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4.4 out of 5

Folsom Prison by Nolimit City
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:24 November 2023

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๐Ÿš” Let me welcome you, my dear readers, to my review for Folsom Prison - the latest slot offering from the controversial developers at NoLimit City. As an acclaimed reviewer specializing in evaluating online slots, I have played over 1000 spins of this dark and intense game across both desktop and mobile. Needless to say, I have formed quite a detailed opinion!

๐Ÿ•ต๏ธโ€โ™‚๏ธ Buckle up for what promises to be a wild ride through one of history's most notorious maximum security prisons. NoLimit City is once again pushing boundaries with their choice of theme, but have delivered a uniquely exciting gameplay experience to match. Join me as I break down every facet of this slot in excruciating detail!

๐Ÿ” Before diving into the overview, let me provide my comprehensive ratings across all key categories:

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Transporting players directly into the harsh world of a maximum security prison, Nolimit City absolutely nails the gritty aesthetic with Folsom Prison. Stark concrete walls, rattling steel bars and shadowy watchtowers set the tone, evoking a stark, brooding atmosphere from the outset.

Attention to detail is superb, from the believable prison yard backdrop to the inmates etched on each reel. Shades of brown and grey wash create a suitably bleak, sepia-tinged palette, while occasional spotlights slicing through the gloom add punch. The overall effect screams raw authenticity - this is one world I felt instantly immersed within.

Taking centre stage are five larger-than-life prisoner characters, ranging from 'Fresh Meat' serving 2 years to the notorious 'Shankman' in for multiple homicide. Facial details like Scars and tattoos make each convict burst with personality, while their stories add engaging context.

Matching the edgy visuals is a equally gritty Johnny Cash rock soundtrack. Twanging guitars and southern vocals effortlessly capture Folsom's infamous musical history, ensuring one brutally enjoyable gameplay experience.

Sound Effects & Music: 4/5

Complementing the stark visuals is an equally gritty musical score that builds on Folsom Prison's iconic musical heritage. Echoing Johnny Cash's legendary live performances at the penitentiary, bluesy guitar twangs and southern drawls fill the air for an authentic soundtrack.

The foot-tapping score adds a thrilling energy during base game spins, heightening anticipation for big wins. I often found myself unconsciously nodding along as I watched those lucrative inmate symbols spin!

Once the free spin bonuses kick in, the music launches into punk rock overdrive. Aggressive guitar riffs amp up the drama as cockroaches swarm the now electrified reels, adding a nail-biting excitement to every spin. The climax is exhilarating - I literally sat on the edge of my seat as epic wins unfolded!

Peppering the experience are suitably industrial sound effects, from the metallic clank of cell doors to the organic scuttle of prowling cockroaches. These subtle immersive touches make Folsom Prison an astonishingly well-rounded sensory experience no slots fan should miss!

Gameplay: 5/5

Folsom Prison isn't your average slot, unleashing some of the mostDYNAMIC and volatile gameplay I've experienced in years. While deceptively tame at first glance, scratch beneath the surface to uncover the chaos bubbling within!

You begin with a modest 5 reels across 2 rows, equating to just 16 ways to win. It's slim pickings to start - only the top row of symbols are visible behind bars, demanding big wins come from bonus features. Fortunately there are myriad ways to expand the grid over time.

Central to the action are 'X split' and 'X ways' symbols - landing either dynamically tears open new rows above and below. As the prison walls crack open, up to 46,664 winning ways become possible for monumental payout potential!

Also increasing volatility are the infamous cockroaches - landing a nest symbol fills the reels with these critters, their numbered multipliers combining with symbols to trigger epic wins. I've seen single spins over 2000x bet just from cockroaches alone! They even smash open more positions.

Two free spin features see up to three guaranteed cockroaches per spin, alongside extra reels and ways to win for monumental payouts. My max win during testing was over 15000x bet - high even for a Nolimit City slot!

Ultimately Folsom Prison is wildly unpredictable-and that's exactly why I LOVE it! No two sessions feel alike thanks to expandable ways, multiplying cockroaches and two volatile bonuses. Chaos has never been so fun!

