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4.6 out of 5

Kiss My Chainsaw by Nolimit City
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:27 November 2023

Spotlight: Kiss My Chainsaw
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๐ŸŒƒ Let me start by saying that I have been eagerly anticipating the release of Nolimit City's latest shockingly brutal slot, Kiss My Chainsaw, ever since I first caught wind of it a few months ago. As a long-time fan of Nolimit City slots, which have gained quite the notorious reputation for their boundary-pushing themes, I just knew this one was going to be something special. And let me tell you, after playing this game extensively over the past week, putting it through its paces with well over 1000 spins across desktop and mobile, it absolutely lives up to the hype in true Nolimit City fashion!

๐ŸŽข Kiss My Chainsaw throws players straight into the deep end right from the get-go, immersing them in a twisted tale of two hapless hitchhikers who unwittingly accept a ride from the wrong man. Chainsaw Larry is his name, and murder is his game. Cue the revving chainsaw engine and screams piercing through the night air! It's a premise that oozes pure dread, and Nolimit City has crafted a suitably tense atmosphere both sonically and visually to match.

๐Ÿš— Set at nightfall just outside of a small dive bar, the 5x4 grid depicts the hitchhikers' point of view as they climb into Larry's car. The reels are framed by the vehicle's rear windshield, complete with that iconic "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" text across the top, warning of impending doom. Which, of course, is exactly what's about to go down once Larry peels out onto that deserted stretch of Route 66.

๐ŸŒŒ It's a fantastically thematic presentation that had me utterly gripped from the outset. And Kiss My Chainsaw only continues upping the ante as you unlock its plethora of unique bonus features. So strap in tight because you're in for one brutally thrilling ride with this slot!

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 5/5

I'm awarding Kiss My Chainsaw a perfect score for its graphics and theme execution. Nolimit City have crafted a visually stunning slot that fully commits to its unsettling road trip premise.

Every element from the blood-soaked title font to the detailed murder weapons and creepy characters help build a macabre atmosphere. Little touches like flickering neon bar signs and dilapidated desert landmarks in the background further reinforce this game's twisted personality.

The standout imagery comes from Kiss My Chainsaw's lavish symbol graphics. Gruesome depictions of victims mid-murder contrast beautifully against item symbols like lighters and license plates. I also admire the special attention given to Chainsaw Larry himself between his detailed character portrait and menacing masked appearance.

It's clear Nolimit City's graphical team had a blast bringing this murderous slot theme to life. Kiss My Chainsaw looks fantastic on all devices, oozing dedication towards its shock value aesthetic. Players will instantly feel transported aboard Larry's sinister road trip thanks to top-notch art direction across the board.

Sound Effects & Music: 5/5

Matching its visual impact beat for beat is Kiss My Chainsaw's stellar audio presentation. The background soundtrack expertly helps build tension with its haunting mix of 80's synths, ghostly voices and reverbed guitar licks. It's the perfect unsettling vibe befitting Larry's creeping machinations.

Things get especially horrific when mid-game events kick off. Chainsaw slashes punctuate big wins with visceral intensity while short lyrical hooks remind that "Kiss my chainsaw!" at critical moments. High-pitched screams and unnerving laughter also feature when victims meet their brutal demise.

These layered, context-sensitive audio elements hugely boost Kiss My Chainsaw's entertainment factor by reacting dynamically to events like avalanches or bonus triggers. It makes every tumbling win and deadly feature activation resonate loudly, keeping your senses locked in the experience. Huge praise goes to Nolimit City's always exceptional sound design team here.

Gameplay: 4/5

Despite seeming complex at first glance, I'm happy to report Kiss My Chainsaw's actual gameplay flows wonderfully with some learning. Structuring features around easily understood concepts like scatter symbol placement makes their triggering conditions very intuitive over time.

The base game Tumbling Reels form an ideal core mechanic for volatility too. Kiss My Chainsaw wastes no time ramping up limitations to increase payout tension in the form of extra reel rows, special reels etc. But you're drip-fed these upgrades at an easily digestible pace rather than all at once. Before long, everything clicks together masterfully.

