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4.4 out of 5

Ugliest Catch by Nolimit City
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:2 December 2023

Spotlight: Ugliest Catch
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๐ŸŽฃ I still vividly remember the day I first loaded up Ugliest Catch on my computer screen. As a veteran slot reviewer who plays countless games a month, most tend to blend together after a while. But this Nolimit City creation? Oh no. Once you embark on this drunken fishing expedition into horribly polluted waters, you'll never be the same again.

๐ŸŸ When my editor first assigned me to review this game, I'll admit, I wasn't thrilled. A fishing theme? Didn't we have enough of those already? But when I caught a glimpse of those freakishly mutated character designs and loaded into that murky green lake filled with garbage, I realized Nolimit City had cooked up something truly special here. It's certainly not going to be everyone's cup of tea. But if you like your games bizarre and completely over-the-top, hold onto your rod - you're going for a wild ride.

๐ŸŽฐ Over my many hours with this slot, I've reeled in wins from 0.5X up to 2,467X the bet. The volatility is crazy high here so prepare for some long dry spells. But with features like Fish Trophies worth up to 5,000X, Big Berta multipliers in the thousands, and 3 exciting free spin modes, the rewards for weathering the storm are massive. I may need weeks of therapy to erase the image of those freaky fish from my mind. Yet at the same time, I'm already begging for my next disgusting trip into their domain.

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 5/5

As soon as I hit spin for the first time, I couldn't peel my eyes off the screen. The designers at Nolimit City have truly outdone themselves in bringing this theme to life. The game is set on an absolutely disgusting lake filled with chemical pollution and plastic waste where years of illegal dumping have spawned the creepiest creatures ever seen. Disturbing doesn't even begin to describe it. The murky green water ripples as you drop your line, lined with slime and who knows what else floating in it. In the background, your redneck companion slumbers away drunkenly with empty beer cans scattered all around as hideous fish continue breaching the nasty surface.

The symbols feature freakish mutants that are at once gross yet mesmerizing. My favorites are "Drooling Fish" with his bloated eyeball and strands of ooze dangling from his lips and "Big Eyed Fish" whose massive peepers seem ready to burst from their sockets at any moment. The designers packed the screen with amusing background details too like the occasional hand reaching up from the depths or a fish carcass drifting by. The fisherman character animations are superb as well, especially when our drunk captain awakens to celebrate a bonus win only to instantly pass back out again. It's some brilliantly entertaining stuff I never tired of.

Nolimit City clearly pulled no punches in making this theme as extreme as possible. While certainly not to everyone's tastes, if you have a dark, twisted sense of humor like me, the sloppy graphics and inappropriate comedy will greatly appeal. I couldn't stop smiling at how over-the-top it all was even while recoiling at the hideousness on display.

Sound Effects & Music: 4/5

The audio plays a huge part in immersing you into this bizarre world as well. Deep, ominous soundtrack tones echo across the lake punctuated by ambient samples like an occasional bird call, water lapping, or freakish creature noises. Each spin or significant base game win prompts wet, slimy sound effects along with the odd "yee haw!" shout from our drunken captain.

While subdued for regular play, the game truly comes alive once the bonus rounds kick in. As your fisherman hauls in his catch, triumphant country rock guitar twangs signal big wins. When the huge 5,000X Fish Trophies breach the surface, heavy metal guitar squeals accompany their dramatic splashdowns. And should you reel in the max win, the lake gives way to your passed out captain's celebration scene with banjo music and comedic sounds of clinking beer bottles and cans.

It all blends together flawlessly for a wacky good time. While the music repeats after a short while, it never becomes grating. Instead, it enhances the madcap energy pulling you deeper into this bizarre world. The supreme sound design is worthy of special praise for its huge role in making Ugliest Catch so entertaining.

Gameplay: 5/5

Nolimit City kept the base gameplay straightforward so players can focus purely on the insane theme. The 5X5 grid houses the usual mix of high and low paying symbols along with wilds for substitutions and scatters to trigger bonuses. What immediately stands out are the enhancer cells locked above and below the play area. Land a scatter on a reel in base play and its cell will unlock to reveal extra prizes or game-changing modifiers on that column.

Already this sets Ugliest Catch apart from standard slots, adding compelling volatility right off the bat. Now those previously dead base game spins suddenly have bonus potential, and the anticipation becomes nearly as thrilling as the features themselves. This is a genius concept other games would do well to emulate as it transforms the entire experience rather than simply tacking on disjointed bonuses.

Of course, those bonuses still play a huge part here led by the trio of free spin rounds. Unlocking additional enhancer cells naturally increases your odds of success. Yet regardless of the spins or multipliers awarded, the core gameplay remains easy to grasp. Even in expanded formats, all you're fundamentally doing is still dropping lines to uncover ghastly creatures and big prizes.

That ease of play reveals the brilliance of Ugliest Catch's design. An absolutely mental theme wrapped around straightforward, even comforting mechanics that anyone can instantly enjoy. It's an ingenious combination resulting in one of the most unique yet intuitive gaming experiences I've come across in years of playing slots.

