RIP City Slot Review

4.4 out of 5

RIP City by Hacksaw Gaming
Reviewed by:
Ethan Parker,
Maria White,
Lucas Wilson.

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  • bandRaiting
  • Provider
    Hacksaw Gaming
  • Release Date
  • Bonus Bay
  • Bonus Feature
  • Free Spins
  • Autoplay
  • Quickspin Feature
  • Scatter
  • Wild
  • RTP
    96.22% | 94.27% | 92.32% | 8...
    96.22 %
  • House edge
    3.78 %
  • Volatility
  • Reels
  • Rows
  • Paylines
  • Layout
  • Theme
    Animals, Cartoon
  • Free spin freq
  • Hit frequency
    18 %
  • Max Win
  • Max Win Probability
    1 - 6.000.000
  • Min Bet
    0.1 $
  • Max Bet
    100 $

Spotlight: RIP City
RIP City by Hacksaw Gaming screen 1
RIP City by Hacksaw Gaming screen 2
RIP City by Hacksaw Gaming screen 3
RIP City by Hacksaw Gaming screen 4

šŸ± Hello everyone, MiaLee here with an in-depth review of the brand new RIP City slot from Hacksaw Gaming! As a huge fan of online slots, I was super excited when I first heard about this game. The dark, gritty theme with the cat and mouse rivals immediately caught my attention.

šŸ­ In this review, I'll be taking you through every aspect of RIP City, from the graphics and soundtrack to the bonus features and overall gameplay. I'll also share my personal thoughts and experience playing this slot, along with ratings for different categories.

šŸŽ® So buckle up and get ready to take a trip down the mean streets with Ross and Maxx! Let's dive right in.

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 5/5

Right off the bat, RIP City absolutely nails it with the graphics and theme. Hacksaw Gaming is known for creating slots with a dark, edgy vibe, and they continue that trend here. The moment you load up the game, you're transported to a dingy back alley with graffiti covering the walls.

The color palette uses a lot of blacks, whites, and greys to create a gritty film noir aesthetic. Pops of neon color are used sparingly on the higher paying symbols, making them stand out against the muted background.

Of course, the stars of the show are Ross the tabby cat and Maxx the mouse. These anthropomorphic animals are rendered in a retro cartoon style, resembling an adult version of Tom and Jerry. Ross looks like he's been through the ringer, with scratches across his face and a permanent scowl.

Meanwhile, Maxx puffs away on a cigarette with a brass knuckle in his other hand - definitely not someone you want to mess with! Their poses on either side of the reels remind me of old western standoffs.

I absolutely love the unique art style and character designs. RIP City feels like a fresh take on the classic cat and mouse cartoon trope. Hacksaw Gaming nailed the tone and brought these characters to life. The graphics get a perfect 5/5 rating from me.

Sound Effects & Music: 5/5

In terms of audio design, RIP City also hits it out of the park. The soundtrack features smooth jazz pianos and funky basslines that you'd expect to hear in a late night lounge or club. It's the perfect complement to the noir visuals, setting the mood for this feline thriller.

When you hit wins during gameplay, retro cartoon zaps and boings add to the old-school vibe. Ross and Maxx also chime in with meows, growls, and chuckles that match their devious personalities.

I really think the music and sounds come together to make the experience super immersive. The attention to detail here is amazing - RIP City definitely deserves another 5/5 rating for the top-notch sound design.

Gameplay: 4/5

Now let's get into the gameplay and core mechanics. RIP City utilizes a standard 5x5 reel format with 19 fixed paylines. The min bet is 0.10 credits, while the max bet goes up to 100.00 credits. With an RTP of 96.22% and a hit frequency around 18%, this slot provides a decent amount of action.

In terms of symbols, there are the standard playing card icons from 10 to Ace, along with higher paying symbols like bananas, dice, and billiard balls. The wild and scatter symbols round out the mix, along with Ross as an expanding wild.

The base gameplay is smooth and engaging, but there aren't a ton of standout features during the regular spins. You'll mostly be waiting to trigger one of the two bonus rounds - Ro$$ Free Spins or Maxx Bonus.

That said, the expanding Ross wilds add some excitement, especially when they collide with multiplier wilds. Overall, the gameplay is solid but not mindblowing, so I'll rate it a 4/5.

Rewards: 4/5

For rewards and win potential, RIP City brings some nice big payouts to the table. The top fixed jackpot is 20x your bet for 5 billiard ball symbols. But the real money is in the bonus rounds and special features.

Ross expanding wilds can lead to some huge wins when they cover multiple reels and multiply. The free spins can also drop some nice payouts, especially the Maxx Bonus with its reel lock mechanics. Add in a max payout of 12,500x your bet, and there's definitely big potential here.

That said, RIP City is still a volatile slot, so the big wins don't come around super frequently. You have to get lucky to hit the full potential during the bonuses. But the payouts are generous enough to earn a 4/5 rating for rewards.

Originality: 4/5

In terms of originality, RIP City scores marks for its unique theme and art style. The gritty, adult take on the cat and mouse rivalry provides something different from other animal-focused slots. And the retro design makes the game stand out in Hacksaw's portfolio.