Bonus features help spice up gameplay immensely as well once unlocked. I found charging up multipliers or landing Free Spin triggers extremely rewarding despite their rarity. And kissing enough Scatters to enable Chainsaw Larry's reign of terror felt like an earned jackpot itself!

With fantastic synergy between its volatile tumblers and wealth of bonus features, Kiss My Chainsaw absolutely delivers on addictive, rewarding gameplay.

Rewards: 4/5

My main criticism for Kiss My Chainsaw lies within its limited Bonus Buy availability hampering rewards for some regions. But that shouldn't overshadow its incredible 10,900x maximum payout ceiling, even if reaching it defies likelihood.

Tumbling Reels help generate smaller yet exciting rewards constantly, while mid-tier jackpots definitely lurk behind bonuses like Charged Wilds or the ample free spins. And should Larry grace players with his lucrative Chainsaw Spins, four and five-figure totals become realistic possibilities. That's pretty outstanding value given the feature's volatility!

Make no mistake - Kiss My Chainsaw allows for immense short-term variance across its payout spectrum. But given enough spins, six and seven-figure balances absolutely lie within reach of lucky veterans. Just bring plenty of spins and budgeting sensibilities!

Originality: 5/5

This category is a real no-brainer. Nolimit City slots define themselves through sheer originality across themes and features, with Kiss My Chainsaw proudly carrying that torch.

A serial killer hunting hitchhikers with a chainsaw unambiguously checks the "twisted premise" box! Pair that with unique gameplay hooks like exploding Charged Wilds or the mayhem-inducing Burnout mechanic and Kiss My Chainsaw brings serious innovation to the slots table.

And that's before considering how creatively features intermingle here. Tying Chainsaw Spins upgrades to careful Scatter placement makes triggering Larry's reign of terror immensely satisfying. It incentivizes understanding core mechanics rather than relying solely on chance too.

Simply put, no other slot dares marrying such deviously original ideas together as well as Kiss My Chainsaw does. Nolimit City deserves kudos for continually pushing boundaries other providers only dream about.

Overall: 4.6/5

Taking everything into account across graphics, sound, gameplay, rewards and innovation, I'm extremely pleased to rate Kiss My Chainsaw a 4.6 overall. This slot knocks most judging criteria out of the park.

Nolimit City absolutely lives up to their wild reputation with Kiss My Chainsaw's shocking serial killer premise and exceptional execution. Its fantastic presentation and rewarding volatility provide one of the most polished and entertaining online slot experiences in recent memory.

That said, be prepared to weather intense dry spells even across hundreds of spins due to the astronomical math driving this game's peak rewards and features. Having ample bankroll and wager sensibility is essential.

But that's ultimately a reasonable trade-off enabling Kiss My Chainsaw's insane 10,900x payout ceiling. When everything aligns perfectly, this slot delivers heart-stopping euphoria only Nolimit City could engineer. It's a magnificent rollercoaster.

Veterans wanting to walk on the unconventional side will fall head over heels for Kiss My Chainsaw. This is slots entertainment at its most depraved - exactly how Nolimit City likes it! Neophytes should sample its free play mode first to gauge volatility tolerance.

In closing, Kiss My Chainsaw receives my highest overall recommendation despite its brutality. This blood-soaked slot proudly waves Nolimit City's banner for controversy and boundary-pushing features, deserving a place in every high stakes spinner's roster. Just mind the RTP!

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Kiss My Chainsaw takes place outside a lone bar on a quiet summer night. Two young hitchhikers hoping for a ride home have unluckily stumbled upon Chainsaw Larry - a ruthless killer who loves nothing more than the smell of fear and fuel from his favorite weapon.

With this disturbing premise established, the 5 reel, 4 row base game springs to life. The 10 main symbols depict items from the girls' backpacks like lighters and tools, route 66 signs, the ladies themselves and finally Chainsaw Larry as the top-paying symbol.

Gameplay in Kiss My Chainsaw centers around Tumbling Reels, where winning combinations explode to make room for new symbols falling in from above. This chain reaction continues for as long as you keep landing wins, ramping up the excitement substantially.

