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Drop ‘Em by Hacksaw Gaming
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:6 February

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🌈 Welcome readers! Maria White here, your trusted slot expert. Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the new Drop 'Em slot from Hacksaw Gaming after playing over 1000 spins across desktop and mobile.

🎰 As a seasoned slot reviewer, I know it takes time and dedication to fully experience a slot machine. Through my 1000+ spins on Drop 'Em, I've been able to immerse myself in the game's world and intricacies. Join me now as I break down this exciting new slot in exquisite detail!

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Graphics and Theme: 4/5

The moment I loaded up Drop 'Em, I found myself transported into a charming cartoon world. The reels are set against a backdrop of lush green hills and clear blue skies. Dancing around are the adorable animal duo of Canny the Can and Mona the Mouse, who inject the game with a playful atmosphere.

While the graphics have a basic, blocky style, I love how every symbol ties into the outdoorsy theme. From the leaf and crow symbols to the wooden card suit blocks, the attention to detail is apparent. Hacksaw Gaming did a fantastic job bringing Drop 'Em's woodland theme to life through crisp, colorful visuals.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

The audio elements match the lighthearted vibe of the graphics. Playful piano notes skip along in the background, accompanied by the occasional chime when you spin or hit a win.

I particularly appreciate how the sounds react to the action on screen. When a Drop symbol triggers, an ascending sound plays as symbols drop from the grid. It's details like this that make the experience feel truly immersive.

While pleasant, the music loops quickly so can become repetitive during long sessions. More variety in the soundtrack could enhance the experience. Overall though, the sounds bolster the gameplay without being intrusive.

Gameplay: 5/5

In terms of gameplay, Drop 'Em brings something fresh to the slots universe. The star of the show is the innovative Drop feature. When a Drop symbol lands, it clears out all symbols beneath it, allowing new symbols to fall into place for potentially huge wins.

This mechanic leads to fast-paced, engaging spins. I also love the three distinct free spins modes that alter the rules and ramp up the excitement. Plus, with the unique 6 row playing field, each turn feels dynamic as symbols cascade down the tall reels.

Aside from the creative Drop concept, the gameplay remains straightforward. Thanks to the clean graphics and easy-to-understand symbol payouts, I could dive right in and enjoy this slot within seconds. The intuitive gameplay makes Drop 'Em fun for all.

Rewards: 4/5

With a max win of 10,000x your bet, the rewards on Drop 'Em have huge potential. Even on lower stakes, I frequently scored wins in the 30-50x range.

However, variance is high so don't expect frequent small payouts. You may experience long dry spells before that massive Drop symbol-fueled win strikes. Extended losing runs can drain your bankroll if you're not careful.

Thankfully, the free spins modes seem to hit more frequently than average. When you trigger the upgraded High or Wild free spins, the big wins really start flowing. Overall, Drop 'Em's high volatility pays off nicely if you have patience.

Originality: 5/5

This is by far the most unique and innovative Hacksaw Gaming slot I've played. The Drop symbol mechanic adds a clever new element that keeps the action intense.

Seeing the symbols slide down the tall reels after each Drop symbol is extremely satisfying. This novel concept alone makes Drop 'Em feel entirely fresh.

On top of that, the three tiered free spins modes provide plenty of variety each session. Extra points go to Hacksaw for ditching standard paylines in favor of the hefty 7,776 ways to win. Everything about this release feels new and inspired!

Overall: 4.2/5

With its charming woodland characters, smooth gameplay, and distinct Drop mechanic, Drop 'Em is bound to be a hit. This exciting game keeps you engaged spin after spin thanks to the cascading symbols and free spins bonuses. Though high variance, the huge max win potential is enticing. I lost track of time while conquering the reels in hopes of that elusive 10,000x jackpot!

After extensive time with this game across all platforms, I happily rate Drop 'Em 4.2 out of 5 stars overall. Hacksaw Gaming has crafted a top-tier online slot that players across the spectrum are sure to enjoy. The inventive features add a thrilling new dimension to slots. I can't recommend Drop 'Em enough!

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As you can see from my high ratings, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Drop 'Em. This slot has everything I look for in top-quality entertainment: appealing graphics, great sounds, rewarding gameplay, and innovative bonus features.

Hacksaw Gaming's attention to detail shines through, from the animations of Canny and Mona to the wooden block symbols that tie into the theme. I always appreciate slots that transport me into a different world, and the lush forest setting is an immersive backdrop for all the action.