However, the mechanics and bonus features feel a bit familiar. Expanding reels, locked reels, and multiplying wilds have all been seen before. So while the presentation feels fresh, the gameplay sticks to tried and true formulas.

Overall, I think RIP City brings enough new ideas to the table to warrant a 4/5 for originality. But there's room for innovation, and I hope Hacksaw continues to experiment in future releases.

Overall: 4.4/5

Hacksaw Gaming has crafted an incredibly polished and engaging slot machine. From the detailed graphics to the immersive sound design, RIP City fires on all cylinders. The theme and art style give the game a real identity that helps it stand out.

While the mechanics and bonuses don't reinvent the wheel, they provide solid entertainment with big win potential. Minor nitpicks aside, RIP City is a must-play slot that I highly recommend!

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RIP City is a new online slot from Hacksaw Gaming with a gritty cat and mouse theme. The 5x5 reel game features expanding wilds, locked reels, multipliers, and two free spin bonuses for big payout potential up to 12,500x your bet.

With retro cartoon graphics and a killer smooth jazz soundtrack, RIP City creates an immersive noir world inhabited by the rival felines Ross and Maxx. Players can discover this sinister city across 19 fixed paylines with bets from 0.10 to 100 credits.

Special features include the Ross expanding wild, which multiplies when colliding with standard wilds. The Ro$$ and Maxx bonuses provide free spins with improved wild frequency or guaranteed wild reels. Non-UK players also have access to buyable bonuses.

Boasting great visuals, audio, and rewarding gameplay, RIP City is a premium slot release that stands among Hacksaw Gaming's top titles. This animal thriller pays homage to classic cartoons but puts a dangerous new spin on the formula.

My Thoughts Overall

Having spent a good amount of time with RIP City, I'm pleased to report it lives up to the hype. Hacksaw Gaming really outdid themselves creating the immersive back alley world and its shady inhabitants, Ross and Maxx.

The retro cartoon art style is fantastic - Ross and Maxx have so much personality, and their expressions and poses liven up the gameplay. I love how Hacksaw injected adult themes into the classic cat and mouse rivalry. It feels like a gritty crime drama version of Tom and Jerry.

While the mechanics aren't the most groundbreaking, they provide solid entertainment during the base game and bonuses. The expanding Ross wilds are a treat when they transform into multiplier wilds. And the two free spin modes strike a nice balance - Ro$$ for increased wild frequency or Maxx for guaranteed wild reels.

Add in smooth spinning action and a top notch jazz soundtrack, and RIP City really stimulates the senses from start to finish. The polished presentation combined with rewarding gameplay makes this a slot I'll be coming back to often. Hacksaw has scored another winner!


These features, especially when combined, provide the tools for unlocking this slotā€™s maximum potential payout of 12500x your total bet.

Symbols Payouts

The symbol payouts displayed above reflect the currently selected bet level. The theoretical payout for this game is 96.22%. The RTP was calculated by simulating 10,000,000,000 rounds.

  • low_1 symbol
    5 - $50.004 - $10.003 - $2.00
  • low_2 symbol
    5 - $50.004 - $10.003 - $2.00
  • low_3 symbol
    5 - $75.004 - $15.003 - $3.00
  • low_4 symbol
    5 - $75.004 - $15.003 - $3.00
  • low_5 symbol
    5 - $100.004 - $20.003 - $4.00
  • high_1 symbol
    5 - $150.004 - $50.003 - $10.00
  • high_2 symbol
    5 - $150.004 - $50.003 - $10.00
  • high_3 symbol
    5 - $175.004 - $75.003 - $15.00
  • high_4 symbol
    5 - $175.004 - $75.003 - $15.00
  • high_5 symbol
    5 - $200.004 - $100.003 - $20.00

Special Symbols

  • wild symbol5 - $250.00
  • expand symbol5 - $250.00

The WILD symbol substitutes for all other symbols in the paytable.

The Wild Cat symbol substitutes for all other symbols in the paytable.

Extra Features

wild-cat symbol

Wild Cat

The main draw of RIP City lies in its two free spins bonus rounds and expanding Wild Cat feature. Let's look at how each one works:

wild-reel symbol

Expanding Wild Cat

This instantly turns that reel entirely wild, substituting for all symbols to create multiple new wins.

Things get even more interesting when a Wild Cat expands through a regular Wild symbol. This transforms the expanded Wild Cat into a random multiplier ranging from 2x up to 200x!

Having a whole reel turn into a multiplier wild can lead to some truly massive wins. And if you manage to hit more than one, their multiplier values are combined for even bigger potential payouts.

ross-bonus symbol


Land 3 or more of the FS scatter symbols to trigger the Ro$$ free spins round. This awards 10 free spins with an increased chance of hitting Wild Cat and regular Wild symbols compared to the base game.

With more wilds landing, you stand a greater chance of triggering those lucrative expanded Wild Cats and multiplier wild reels.

