them until no more matches occur. Cascades lead to major multiplied wins.

Random area multipliers up to 10x also add excitement, especially when they overlap with cascades! Free spins ramp up gameplay with even bigger multipliers.

The dynamics between cascades, area multipliers and bonuses create near constant anticipation. Gameplay stays fresh even after hours of spinning.

Rewards: 3/5

Rewards start small in the base game, with lower symbols paying just 0.25x to 2x your bet. But female characters award up to 50x for 11 matches. With their frequency, these bigger payouts add up.

Four scatters trigger ten free spins, with five scatters giving fifteen. This bonus is incredibly rewarding thanks to retriggers and amplified multipliers up to 50x! My biggest free spin haul was 720x.

The buy feature's instant access to lucrative bonuses outweighs the 160x stake cost. All in all, Pop Cop's volatility means less frequent but larger wins. Persistence pays off in the long run.

Originality: 4/5

From its neon aesthetic to manga-inspired characters, Pop Cop leverages style to captivate. Cascading scatter pays deviate from typical slots for a more engaging experience.

Area multipliers, especially their significant boosts during free spins, add an extra layer of anticipation and variability. High volatility anime slots are a more unique offering.

Small touches like flickering neon signs and hovercars reinforce worldbuilding. While not completely revolutionary, Pop Cop undoubtedly has its own identity and flair.

Overall: 3.8/5

Across visual presentation, audio, gameplay, rewards and originality Pop Cop fires on all cylinders! Despite some minor gripes, it achieves the difficult balance of simple to play yet deeply satisfying.

For anime fans, Pop Cop perfectly encapsulates retro nostalgia while feeling modern. Cascades and area multipliers keep you actively engaged rather than passively watching. This electrifying ride through Neopolis stands out in a crowded market!

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Travel to the vibrant city of Neopolis for a retro crime adventure in Pop Cop by Peter & Sons. This 5x6 high volatility slot employs scatter pays and cascading reels for frequent payouts that can climb to the max 10,000x your bet.

Our renegade City Cop stands ready to take down thieves in this neon world inspired by 80s/90s anime. Match 8+ symbols anywhere on the grid to grab wins, which will trigger cascades and chain reactions. Random area multipliers during the base game and lucrative free spins round make for electrifying gameplay.

With its original art style, engaging mechanics and thumping synth soundtrack, Pop Cop is a nostalgia trip that offers something fresh. This is one cop who won't put a stop to your fun!

My Thoughts Overall

Pop Cop is a gem that caught me off guard. With slots, I've come to expect variations on similar themes and features. But this game's anime aesthetic and unique take on scatter pays made for an invigorating experience overall.

I'm constantly wowed when a developer still manages to deliver something innovative in the crowded slot space. Pop Cop's mechanics aren't complex, but small touches like the area multipliers and enhanced multipliers during free spins maximize entertainment value.

The volatility ensures some dry spells, but wins, especially during bonus rounds, make up for any losses. Pop Cop encourages an active rather than passive gameplay style as you watch cascades unfold and anticipate where those lucrative area multipliers will appear.

For anime fans, it's especially enthralling. The retro nostalgia will resonate. And the heavy 1980s/1990s vibes pair perfectly with the crimefighting narrative.

While the core game loop is straightforward, it remains engaging even after over 1000 spins between desktop and mobile. That's high praise! Pop Cop achieves the difficult balance of being simple to grasp yet deeply satisfying to master. I'd definitely recommend fans of Pachinko, anime or slots that emphasize cascades/reactions give this gem a spin.

Bonus Features

Pop Cop's selection of bonus features may seem sparse at first glance, but their seamless integration with the base game enhances overall entertainment value exponentially.

Cascading Reels

The cascading reels functionality is at the heart of gameplay. Anytime you hit a win, the matching symbols disappear and new ones cascade down to replace them. Wins are assessed again after each cascade until no new matches occur.

This exponentially increases your odds of notching multiple wins from a single spin. I've had up to 7 consecutive cascades triggered by an initial win. It's incredibly satisfying to watch payouts rapidly multiply thanks to cascades.

Area Multipliers

At random, sections of 2x2, 3x3 or larger grids will be highlighted. Any symbols that land in those zones receive the noted multiplier for that spin - 2x, 5x, 10x, etc.

When these overlap with wins, massive payouts ensue. I hit a 375x win after five matching symbols landed in a 10x area. The multipliers create tremendous anticipation and thrill factor.

Free Spins

By far my favorite feature. Landing 4+ scatters triggers 10 free spins. Then, every additional scatter bumps your spins up by 5 more. Plus, scatters pay directly too - nabbing five scatters during bonus activation could give you 15 free spins!

The area multipliers also get a major boost during free spins, going up to 50x. Along with the potential for bonus round retriggers by hitting 3+ additional scatters, you have everything needed for enormous wins. My biggest haul from the bonus was 720x my bet.

Buy Feature

For 160x your stake, you can instantly trigger the free spins round and bypass the scatter requirement. This gives impatient players access to the highly rewarding bonus round. It's costly, but worth it when bonuses like 50x multipliers are in play.

Win Potential

With a max win potential of 10,000x your bet, Pop Cop offers tremendous upside. Its high volatility means payouts are less frequent but of larger magnitude.

In the base game, the female characters offer the most rewards, paying 50x your stake for 11 symbol matches. Lower value symbols still offer up to 10x for 9+ hits.

But the biggest wins come courtesy of the free spins round. With retriggers possible and multipliers up to 50x in the bonus, your full bet can rapidly get multiplied into four and even five digit territory.

My personal best from the free spins was a 720x win. But the ceiling is much, much higher. With optimal symbol placements during the bonus, 10,000x is achievable, especially since there is no win cap during free spins.

The buy feature, while costly at 160x your bet, provides instant access to the round where huge multipliers are in effect. This presents a fast track to massive payouts if you have the bankroll to leverage it.

All in all, Pop Cop's volatility is a benefit rather than drawback because of its tremendous win ceiling once bonuses hit. Even middling base game wins can quickly snowball during free spins for life-changing sums.

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