Juicy Fruits Multihold Slot Review

3.4 out of 5

Juicy Fruits Multihold by Pragmatic Play
Written by:Mia LeeMia Lee
Last Updated:24 January

Spotlight: Juicy Fruits Multihold

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๐Ÿ’ Having spun the reels on Juicy Fruits Multihold for over 1000 times now, I'm ready to share my thoughts on Pragmatic Play's latest fruity slot. As an avid slot enthusiast, I was eager to sink my teeth into this sequel to the classic Juicy Fruits. The original captured the essence of traditional fruit machines while adding a modern flair. Now, with the Multihold version, I expected an even juicier experience!

๐ŸŽฐ As a regular on casino.band, you know I'm always on the lookout for exciting new slot releases. Pragmatic Play has crafted quite a reputation, especially after smash hits like Sweet Bonanza and Gates of Olympus. So when I heard they were cooking up a sequel to Juicy Fruits, I cleared my schedule! After extensive playtesting, I'm delighted to present my official Juicy Fruits Multihold review.

๐Ÿ‡ Strap in for a tour of this 5x5 reel adventure, as I break down everything from graphics and music to bonus features and win potential. You'll get my honest take as a seasoned slot reviewer. I aim to highlight what makes this game pop as well as any areas for improvement. So whether you're here for entertainment or scoping out your next slot obsession, let's dive right in!

Raiting by Casino.band

Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Right off the bat, Juicy Fruits Multihold impresses with its vibrant fruit graphics in a cool lemonade theme. It's a visual delight with luscious fruit symbols like watermelons, cherries, and oranges in juicy detail. The background evokes sipping a refreshing fruit drink on a hot summer day.

As a sequel, the graphics retain the classic fruit machine vibe of the original Juicy Fruits title. Yet, it takes the visuals up a level, from the bubbling lemonade to the juice dripping down the reels when you hit big wins. The added elements like juice splashes and fruit slices floating around keep the experience dynamic.

The graphics excel at bringing the fruity theme to life. Their crispness and little touches of animation add to the enjoyment. I'd give them a 4-star rating for creating an inviting, summery vibe. There's room for improvement on special effects during bonuses, but overall the graphics shine.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

The sound design matches the lighthearted fruit theme, with arcade-style music and bubbly water effects. From reel spins to big wins, there are upbeat sound effects that add to the atmosphere.

I especially like the triumphant sounds when you hit free spins or a big multiplier in the bonus round. This helps build the anticipation. The soundtrack has a sweet energy but it does start to feel repetitive after extended play.

More robust music and sounds tied to key events would take the audio experience up a level. As is, it's decent but has room for more variation. For sound effects and music, I give Juicy Fruits Multihold a 3-star rating. It complements the theme but lacks dynamics to stand out.

Gameplay: 4/5

When it comes to gameplay, Juicy Fruits Multihold scores highly with smooth mechanics and engaging special features. As a sequel, it takes the simple fruit slot fun of the original and builds on it with the popular Multihold format.

Right away, the gameplay feels intuitive, with clear betting options from $0.20 up to $250 per spin. The 5x5 reel setup keeps things energetic, especially once you trigger free spins and multiple reel sets unlock. Having up to 4 sets active really livens up the action!

Some highlights are the expanding and roaming wilds during free spins. Watching them grow while collecting diamonds keeps me on the edge of my seat. I also love unlocking new reel sets to ramp up the excitement. The Multihold format infuses the classic fruit slot with modern dynamics.

In terms of improvements, I would've liked to see more features in the base game like random multipliers or bonus triggers. But the gameplay hits the sweet spot during free spins. I rate it 4 stars for its easy learning curve and engaging special features.

Rewards: 3/5

When I play slots, the reward potential is key - and Juicy Fruits Multihold brings some juicy wins to the table. With an RTP of 96.04%, it offers a decent payout for a volatile, high-risk slot. The maximum win of 8,000x your bet is lower than some similar games but still provides a healthy jackpot to chase.

Wins feel evenly balanced, with plenty of small hits from lower-paying fruits keeping you afloat. Then the chance at bigger rewards via expanding wilds or unlocked reel sets firing up the potential. I managed to snag the 800x win in free spins thanks to a huge 5x5 wild symbol.

While the multi-grid setup provides big reward opportunities, I hoped for a higher max win than 8,000x. A perk is the bonus buy feature, letting you jump right into free spins for a chance at the jackpot. Overall, rewards are solid but not mind-blowing, so I give them a 3-star rating.

Originality: 3/5

In terms of originality, Juicy Fruits Multihold delivers a fresh take on a classic fruit slot theme. Blending the original game with the popular Multihold format makes for a sequel that feels familiar yet new. It strikes a nice balance, retaining the charm of Juicy Fruits while expanding the mechanics.

The multi-grid free spins and growing/roaming wilds add a modern twist. These features uphold the energetic spirit of the original while packing in new layers of action. Juicy Fruits Multihold distinguishes itself from other fruit slots by fusing nostalgia with innovation.

That said, I've seen similar expanding wilds and multi-grid setups in other slots before. So in terms of sheer innovation, this game doesn't break ground. But for putting a novel spin on a classic title, I give Juicy Fruits Multihold 3 stars for originality.

Overall: 3.4/5

Taking all factors into account, I give Juicy Fruits Multihold a 4-star overall rating. For players craving a new take on a fruit slot classic, with familiar vibes blended with new bonuses, this game hits the spot. It delivers a polished experience that satisfies on visuals, gameplay and rewards.