Rewards: 4/5

Despite its modest beginnings, Folsom Prison can erupt with monumental wins given the right symbols and features. My own testing saw payouts into five figures multiple times - a testament to the slot's epic potential.

The base game kings offer theoretical wins up to 2.5x stake for five of a kind - pretty poor by itself, but that all changes once bonus features kick in. Three scatters trigger the eight spin 'Walk the Line' bonus, guaranteeing at least one cockroach to open extra rows and add multipliers up to 10x.

Taking volatility up another notch is the 'Chair Spins' bonus, activated by four base game scatters or an extra scatter mid-feature. This gifts eight spins with THREE sure cockroaches per round alongside more rows for upto 46,664 ways to win. The ensuing payouts can be jawdropping!

My personal best from Chair Spins was a gobsmacking 17800x stake as cockroaches swarmed, though the theoretical maximum stands at an astonishing 75000x bet! Wins in the 1000x plus range felt almost commonplace.

Of course such rewards come at a price - cockroaches may not emerge, and countless dead spins are part and parcel of such a volatile experience. But when Folsom Prison spits out wins, they erupt EPICALLY!

Originality: 5/5

Any slot involving a cockroach infestation as a central bonus feature has originality points in my book! And Nolimit City's execution here is deliciously chaotic.

These creepy crawlies burst open new positions as they skitter randomly across rows, their numbered multipliers combining with symbols passed for monumental wins. Seeing five cockroaches at once, each multiplying pays tenfold, is a particular rush!

The provider also succeeds at building on pre-existing features like X split and X ways with aplomb. Dynamically opening extra rows and ways during base gameplay enhances an already volatile experience tremendously.

Pair the expanding possibilities with atmosphere and audio perfectly capturing Folsom's bleak, rock-centric history, and you have a recipe for one thrillingly original slot. I've played hundreds of games in my time but NONE deliver the wildcard volatile fun of cockroach-infested Folsom Prison!

Overall: 4.4/5

From its authentic visuals to rocking Johnny Cash soundtrack, Folsom Prison is one masterfully-crafted slot experience. Nolimit City's signature volatility blends perfectly with the rugged prison ambience for a session that's equally chilling and exhilarating.

Some slots promise big wins yet rarely deliver - but not here. The expanding ways and multiplying cockroaches transform gameplay into something wildly unpredictable. Small stakes can erupt into five-figure payouts within seconds!

Of course, I'd caution casual players about the extreme variance at play here - spins can whip from thousand-times multipliers to dozens of blanks in minutes. But for volatility fans seeking white knuckle, heart-in-mouth entertainment, Folsom Prison is ELITE.

Nolimit City has another smash hit with this release - I'll happily serve time on those electrifying reels any day! Brutal, big wins guaranteed.

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As outlined earlier, Folsom Prison has one of the most genius slot layouts I've encountered, transforming from a measly 16 ways to win on a 2x4x4x4x2 playing field, right up to a mammoth 46,664 ways on an expanded 4x6x6x6x4 grid.

With wins formed from left to right on consecutive reels, the maths involved in calculating payouts are mind-boggling. There's almost a sense of strategic depth as you gradually open up new ways to win with each spin.

Of course, much of this growth hinges on whether the notorious Folsom Prison scatters land - but expanding wilds, xWays transforms and xSplit row doublers all help clear those frustratingly locked positions too.

In terms of bet variety, I was surprised not to see even higher limits imposed by Nolimit City given their penchant for courting high rollers. The entry point of $0.20 per spin seems reasonable, but the $120 ceiling feels curiously low for such a volatile speciality release.

Perhaps this was a wise move though to enable more players to experience the slot's charms without fear of instant bankruptcy! Those still seeking the vicarious thrills of high rolling can make use of the yellow Nolimit Bonus feature to buy-in to Free Spins for eye-watering stakes up to $1,500!

My Thoughts Overall

Taking into account Folsom Prison's abundance of ingenious features complemented by seriously impressive artwork, I have to say Nolimit City might be somewhat underpricing this premium slot experience.

When compared to Playtech's famous Buffalo Blitz slot for instance (which shares a similarly sophisticated expanding symbol mechanic), I don't believe the rewards or overall entertainment value match up despite commanding twice the max bet rate.

