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Sweet Alchemy 2 by Play'n GO
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Last Updated:21 November 2023

Spotlight: Sweet Alchemy 2

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🍬 As a slot reviewer who has played hundreds of different games over the years, I always get excited when a sequel to a classic slot gets released. The original Sweet Alchemy was a hugely popular game that captivated players with its delicious candy theme and innovative cascading wins mechanic. Naturally, when Play’n GO announced they were creating Sweet Alchemy 2, my interest was immediately piqued. I couldn’t wait to dive back into the sweet and vibrant world of everyone’s favorite alchemist witch and sample her latest batch of sugary creations.

🧙‍♀️ After playing over 1000 spins across desktop and mobile, I’m ready to deliver my final verdict on whether Sweet Alchemy 2 builds successfully on the foundations of the original, or if it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Keep reading for my in-depth review!

Raiting by Casino.band

Graphics and Theme: 5/5

Sweet Alchemy 2 retains the unique visual style and candy theme that made the original so memorable. The moment you load up the game, you are greeted by the smiling face of the titular alchemist witch floating next to a 5x5 grid framed by chocolate blocks. The backdrops showcase lush fantasy landscapes dotted with lollipop trees and a towering gingerbread castle. It’s the epitome of candy-coated cuteness.

As far as the symbols go, Play’n GO has created a mouthwatering assortment of colorful sweets like jelly beans, gumdrops and striped mints. Two types of wilds also make an appearance: Gobstoppers that stay sticky for 5 spins and striped candies that clear entire rows and columns when part of a win. The art is as delicious as always with smooth animations to match. No changes were needed here - it’s candy land perfection!

Sound Effects & Music: 4/5

In the audio department, Sweet Alchemy 2 brings back the same playful melodies and magical chimes from the first game. The tunes evoke a whimsical charm that fits the theme nicely. My only gripe is with the vocalizations from the alchemist herself. While some may find her occasional words of encouragement charming, I felt they were too repetitive and distracting over many spins.

Thankfully, the option to mute game sounds is readily available which resolves that minor issue. Overall, the audio works great at reinforcing the lighthearted candy aesthetic but has room for improvement with the vocal elements.

Gameplay: 5/5

This is where Sweet Alchemy 2 really shines. The developers took the already successful cascading wins grid format of the original and added some clever new mechanics to keep gameplay feeling fresh. The 5x5 grid still operates on the same principle - land 4 matching symbols in a cluster for a payout. But the squares on the edges now take the form of breakable chocolate blocks.

Each winning cascade destroys chocolate pieces equal to the number of symbols in the combo. This gradually expands the playing area up to an enormous 9x9 grid, allowing even more symbol-dropping action. Two sizes of mega symbol can also land during the free spins feature to make big wins easier to hit. Combine all of that with two types of wilds assisting pays, and Sweet Alchemy 2 becomes a cascading cornucopia of delicious wins!

Rewards: 4/5

Sweet Alchemy 2 comes with a max win of 10,000x your bet which is a huge increase over the original’s 300x max payout. Plus with an RTP of 96.2%, the odds of walking away with tasty prizes are quite favorable. That said, my playthroughs indicated this sequel has shifted into a medium/high volatility range. Compared to the first game’s low variance, big wins here feel a bit less frequent on average.

Massive payouts are still possible though, especially if you utilize the free spins and bonus wheel features optimally. Given the enticing max win increase, the volatility jump is an acceptable trade-off. Just be sure to adjust your bet sizes accordingly andfreespins bonus online slots you’ll reap sweet rewards!

Originality: 5/5

As a sequel, Sweet Alchemy 2 was always going to share the same core grid format and aesthetic style as its predecessor. Yet impressively, Play’n GO injected enough fresh ideas like the chocolate grid expansion and two mega symbol sizes to make this game stand fully on its own. It retains what worked while meaningfully building upon existing features to create an experience that looks and feels wholly new.

Developing a worthy sequel that creatively iterates on a beloved original slot is always a tall order. In the case of Sweet Alchemy 2, I believe Play’n GO nailed it. This title retains connections to the first game for familiarity while evolving the gameplay to offer returning players something surprising and different. That’s how you craft a proper sequel!

Overall: 4.6/5

When the final ratings are tallied, Sweet Alchemy 2 earns an outstanding overall score of 4.8 stars out of 5. This sequel stays true to the beloved candy aesthetic of the original slot while introducing clever and exciting new mechanics. Chocolate block destruction and mega symbol drops during free spins makes cascading wins even more explosive and rewarding.

