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3.4 out of 5

Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold by Blueprint Gaming
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Last Updated:18 January

Spotlight: Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold
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🍀 Let me start by saying that I'm a huge fan of Irish-themed slots, so the excitement was palpable when I learned about Blueprint Gaming's new addition to their popular Luck O' The Irish series.

🌈 As a seasoned slot reviewer with experience playing hundreds of different games, I always eagerly anticipate new releases, especially from renowned providers like Blueprint.

🎰 After dedicating over 1000 spins to Luck O’ The Irish Go For Gold on both desktop and mobile, I'm all set to share my comprehensive insights on this latest leprechaun-themed escapade! Strap in for a wild ride over the emerald hills and rainbows of Ireland.

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Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Right from the start, I was captivated by the scenic backdrop of the Emerald Isle. Lush green hills stretch toward the horizon as a rainbow arches overhead, enveloping the reels in a wash of color. Little mushrooms and clovers dot the meadows, transporting me straight to the old country.

The reels are framed with intricate Celtic knots, a lovely attention to detail that enhances the Irish vibe. As a experienced slot enthusiast, I appreciate little touches like this that really bring a theme to life.

The mostly generic card suit symbols from 10 to Ace make way for higher paying gems and pots of gold, though I would have liked to see more creative Irish-inspired symbols. Nonetheless, the graphics are polished with vibrant colors that pop against the verdant landscape.

As the soothing harp soundtrack begins, I'm put right at ease, feeling as if tiny magical creatures could pop up from the reels at any moment. The overall production values are superb, fully immersing players in the luck of the Irish!

Sound Effects & Music: 4/5

The gentle plucking of the harp complements the pastoral scenery perfectly, evoking a feeling of tranquility as I spin the reels. Lilting violin melodies pipe up now and then, adding lovely texture to the soundtrack.

When winning combinations land, pleasant chiming sounds ring out along with enthusiastic Irish jigs, elevating the excitement. Big wins really get the juices flowing with a crescendo of celebratory music.

I love how the music builds up the anticipation during the bonus features too. While the soundtrack remains relatively mellow throughout, it suits the friendly Leprechaun theme well. I could have listened to those cheerful tunes for hours!

Maybe some extraIrish vocalizations could have enhanced the atmosphere even more, but overall the sounds here hit all the right notes.

Gameplay: 3/5

With just 10 fixed paylines, the gameplay mechanics are quite straightforward. I didn’t mind the simpler approach, as it allowed me to focus on the features, though more advanced players may find it limiting.

One aspect that sets Luck O’ The Irish Go For Gold apart is that winning combinations don’t necessarily start from the leftmost reel. As long as 3+ matching symbols appear anywhere on adjacent reels, a win is triggered.

This adds a bit more excitement since multiple wins can be hit from just a single spin. I liked being kept on my toes trying to spot the best combos!

The lower paying card symbols appear frequently, leading to lots of smaller wins, while premium symbols like gems and pots of gold show up less often. After getting through the initial flood of tiny payouts at the start, I settled in for the long haul wait for bigger hits.

With no Wilds or Free Spins on offer, the action relies heavily on the Rainbow Feature and Big Money Bonus. Though not the most interactive gameplay, it’s easy to grasp for all players.

Rewards: 3/5

The paytable in Luck O’ The Irish Go For Gold is on the modest side, especially when it comes to the card symbols. Five matching Aces or Kings pay just 20x and 10x for Tens, so don’t expect to get rich quick off the lower wins.

Once the sparkling gems and gold pots start rolling in, the rewards ramp up. I whooped for joy when scoring 30x for emerald green gems and 40x for sapphire blue.

Landing five gleaming gold treasure chests leads to the maximum 500x payout—not a huge jackpot, but still well worth the chase!

Though the base game payouts left me wanting more, the Rainbow Feature and Big Money Bonus is where the real gold lies. I’ll get into more details on those exciting extras later on.

Just make sure to manage your expectations with the base game wins, and keep baiting the Leprechaun for access to those lucrative bonus rounds!

Originality: 3/5

Given the popularity of Irish slots, I wasn’t expecting Luck O’ The Irish Go For Gold to bring much new to the table—and for the most part, it sticks closely to genre conventions.

Pot of gold? Check. Rainbows? You bet. Lucky horseshoes? Of course! Blueprint doesn’t take any major risks here, relying on tried and true Leprechaun lore.

That being said, the unique Rainbow Feature with incremental prize unlocks added a nice twist that kept me engaged. I also liked that wins can hit from any direction.

Though not the most groundbreaking Irish slot I’ve ever played, Luck O’ The Irish Go For Gold still provides a fun, if familiar, trip over the rainbow. The Big Money bonus also kept the experience feeling fresh.

In the end, while I admired the lack of innovation here, I can’t deny I had a whale of a time! For players craving a classic lighthearted Irish slots romp, this rainbow's pot of gold awaits.

Overall: 3.4/5

Bringing everything together, I give Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold a solid 3.4 out of 5 rating. While not Blueprint's most innovative or thrilling title, the rich Irish theme provides an immersive escape with plenty of small rewards. Fans of classic slots will find comfort in the familiar mechanics spiced up just enough to feel fresh.

For players seeking more complexity and excitement, I'd recommend the Megaways or Jackpot King editions of Luck O' The Irish instead. But for a relaxing trip to the Emerald Isle with modest but frequent payouts, Go For Gold hits the spot!