Of course, looks and sounds only go so far if the gameplay doesn't deliver. Thankfully, Drop 'Em excels here with its cascading Drop mechanic that kept me on the edge of my seat. I love when slots deviate from stale, typical formats, and the 5x6 reel grid provides a nice change of pace while amping up the excitement.

The bonuses add flair, especially the Free Spins features. I'm impressed by the creativity that went into making each one distinct. Being able to buy Free Spins is a major perk as well.

With high volatility though, I would caution more risk-averse players that rewards can be hit or miss. My patience was rewarded with some big payouts, but you have to be willing to endure dry spells too. Yet for players like myself who enjoy action-packed features, the thrilling gameplay is a worthy tradeoff.

My Thoughts Overall

If I had to sum up Drop 'Em in a few words, they would be: vibrant, charming, and electrifying! I think Hacksaw Gaming made a wise choice bringing back fan favorites Canny and Mona to host this adventure. The characters immediately drew me in with their infectious enthusiasm as I entered their world.

Once I started spinning, I was dazzled by the colorful cascade mechanic and seemingly endless ways to win. Every spin left me eager to see how many symbols would drop and what exciting new configuration would appear. Like an invigorating game of dominos, the ever-changing grid captivated me.

The bonuses added exotic flair too. Seeing special symbols drop and transform the reels amped up the action. While volatility kept me on my toes, the sheer entertainment was a worthy payoff. I just wanted to keep playing to see what surprises awaited!

Most importantly, Drop 'Em impressed me with its sheer originality. The unlockable upgrades in Free Spins added a strategic element that rewarded skill too. I'm blown away by Hacksaw Gaming's knack for innovation within familiar formats. Drop 'Em may utilize cascading mechanics seen in other slots, but the presentation feels entirely fresh and unique.

Overall, Drop 'Em delivered on every cylinder, from visuals to audio to captivating gameplay. I spent hours enthralled in Canny and Mona's world, and will eagerly return. This slot is a shining example of expert craftsmanship that I highly recommend!

Bonus Features

No slot is complete without thrilling bonus features, and Drop 'Em brings three Free Spins variants into the mix along with some unlockable upgrades. Here's an overview:

Drop Feature - This cascading mechanic activates when Drop symbols land on the grid, causing those symbols to fall off while the rest cascade down, often forming new wins. It infused every spin with anticipation.

Drop Spins - Landing 3 Scatters triggered this fun mode with all symbols available during cascades. Upgrades removed low pays, while extra spins extended the excitement.

High Drop Spins - Here, 4 Scatters started 10 spins with only high pays and wilds available, which amped up the reward potential. Upgrades removed low pays.

Wild Drop Spins - My favorite! 5 Scatters granted this feature where only wilds cascaded. As you can imagine, wilds cascading made for some insane wins when they filled the grid.

Upgrades - These special symbols appeared in the Free Spins games, gradually removing lower paying symbols to increase the value of cascaded symbols. A strategic element that kept me engaged.

Buy Feature - Being able to buy my way into Free Spins was great. The BonusHunt option provided extreme chaos, while Mega Drop Spins ensured huge cascades.

I'm blown away by how deep and varied the features are. Each Free Spin variant changes the dynamic to keep things fresh. And the Upgrades add a layer of skill that rewards decision-making. It's clear a lot of thought and care went into constructing entertainment around the core cascade mechanic. Hats off to the developers!

Win Potential

As a high volatility slot, Drop 'Em certainly put my winnings on a rollercoaster ride. While small 10-20x wins popped up frequently enough in the base game, I relied heavily on bonus features for the biggest payouts.

My strategy was to bet moderately and focus on stacking features, especially in the Free Spins games where Upgrades removed low pays. With patience, I unlocked some tremendously lucrative configurations like entire reels filled with premium symbols or wilds.

One heart-pounding Bonus Buy session produced back-to-back Wild Drop Spins, resulting in a huge 500x bet win! Of course, the maximum 10,000x bet payout is extraordinarily rare, but the potential is there.

While I didn't personally crack the max win, the 176x bet was my highest payout which certainly gave me a rush. High-stakes players willing to bet big have a shot at some major jackpots through strategic feature stacking.

Ultimately, while Drop 'Em's volatility means bankroll fluctuations are unavoidable, the right strategies can absolutely maximize payouts over time. I'd advise using bonus buys judiciously to target those lucrative features. With persistence and smarts, players can tame this slot's volatile nature for some satisfying wins!

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