Rewards: 4/5

Make no mistake; you pay a heavy volatility price for immersing yourself into this freaky lake. My early sessions were filled with dozens of dead spins broken up by occasional miniscule Bootstrap payouts. Yet those hellish dry spells make finally cracking the bonuses all the sweeter, especially with the obscene prizes on offer here.

The paytable breakdown says it all. While the low end Bootstrap symbols pay a meager 0.5X to 0.7X for 5 of a kind, locating even 3 higher end fish can return your entire wager. Once the enhancer cells unlock more winning potential, even the base game starts feeling rewarding, albeit with lingering volatility beasts ever present.

The lethal bite truly emerges in the trio of free spin variants. With a maximum of 10 active enhancer cells in play at once, the board opens wide for probability shifts. Now those game-changers like extra wilds, thousand-fold multipliers, and fish prize collectors can start flooding the lake. I live for bonus buys in volatile games to bypass the base game torture. Here they essentially guarantee access to these previously unlikely elements that supercharge your earnings potential into the stratosphere.

Of course, Ugliest Catch's ace card lies in its trio of utterly mental 5,000X jackpot symbols. That alone seems crazy enough yet by accumulating additional fisherman collectors to boost multipliers up to X10, suddenly that once impossible maximum 50,000X prize leaps into play. When even a few spins can erase weeks of losses, you gain a whole new appreciation for volatility's cruelty. It forges a sick mutually parasitic relationship - you need those dead spins to make the big wins meaningful yet oh how you detest them in the moment.

Make no mistake; this is as extreme as slot volatility goes. Only the seasoned and risk hungry have any chance of consistently profiting. Yet with every monstrous catch's life-changing potential, once those ghastly beasts start surfacing, all previous anguish fades away.

Originality: 4/5

As one of countless tired fishing slots flooding the market, I initially groaned seeing another released, much less tasked to review it. Yet from the first seconds of immersing myself into Ugliest Catch's world, all preconceptions vanished. This is NO standard fishy offering by any stretch of the imagination.

Nolimit City utterly eschewed genre conventions to create the freakiest, most extreme version possible. While retaining familiar gameplay elements like fish symbols and free spin rounds, everything surrounding them is wildly mutated and original. That rancid lake color, the garbage floating about, the drunken characters - even landlocked Las Vegas somehow feels more hygienic. And the bonus modifiers like cell multipliers and fisherman collectors add heaps of innovation as well.

Somehow, it all flows together brilliantly rather than seeming shoehorned. Much praise is due to the designers for exercising such creativity in warping tired fishing slot tropes into something so bizarre yet cohesive. Rest assured, once you witness the hideous inhabitants of these waters in action, any thoughts of this being "just another fishing game" go straight out the window!

Overall: 4.4/5

Across graphics, audio, gameplay and bonuses, Ugliest Catch fires on all cylinders to deliver a phenomenally entertaining experience. Nolimit City poured their trademark creativity into making this slot release feel wholly unique despite using a popular theme. Everything from its deranged visual design to unconventional features captivates your attention, backed by solid winning potential across sessions. Suffice to say, Ugliest Catch has secured a spot on my personal highlights reel of all-time favourite slots!

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Now let's dive deeper into what makes this mutated fishing game such an addictively enjoyable time! Here is a more detailed overview of the gameplay elements and special features you can look forward to.

Core Gameplay & Symbols

Ugliest Catch arranges its 5 reels, 3 symbol rows and 2 Enhancer Cells into a distinctive 5x5 grid. The cells above and below the middle reels can reveal special treats like bet multipliers and instant wins whenever you unlock them. With all positions opened fully, the slot provides an incredible 3,125 ways of angling for payouts!

10 quirky themed symbols populate the reels, ranging from low-pays like Wellies and Frog Bait to premium catches like the ghoulish Red Fish. Land enough adjacent symbols from left to right, sometimes even vertically on multiplied reels, to trigger cash prizes. Payouts escalate substantially during features like Free Spins, especially when landing the higher win multipliers.

But ultimately, much of your fishing fortune depends upon the Golden Fisherman scatter. This special symbol opens the crucial Enhancer Cells, granting access to instant wins, bet multipliers and more. So luring this lucky captain goes a long way during regular play and bonus modes!

Enhancer Cells

These locked positions along the top and bottom reels act as the gateways for Ugliest Catch's most lucrative rewards. Any time the Fisherman scatter lands on a standard reel, it opens the Enhancer Cells above and below to reveal:

  • Instant Wins - Randomly spawns extra base game symbols for quick payouts

  • Multipliers - "Fish Trophy" and "Big Berta" symbols that boost your next wins by 2x to 5,000x!

  • xWays - Duplicates single symbols up to four times for more pay combos

With all 10 cells unlocked, you access every winning avenue available in Ugliest Catch. Savour those long-awaited wins or bank Multipliers for the ideal payday ahead - the choice is yours!

Kill N' Grill Wild Fishing

This spirited feature name essentially represents the slot's core bonus game. Any time a Golden Fisherman lands in opened Enhancer Cells during regular play, or hits any position amidst Free Games, he'll snag an instant payout while collecting your outstanding Multipliers!