As a sequel, Juicy Fruits Multihold expands on the strengths of the original fruit machine slot while injecting fresh energy. The Multihold format amplifies the action, especially during free spins when up to 4 reel sets activate. This keeps gameplay compelling over extended play.

While not revolutionary, Juicy Fruits Multihold provides quality entertainment for fruit slot fans. Its sunny, tropical theme creates an inviting atmosphere to brighten up your day. Overall, it's an enticing sequel that makes you feel pumped to play.

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Juicy Fruits Multihold is the sequel to Pragmatic Play's hit fruit slot, blending retro charm with innovative mechanics for an elevated experience. Here are the key details:

  • 5x5 reel format with up to 50 paylines
  • High volatility with RTP 96.04%
  • Maximum win caps at 8,000x your bet
  • Tropical fruit theme with lemonade vibe
  • Special features include Multihold free spins, expanding/roaming wilds, and bonus buy
  • Retains nostalgia of original fruit slot with a modern twist

The aim is to match 3 or more adjacent symbols on paylines running left to right. Landing wilds can help you hit winning combinations, while hitting scatters triggers the free spins round. This is where the Multihold format comes in, letting you unlock up to 4 reel sets simultaneously for big rewards.

It's easy to get the hang of while bringing something new to a classic genre. I'll dig deeper into the special features and payout potential next. But first, my thoughts on how Juicy Fruits Multihold delivers as a sequel.

My Thoughts Overall

Having played the original Juicy Fruits, I was thrilled to see this popular fruit slot get a sequel. Slots like Starburst and Bonanza have spawned numerous follow-ups, and Juicy Fruits deserves the same. The original brought a modern take on old school fruit machines. Now, the Multihold edition builds on that vibrant foundation while cranking up the excitement.

As a sequel, it stays faithful to the classic fruit theme while innovating through its mechanics. The graphics retain their bright colors and juicy details, now augmented with bubbling lemonade visuals. It's familiar yet feels new. Gameplay also improves, making spins more engaging with multi-sized wilds and the adrenaline rush of Multihold free spins.

At the core, it's comfort food - like a fresh new twist on a childhood favorite. Fans of the first will appreciate the nods to its nostalgia while appreciating the gameplay innovations. As a sequel, I believe Juicy Fruits Multihold succeeds by enhancing what players loved about the original fruit slot experience. It provides a perfect balance between nostalgia and novelty.

My main critique is that the base game feels almost too faithful to the classic Juicy Fruits style. Having only standard wild symbols leaves the main spins feeling dry. I wish they added some modifiers like random multipliers or mini-games to liven things up outside of free spins.

But the second you hit those scatters and Multihold activates, Juicy Fruits Multihold soars to new heights. Watching multiple reel sets unlock with expanding wilds kept me captivated for hours. This is where the sequel concept blossoms, making the free spins highly engaging.

Overall, Juicy Fruits Multihold accomplishes what a sequel should. It retains the heart of the original while pushing innovations to surprise you. Fans will appreciate the dedication to fruit slot roots while newcomers get introduced to a dynamic modern format. I'd absolutely recommend giving this fruity Multihold adventure a spin!

Bonus Features

The bonus features are really the juice and substance of Juicy Fruits Multihold. While the base game relies on classic fruit slot action, the bonuses add layers of excitement. Here I'll break down how the free spins and wilds supply the big thrills.

Multihold Free Spins

The main draw is the Multihold free spins activated by landing 3 or more scatter symbols. Starting with 6 spins, this round adds so much energy through its multi-grid format.

You begin with one 5x5 reel set containing a 1x1 roaming wild that moves after each spin. Collecting additional scatters unlocks more reel sets up to a maximum of 4, each with their own wild. Having multiple reel grids with expanding wilds simultaneously creates huge winning potential.

I love watching the wild symbols grow each time I collected 3 diamonds. Seeing them reach 5x5 size makes the potential payouts juicy. It feels exciting adapting my strategy - do I focus on unlocking new grids or stick to building my wilds? This flexibility keeps free spins engaging even after repeated triggering.

In essence, Multihold takes a classic slot concept to new heights. I'm impressed by how much action is packed into the free spins. The rewards feel massive when you maximize those wilds across 4 sets!

Expanding & Roaming Wilds

Complementing Multihold free spins, the expanding and moving wilds add rewarding dynamics to gameplay. In the base game, wilds appear in random sizes up to 5x5, getting me hyped for their potential.

Things get crazier in free spins when not only do the wilds grow, but also roam across the reels with each spin. Chasing down those diamond scatters to expand wilds becomes addictive. And having them roam makes every outcome feel unexpected.

These wilds really enhance the slot's win potential, especially when fully enlarged. Their behaviors keep spins feeling fresh even when the reels start looking similar across multiple grids. Overall, these wild functions are a highlight that enhances engagement.

Win Potential

A hot topic for any slot reviewer is win potential - what can players realistically expect to cash out? With an RTP of 96.04%, Juicy Fruits Multihold offers decent returns for high volatility. It provides frequent small hits along with big reward opportunities in free spins.

My advice is to approach the base game cautiously, betting minimum if needed to sustain your balance through dry spells. It can take some time to hit the bonus, so patience is key. Conserving funds allows you to bet bigger when Multihold activates.

This is where the magic happens! With 4 fully unlocked sets of reels and maximum expanded wilds in play, I managed wins up to 800x from single spins. This occurred through getting a full 5x5 wild on each grid simultaneously - the stars really aligned!

While the 8,000x max win remained elusive for me, I see its potential if you maximize wilds across grids. My top tips are to bet responsibly, trigger Multihold spins frequently, and build up those wild grids. This is a volatile game but can certainly pay out well!

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