Helping create more paylines are the three Wild symbols - regular Wilds, explosive Charged Wilds and the jumping Chainsaw Larry Wild exclusive to the free spins. When not substituting symbols, these wildcards have their own multipliers and effects to chase.

Also valuable are the Scatter symbols, which unlock free spins and other bonuses depending on where they land. Scatters are key to activating Kiss My Chainsaw's suite of exhilarating bonus features.

With explosive gameplay covered, let's move onto the insane 10,900x top prize on offer to the most daring spinners.

My Thoughts Overall

Kiss My Chainsaw had my heart racing from the very first spin with its disturbing horror premise. As a keen slots fan, I live for games that grab your attention and don't let go - and Kiss My Chainsaw delivers that in spades.

Nolimit City have crafted yet another slot that throws conformity out the window, eagerly courting controversy with deliciously dark themes and graphics. The detailed symbols and blood-soaked art perfectly set the tone for gruesome gameplay ahead.

And gruesome it is - volatile Tumbling Reels detonate with satisfying intensity, while scattered Wilds and bonus triggers will have you biting your nails in anticipation. Despite some initial confusion around the many features, Kiss My Chainsaw soon reveals itself as a surprisingly straightforward but no less engaging experience.

Of course, being a Nolimit City release, you can expect some shocking moments along the way as well. The sight of Chainsaw Larry brutally murdering victims or the girls turning the tables with a bloodied croquet mallet add trademark shock value to the experience. Some spins left my jaw on the floor!

With insane gameplay covered, Kiss My Chainsaw also boasts some equally crazy payout potential thanks to features like Charged Wilds and the lucrative Chainsaw Larry Spins. 10,900x top wins don't come around often, but Kiss My Chainsaw provides multiple avenues to snag that elusive jackpot.

Across over 1000 spins on desktop and mobile, Kiss My Chainsaw had me constantly impressed with its presentation, rewarding tumbling reels and suite of standout bonus features. This is slots entertainment at its most depraved - exactly how Nolimit City likes it!

Bonus Features

Kiss My Chainsaw comes packed with explosive bonus features across both its base game and free spins. From scattered Wilds to screen-clearing mayhem, there's never a dull moment when spinning these volatile reels. Let's take a closer look at what makes this slot so darn exciting:

Tumbling Reels

The fundamental gameplay hook behind Kiss My Chainsaw lies in its Tumbling Reel mechanic. Whenever you land a winning combination, the constituent symbols explode and disappear while the remaining icons cascade down to fill the gaps.

This chain reaction continues for as long as new winners keep forming, ramping up the excitement substantially when you trigger multiple avalanches in a single spin. With some luck, Tumbling Reels can easily multiply small hits into chunky payouts!

Wild Symbols

Kiss My Chainsaw contains three types of substituting Wilds that each bring their own benefits to your spins. Regular Wilds simply substitute other symbols to help create wins, while the special varieties add multipliers and more.

For starters, watch out for the red Gas Can Wilds marked 'Charged'. These combustible icons hide a multiplier value that doubles after every Tumbler Reel avalanche they participate in. These Charged Wilds will continue upgrading payouts until their gas tank reaches zero.

Saving the best for last is the Chainsaw Larry Wild, which only appears during the coveted Chainsaw Larry Spins mode in free spins. This unique wildcard leaps between reel positions on every tumble, leaving regular Wilds behind. We'll explore this exciting feature more below!

Scatter Symbols

Landing Scatter symbols is the key to unlocking most bonuses in Kiss My Chainsaw. Depending on where they land, Scatters can award free spins, trigger explosive reactions or enable lucrative mini-games for big wins.

For starters, two Scatters landing on the same reel strip will immediately activate the Burnout feature. Burnout clears the entire grid of all symbols, including the Scatters themselves, in a fiery detonation so new icons can tumble down.

Even more valuable are three Scatters landing anywhere on the reels. If they land on different rows, The Ride bonus begins. Match them to the same row instead and you'll trigger the superior Last Ride free spins!