Watch your total win accumulate as the captain reels in Fish Trophies and Big Bertas, tallying their 2x to 5,000x values. When complimented by those frequent xWays symbols and adjacent pay combos, the multiplying mayhem can lead to staggering wins!

Free Spins

A trio of invariably volatile Free games offer escalating rewards proportional to their difficulty of triggering:

Lunker Spins - 3 Scatters award 8 spins with 6 opened cells

Hawg Spins - 4 Scatters give 9 spins with 8 opened cells

Honey Hole - 5 Scatters unlock 10 spins with full 10 cell access!

Landing extra scatters mid-game opens more cells and spins, allowing even larger wins. More crucially, collecting 4/8/12 Golden Fishermen during these modes activates additional multipliers and spins via Ugliest Catch's "Troll Levels":

  • Level 1 - 4 Captains enables 2x wins and +2 Spins

  • Level 2 - 8 Captains awards 3x wins and +2 Spins

  • Level 3 - 12 Captains grants 10x wins and +2 Spins!

Stacked correctly, you can parlay a single Honey Hole bonus round into absolutely massive payouts. But brace yourself - breaking the 50,000x ceiling also breaks Ugliest Catch's weird and wacky immersion in a unforgettably hilarious way!

My Thoughts Overall

Having spent countless hours getting acquainted with Ugliest Catch's charms and secrets, I can say Nolimit City has crafted yet another exceptional slot. Their masterful grasp of balancing innovation with entertainment value is on full display here.

Core elements feel familiar enough for mass appeal amongst fishing slot fanatics. Yet the devilish amphibious theme and unconventional bonus features inject a wildly unpredictable edge at every stage.

One moment you'll be chuckling at the game's cheeky southern attitudes as minimal pays trickle in. The next, shockwaves of excitement jolt you as schools of fangs with multiplied values flood the screen amidst Free Games! Ugliest Catch is simply brilliant at keeping players of all types invested for extensive stretches.

My sole critique would be further tweaking that feverish volatility, if possible. Make no mistake - huge payouts bursting from nowhere make for exquisite slot thrills after gruelling dry spells. But I'd love the chance to chop down those extreme swings and losses with select RTP or feature adjustments.

Beyond that, Ugliest Catch ticks every box with considerable flair. For slots veterans and newcomers alike, do yourself a favour and take this wonderfully warped fishing escapade for a spin!

Bonus Features

Let's shine our spotlight down and highlight the special attractions lurking in Ugliest Catch's depths:

Boosted xBet

This handy option exclusively boosts your Free Game odds during base play. At the cost of a 75% wager increase, Ugliest Catch guarantees Scatters on reel 2 with every spin. Benefits include:

  • Doubles Lunker Spin chances (1 in 125 average)

  • Increases Hawg/Honey odds by ~30%

  • Opens more Enhancer Cells

Consider activating xBet if you seek quicker features and don't mind inflated bets. But know the elevated volatility can also accelerate losses, so exercise discretion!

Bonus Buy

Impatient anglers can instantly purchase entry to Ugliest Catch's three tiers of Free Spins:

Lunker Spins - 94x Buy-in

Hawg Spins - 300x Buy-in

Honey Spins - 866x Buy-in

There is also a "Lucky Dip" with 96.36% RTP that randomly awards one of the above options.

Bonus Buy serves up stacks of fun immediately, but I personally find the 300x+ costs too extravagant outside high rollers. Thankfully, triggering Free Games the standard way occurs relatively often. So stay patient and keep casts flying until you inevitably snag those scatters!

Gamble Feature

After any individual winning spin, players can optionally gamble their takings by predicting whether a face-down card will be red or black. Correct picks double your money, while incorrect guesses forfeit everything.

I typically avoid slots gambles since the 50/50 odds lead to quick losses. But I know some of you embrace the risk, so have at it! Just don't say I didn't warn you - Ugliest Catch's volatility works against you here.

Win Potential

Let's crunch the numbers - what are our realistic odds of pillaging plunder amidst Ugliest Catch's bedlam?

Max Win - Cashing out the legendary 50,000x top prize requires blessings from the slot deities. Based on the game's hit frequency, your odds sit at roughly 1 in 20 million. So expect long waits on that fortune!

Big Wins - Now scoring excellent 5,000x pays is attainable, albeit still unlikely. The Mix multiplier symbols during bonus features offer your best shots. With ~750 spins per hour, I estimate snagging 5K+ wins every 2-4 days on average.

Regular Wins - This is where outlooks brighten! Despite dry spells, Ugliest Catch's 96.11% RTP delivers smaller payouts reliably over long-term play. Assuming 750 spins p/h at $1 wagers, expect net profits around $35 hourly. Not massive returns, but solid and sustainable.

Loss Protection - Ugliest Catch allows custom stop options for cutting losses, invaluable given its volatility. Set limits matching your budget to safely minimise damages during rough patches. And remember - walking away temporarily to recoup frustration often yields better returns upon resuming!

So while Ugliest Catch likely won't make you fabulously wealthy, it certainly delivers ample action to justify playing purely for entertainment.

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