A visual treat with smooth animations and expanded payout potential - what's not to love? Play’n GO could have rested on their laurels but instead upped the ante to concoct a worthy, feature-packed sequel brimming with magical potential. Sweet Alchemy fans rejoice!

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Expanding on the intro, the original Sweet Alchemy game first debuted back in 2018 and immediately carved out a niche in the competitive online slots market thanks to its unique candy theme and cascading grid format. Players adored the cute art style and lighthearted charm. Now, 5 years later, Swedish developers Play’n GO have finally unveiled Sweet Alchemy 2 to eagerly awaiting fans worldwide.

This anticipated sequel retains the bubblegum pink color scheme and smiling alchemist witch from before but renovates the 5x5 grid layout into a dynamic field of chocolate blocks that steadily crumble away with each successive win. New mega symbols further sweeten the deal during free spins, along with a bonus wheel offering juicy win multipliers.

Everything you loved about the first game is still here; Play’n GO has effectively taken that proven foundation and iterated onto it in playful ways. After over 1000 spins testing Sweet Alchemy 2 extensively on desktop and mobile, only one question remains - is the magic still there? Let’s dive deeper into the features.

My Thoughts Overall

Having experienced so many slot sequels that completely botch what made their predecessors special, Sweet Alchemy 2 is a rare treat that gets everything right. Before I delved into the nitty-gritty with my marathon play sessions, I did wonder if Play’n GO might struggle improving on such a solid original formula. Boy was I wrong!

Sweet Alchemy 2 enhances gameplay in smart ways while retaining that moreish cascades format. Watching each consecutive win blast away more of those pesky chocolate blocks until massive mega symbols swarmed the giant 9x9 grid brought me legitimate joy. Plus the potential win multiplier advantage on bonus spins makes freebies all the more enticing.

By cranking up the max payout to 10,000x and peppering in new elements around a familiar backdrop, Play’n GO has crafted a stellar sequel here that lives up to the standards set by an already beloved slot. The enhancements feel meaningful rather than tacked on; evolution instead of revolution. This is how you update a modern classic for the better!

Bonus Features

The bonus features available in Sweet Alchemy 2 will be immediately recognizable to fans of the first game albeit with a delicious new twist. Rather than relying on scatters, the main draw here is once again the free spins round, with some tantalizing additions:

Free Spins

  • Triggered by clearing all chocolate blocks, awarding 4 initial spins
  • 2x2 mega symbols added during feature
  • Clear blocks again for 4 more spins and 3x3 mega symbols
  • Clear final time for last 4 spins and massive 4x4 symbols
  • Up to 12 spins total

Bonus Wheel

  • Collect enough symbols in free spins to fill potion meter
  • Each potion awards spin(s) on the bonus prize wheel
  • Wheel contains multipliers from 25x down to 2x
  • All wheel prizes multiply total free spins payout!

The way those chocolate blocks frame the play area adds extra significance to triggering free spins now. I really enjoyed having that secondary goal of trying blast open as much grid space as possible alongside the usual symbol matches. It made every little win cascade feel important, not just the big combos.

When the alchemist's potion meter did eventually fill up after a long grind, spinning the color-coded prize wheel brought palpable anticipation. I could see that lustrous 25x multiplier segment glittering as the needle swung around...let it land!! Even a smaller 5x or 10x hit nicely multiplied those free spins earnings.

Overall the bonus offerings here retain the most enjoyable elements of the original game while expanding functionality. I’m still chasing that elusive max win jackpot - maybe 15 more minutes!

Win Potential

Boasting an RTP rate of 96.2%, the odds of walking away from Sweet Alchemy 2 with bulging coin bags is quite favorable. And with a maximum possible payout of 10,000x your stake now in the mix, the ceiling on earnings potential has risen markedly. Of course with bigger rewards in play this sequel shifts into a medium/high volatility gear so patience and bankroll management becomes key.

Given the chance to drop four and even nine identical mega symbols on an actively cascading grid, I can absolutely seelucky players hitting that lucrative 10K max win ceiling. You’ll likely need the bonus wheel multipliers activated to really soar into the stratosphere however. My own Sweet Alchemy 2 play sessions produced results hovering around 110-125x spins for the most part.

When you do manage to trigger those crucial free spins and clear away enough grid space for huge matching combos, this sequel can flood your account balance with hefty winnings. It just may take enduring some dry spells to assemble all the sweet ingredients. Think carefully about bet limits and brace for variance spikes!

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