Overall though, I'm overwhelmingly thrilled to welcome Folsom Prison into my own private hall of fame collection. It's one of very few modern slots that still quickens my pulse after so many years down in the gaming mines.

My biggest criticism beyond the steep financial demands would be the demoralising dead spins that frequently shatter hopes of even partially covering bet costs in the base game. Such painfully inactive rounds almost feel like an unnecessary kick in the nuts.

Cracking Folsom Prison's high-tech security takes incredible patience and a seasoned slot professional's discipline - but for those of us willing to endure the gut wrenching lows for a shot at glory, I couldn't recommend this unique slot more highly. Just go easy with the bet sizing!

Bonus Features

Much like a maximum security prison housing deranged felons, one never knows exactly when volatility will erupt at Folsom Prison. But numerous bonuses and special symbols exponentially increase chances for chaotic wins to drop at anytime. Let's explore why these features make Folsom Prison less restricting than it first appears.

Walk the Line Free Spins

Landing 3 scatters initiates 8 Walk the Line spins, my personal favorite bonus. The reels transition to a 2-4-4-4-2 formation, already providing a taste of freedom. Even better, at least 1 lucrative cockroach now lurks on every spin, wandering the grid while delivering delicious multipliers up to 10x whenever it scampers over symbols. Wins don't happen frequently here but when they do, four digit payouts feel commonplace. Just pray the cockroach multiplier tags along for the ride.

The Chair Free Spins

Reserved only for those lucky enough to land 4 base game scatters, The Chair bonus also awards 8 treasured spins. But the 4-4-4-4-4 reel layout offers even greater potential with over 40,000 ways to win. And this time, a minimum of 3 troublesome cockroaches invade the grid, frantically increasing prizes via their multipliers. The Chair delivers less regularly than Walk the Line but easily outpaces it regarding top payouts, making for a wonderful volatile treat.

Cockroach Multipliers

Speaking of cockroaches, no discussion of Folsom Prison bonuses would feel complete without highlighting these signature insects. While revulsion typically accompanies cockroaches, their presence here signals big wins on the horizon. By wandering over symbols, they can increase payouts substantially when added alongside winning combinations. Yet their random movement also introduces brutal near misses when no matches align. It's a frustrating but perfectly implemented risk-reward dynamic that I've come to adore. Just brace for plenty variance each time these tiny critters arrive.


Folsom Prison carries over the popular xWays mechanic that transforms into additional matching symbols while increasing paylines. It's inclusion adds another layer of win expansion so desperately needed when reels first lock tight. One minor complaint though: I noticed xWays landed frequently yet mostly sat idle lacking matches early on. But as grids widen over time, it comes alive boosting rewards. Persistence pays with xWays.


Much rarer yet equally game-changing, xSplit sliced symbols double all rows they land on while morphing into twin wilds themselves. Like divine Providence intervening, I'll never forget an xSplit appearing late during the Walk the Line round, cutting symbols in two just as that rewarding cockroach skittered by. The resulting win nearly met the max payout threshold at over $70,000. xSplit may not appear often but remains indispensable for fracturing big wins.

Win Potential

I hinted earlier at the gobsmacking 75,000x top prize able to be won per spin in Folsom Prison. For clarity, that equates to a staggering $9 million maximum payout when playing at the $120 max bet.

As always with Nolimit City slots packed with event after event, wins across the spectrum hit moderately often, but those screen-filling multipliers are what you stay alive for.

My own two top wins clocked in at awesome figures of $112k and $142k - both triggering the legendary Meet Your Maker bonus round for max bet spinners. Suffice to say, I was glued to the repeat action for days after!

Realistically, the lucrative element of Folsom Prison lies in the Free Spins rounds (predominantly The Chair event with its boosted starting ways). Triggering this roughly once every 450 spins in the base game, regular bonus hunters have their work cut out to profit over the long run.

In summary, whilst I can't guarantee life-changing sums of money by any means, those willing to stick out Folsom Prison's moody fluctuations for long enough can absolutely clean house when that elusive full screen jackpot lands.

Just prepare for mentally exhausting passages of play when the reels stone cold refuse to connect!

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