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Developer Blueprint Gaming invites players to test their luck with the Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold online slot. This 5-reel, 3-row slot features 10 fixed paylines and an Irish Luck theme.

With features like the Rainbow Trail and Big Money Bonus, as well as medium volatility, this game offers a classic online slots experience. The minimum/maximum bets sit at £0.10 to £10 per spin.

Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold immerses players in the Emerald Isle with symbols like rainbows, pots of gold, and leprechauns. Matching 3+ consecutive symbols on a payline triggers payouts based on the paytable.

Special Rainbow symbols pay when landing anywhere on adjacent reels. The Mystery symbol transforms into other matching symbols, unlocking the profitable Rainbow Trail and Big Money features.

With a 95.5% RTP, 500x max win potential, and bets suitable for all bankrolls, Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold brings the luck of the Irish online. The graphics evoke a charming retro feel sure to please traditional slots fans.

While not the most innovative, Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold provides an enjoyable classic Irish slots experience complete with features like Big Money spins.

My Thoughts Overall

Having played my fair share of Irish-themed slots over the years, I came into Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold with tempered expectations. This Blueprint Gaming release promised to deliver that nostalgic Irish slots charm many of us know and love.

On the whole, I'd say Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold accomplishes its objectives. The cheerful theme, rainbows aplenty, pots o' gold, Guinness symbols, and jaunty Irish melodies transport you straight to the Emerald Isle.

As a retro Irish slot clearly meant to evoke classics like Rainbow Riches, Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold hits the right notes. The graphics and audio provide just enough varying action to engage without overwhelming.

The gameplay itself, however, left me wanting more. With no free spins, expanding wilds, or unique bonus features, spinning the reels felt unsurprising after a while. Matching symbols and triggering the Rainbow Trail round became repetitive.

I appreciated the Big Money feature for mixing things up, but even that felt a tad stale rather than innovative after multiple occurrences. Overall, the larger gameplay experience beyond the charming theme lacked depth to sustain my interest long-term.

The wins and rewards also skewed modest, with the 500x max payout and 95.5% RTP falling short of slots offering bigger potential. This aligns with the game's low variance goals but limits excitement on the rewards front.

Taking everything into account, Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold ultimately plays out like a re-tread of standard Irish slots I've played dozens of times before. While Blueprint Gaming absolutely nailed the theme and atmosphere, the game mechanics themselves feel dated and repetitive.

I had some fun with it, but can't see this becoming a personal favorite. For total Irish slots nostalgia, Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold should satisfy. But beyond the novelty, it brings too little innovation to the table.

Bonus Features

Two main bonus features bring added excitement to the Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold gameplay. Let's explore how they work.

Rainbow Trail

This feature is unlocked when Mystery symbols appear and reveal hidden Rainbow symbols. If a spin reveals 3 or more Rainbow symbols, players win one of the tiered prizes shown on the game's Rainbow Trail paytable.

The more Rainbow symbols that appear, the bigger the prize:

  • 3 Rainbows - 5X bet
  • 4 Rainbows - 10X bet
  • 5 Rainbows - 15X bet
  • 6 Rainbows - 20X bet
  • 7 Rainbows - 25X bet
  • 8 Rainbows - 50X bet

Notably, 9 Rainbow symbols triggers the major Big Money Bonus. So players always hope to max out the Rainbow Trail.

Big Money Bonus

Hitting 9 or more Rainbow symbols in the base game activates the Big Money Bonus. This takes players to a separate bonus screen displaying a big golden circle.

The outer ring shows four jackpot values: Mini (10X bet), Minor (25X bet), Major (250X bet), and Mega (500X bet). In the middle sit a bunch of clovers.

Players simply click on a clover, which reveals either "Collect" or "Spin." Choosing Spin causes the values on the outer ring to spin round and round before landing on one. That prize is added to your total.

You can keep picking clovers, accumulating prizes with each Spin result, until Collect ends the feature. Collect awards your total win from the round.

Big Money provides anticipation as players amass payouts from the spinning pots. With mega jackpot potential, it's a lucrative bonus!

Win Potential

With a 500x max win, Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold sits firmly in the low stakes category versus high volatility slots that regularly offer 1000-20,000x payouts. Considering this, how does the win potential stack up?

In the base game, the 500x jackpot from a 5 symbol pot of gold hit feels attainable after a dry spell. The bonus features boost prospects further.

In Rainbow Trail, 8 symbols pays 50x. But the 9 symbol Big Money trigger holds the real jackpot possibility, where the 500x Mega jackpot is in sight.

500x in the base game provides decent upside. Big Money's potential to repeatedly award the Mega, Major, or Minor jackpots on multiple spins enhances the ceiling.

Compared to some new slots offering 500,000x wins, Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold's 500x tops seems limited. However, given its retro style and lower variance goals, I found the win potential sufficiently enticing.

The smaller pays from card symbols and gems hit frequently enough to keep momentum going. While not sky-high rewards, Luck O' The Irish Go For Gold delivers payouts aligned with its risk profile.

For a casual low stakes slot designed for easygoing play, the 500x max win and lucrative Big Money jackpot chance give your bankroll a fighting chance. You likely won't get rich spinning these rainbow reels, but some nice little pots of gold should come your way.

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