3 more scatters during the feature will award an extra 4 free spins. And if you can hit 4 scatters, the round will switch to the even more rewarding Maxx free spins mode once your spin finishes.

maxx-bonus symbol


For the biggest wins, you'll want to trigger the Maxx free spins. This is done by landing 4 or more scatters in the base game.

Like Ro$$ free spins, you get 10 spins to start with. The extra twist is that reels can become activated by having a Wild Cat land on them.

Once activated, that reel is guaranteed to hold a Wild Cat for the remaining spins. Having entire reels turning wild and activating multipliers is extremely profitable.

Plus, you can retrigger an extra 4 spins with 3 more scatters, and retriggers are unlimited.

Bonus Buy

This game offers the possibility to purchase the special feature(s) directly from the main game by pressing the BUY BONUS BUTTON.

This game offers the FeatureSpinsā„¢ buy option. When FeatureSpinsā„¢ are activated, each spin guarantees certain features and costs a set amount, based on your current bet level. FeatureSpinsā„¢ remain active until you disable them by clicking the DISABLE BUTTON.

Price for Bonus Buy Feature


    Each spin is 5x times more likely to activate a bonus game!
    Volatility: High
    The RTP when buying BONUSHUNT FEATURESPINSā„¢ is 96.44%.

    Each spin guarantees that at least 2 Wild Cat symbols land!
    Volatility: Very high
    The RTP when buying TWO WILD CATS FEATURESPINSā„¢ is 96.34%.

    Each spin guarantees that at least 3 Wild Cat symbols land!
    Volatility: High
    The RTP when buying THREE WILD CATS FEATURESPINSā„¢ is 96.31%.
  • RO$$ BONUS

    Extra chance of landing Wild Cat and WILD symbols!
    Volatility: High
    RO$$ BONUS icon
    The RTP when buying RO$$ BONUS is 96.2%.

    Persistent activated reels guarantee a Wild Cat symbol on activated reels every spin!
    Volatility: High
    MAXX BONUS icon
    The RTP when buying MAXX BONUS is 96.41%.

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Maximum Win Potential 12500x

The theoretical maximum win possible in RIP City is 12,500x your bet amount. This would require filling the grid with the highest paying Wild symbol during free spins when expanded Wild Cats and multipliers combine for huge payouts.

Realistically, the typical max win players report landing is around 5,000x bet or more. But everything would need to line up perfectly for a 12,500x win to occur. Regardless, wins in the thousands are very achievable with some luck.

Ways to Win

The criteria for a winning combo in the main game apply to bonus rounds and free spins unless mentioned otherwise. Every bet qualifies for all potential win combinations unless specified differently.

You secure a win when matching icons line up on one of the set 19 lines from the leftmost to the right reel. Check out the paytable to see how many of each symbol you need to land a win.

Inside the Odds: RIP City's RTP

If you're aiming to get the most bang for your buck in the realm of online slots, then you'd want to pay attention to the game's RTP, also known as Return to Player.

For our featured game, RIP City, the Max RTP is set at a competitive 96.22.

This percentage represents the average amount players can expect to recoup from their bets over an extended gameplay period.

While it doesn't predict outcomes for individual gaming sessions, an understanding of RTP can help players make informed gaming choices, and RIP City certainly presents an enticing proposition.

Hacksaw Gaming Games Provider

Established in 2018, Hacksaw Gaming has rapidly emerged as a leading gaming content provider, offering a diverse portfolio of high-quality slots and scratch cards. Their games stand out for seamlessly blending innovation, entertainment and strong mathematical models to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Their talented team brings together industry experts from various domains including mathematics, art, animation, software architecture and QA. Supported by investors Blackstone and Nauta Capital, Hacksaw Gaming is poised for rapid growth as they continue diversifying their content portfolio.

The provider holds licenses from respected regulators like the UKGC, MGA, ONJN, and HM Government of Gibraltar. With offices in Malta, Marbella, and Riga, Hacksaw provides services to 50+ global partners.

Hacksaw Gaming Slots - Play for Free

Try the top games from Hacksaw Gaming for free to appreciate their creative approach to design, and immerse yourself in an engaging atmosphere captivating from the first minute that you'll never want to leave.

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RIP City is my new favorite Hacksaw Gaming release, elevating their signature style to new heights. The immersive presentation and rewarding gameplay make for an online slot that stands out from the pack. While not the most innovative, RIP City brings solid features and big wins to the reels.

For slot aficionados craving something fresh, I can't recommend RIP City enough. The retro cartoon graphics brimming with attitude pull you into the seedy alleyways to join Ross and Maxx. Smooth spinning and slick jazz rhythms complement the visuals nicely.

Despite some familiar mechanics, RIP City has an identity all its own thanks to the unique theme and art. Hacksaw Gaming continues to impress with their attention to detail in both presentation and gameplay features.

From the multiplying wilds to the free spin reel locks, RIP City offers engaging action for all. The two rival mascots bring personality, and players reap the rewards. With so much to love, I give RIP City a big thumbs up. This Hacksaw hit is destined for classic status!

And be sure to spin with Ross and Maxx at one of my recommended casinos to take advantage of their new player bonuses. Thanks for reading and best of luck with those big wins!

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