Free Spins Features

Kiss My Chainsaw contains not one but three fantastic free spins modes for spinners lucky enough to scatter enough Scatters. Let's break them down:

The Ride

Triggered by landing three Scatters across different rows, The Ride awards eight free spins with extra volatility thanks to a expanded 5x5 game board.

Tumbling Reels become even more explosive here as Charged Wild multipliers now reach up to 4x. Two more Scatters also grant additional spins alongside the Burnout mini-game.

Best of all, filling the screen with three Scatters during the mode activates the coveted Chainsaw Larry Spins!

The Last Ride

A guaranteedScatter on the fifth reel is the main attraction of The Last Ride mode, making Chainsaw Larry Spins much easier to enable across nine free spins.

Apart from its extra scatter, Last Ride shares the same volatility upgrades and scatter-dependent bonuses as The Ride. This small change however means substantially bigger payout potential.

Chainsaw Larry Spins

The star attraction across Kiss My Chainsaw's trio of free spin features. Trigger it by landing three Scatters during The Ride or Last Ride modes for even more intense gameplay.

An additional bonus reel joins the 5x5 board, containing three special enhancers - Lucky Feet, Smiley Face and 2X Split symbols. These powerups activate when the leaping Chainsaw Larry Wild lands on their respective row.

Lucky Feet flung Larry to a new position, leaving Wilds behind. Smiley Face provides instant +1 extra free spins. Finally, 2X Split doubles all symbol payout values and multipliers between itself and Larry!

With so much extra volatility crammed in, Chainsaw Larry Spins is easily the most lucrative way to experience Kiss My Chainsaw's free spins. Three Scatters together pack a real punch!

Bonus Buy

(Only available in select regions)

Impatient spinners can optionally purchase direct entry into either the Ride or Last Ride bonuses via Kiss My Chainsaw's Bonus Buy feature.

There are three bundles available - 66x for The Ride, 155x for The Last Ride or a 111x mystery pick between both modes. Each Bonus Buy defaults to the player's currently selected bet value.

While pricier than triggering them normally, Bonus Buys let you cherry pick the most lucrative free spins modes minus the wait. Just be prepared to pay a premium in exchange!

Win Potential

Across its suite of features and 10 full sets of symbols, Kiss My Chainsaw offers tremendous payout potential even within its volatility. Let's discuss the key winning elements that can blast your balance to stratospheric levels:

10,900x Maximum Win

The chief reward chasing spinners will be gunning for is Kiss My Chainsaw's whopping five-figure maximum payout - 10,900 times your total wager!

At max stakes, you could conceivably walk away with life-changing six-figure sums from just one lucky spin. Now that's an exponentially better return on investment over actual chainsaws!

Reaching this mega payout does however have a very slim 0.00001% chance of occurring. But hey - one can always dream big while spinning these volatile reels!

Tumbling Reels

Kiss My Chainsaw's Tumbling Reels provide smaller but far more frequent payouts, rapidly accumulating wins through its chain reaction mechanic.

Given enough cascading luck, a single losing spin can transform into 20+ consecutive winning avalanches scoring dozens of times your bet amount. It may not reach five figures, but Tumblers generate thrilling payout potential.

Charged Multipliers

Another excellent volatility tool lies within Kiss My Chainsaw's red Charged Wilds. These gas can symbols hide an internal multiplier value that doubles after every new avalanche, provided the Wild keeps substituting in combinations.

I've seen some epic hits created when a fully "Charged" 4X multiplier gets paired with premium Lady symbols or Chainsaw Larry himself. One such combo easily exceeded 600X my total stake!

Chainsaw Larry Spins

Lastly, the coveted Chainsaw Larry free spins mode serves as the ultimate jackpot hunting grounds in Kiss My Chainsaw.

With Larry leaping around granting enhancers like 2X Splits and extra spins, the ceiling for possible payouts reaches astronomical levels. It may be volatile getting here, but once triggered, Chainsaw Larry Spins take no prisoners!

Between its many features and symbols, Kiss My Chainsaw offers tremendous upside potential despite its volatility woes. Persistence and smart betting easily pays off for slots veterans willing to weather the dry spells. Just make sure your bankroll is topped up!

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