Secret of Anubis DoubleMax Slot Review

3.8 out of 5

Secret of Anubis DoubleMax by Yggdrasil Gaming
Written by:Lily AdamsLily Adams
Last Updated:15 March

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Spotlight: Secret of Anubis DoubleMax
Secret of Anubis DoubleMax by Reflex Gaming screen 1
Secret of Anubis DoubleMax by Reflex Gaming screen 2
Secret of Anubis DoubleMax by Reflex Gaming screen 3
Secret of Anubis DoubleMax by Reflex Gaming screen 4

๐Ÿบ Hello fellow slot enthusiasts! Lily Adams here, welcoming you to my latest slot review. After playing over 1000 spins on the new Secret of Anubis DoubleMax game, I'm excited to share my thoughts and impressions with you all.

๐ŸŽฐ As a seasoned slot reviewer, I always look forward to testing out new titles, especially when they come from established providers like Reflex Gaming. The ancient Egyptian theme initially piqued my interest, but it was the DoubleMax mechanic that really got me hyped to give this slot a whirl.

๐Ÿ•ต๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ Now that I've spent quality time uncovering the secrets within, I'm ready to break down all the key details in this in-depth review. Stick with me to discover everything you need to know about graphics, features, volatility, RTP, and more. Let's do this!

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Right off the bat, the Egyptian aesthetic of Secret of Anubis DoubleMax creates an intriguing and mystical atmosphere. The color palette utilizes golden hues like sand, amber and copper that transport players straight to the deserts along the Nile.

While the graphics aren't the most modern or realistic I've seen, they have a certain retro charm that I appreciate. The reels are framed on both sides by towering statues of Anubis, instantly setting the tone.

The symbols also reflect the theme well, with scarabs, sarcophagi, pharaoh masks and a handsome adventurer straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. The lower value card suit symbols are decorated to match too.

I particularly enjoyed the visual flair of the wild pyramid symbol erupting from the sands, and the creepy animation of Anubis turning his head to stare players down.

While the graphics are simplistic, they pick up atmospheric elements like grainy sand textures and fires lit in braziers around the reels. Overall, this is a nicely presented slot that won't overwhelm you with flashy graphics, but rather evokes a consistent ancient Egyptian mood.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

The audio aspects in Secret of Anubis DoubleMax are decent, but not awe-inspiring. The background music features Middle Eastern strings and woodwinds that give off Egyptian bazaar vibes, blending well with the theme.

I found the instrumentals quite relaxing at lower volumes, but they can become repetitive and grating at max volume after longer sessions. The sounds effects for wins and cascades are standard fare, with celebratory chimes and crumbling rocks.

While I appreciated the effort to match the audio to the theme, I felt the music and effects could have been amped up more to create truly immersive, cinematic energy. As is, they complement the visuals nicely but won't wow your ears.

Gameplay: 5/5

When it comes to gameplay, Secret of Anubis DoubleMax really shines thanks to its innovative cascading reels and multiplier mechanic. Instead of just spinning, wins trigger a cascade where new symbols tumble down to replace those that disappeared.

This chain reaction creates exciting anticipation, and can lead to some huge cumulative payouts as the multiplier increases 2X after each cascade. I also love the random wild pyramid symbols that get added between cascades.

The generous number of free spins and ability to gamble to upgrade them also enhances the fun factor. While the actual rules are simple and straightforward, the cascading wins add an extra layer of engagement that I found highly enjoyable.

Between the base game, expanding multipliers, free spins and bonus buy-in, Secret of Anubis keeps gameplay feeling dynamic and rewarding from start to finish. Easily one of the most entertaining slots I've played lately!

Rewards: 4/5

Secret of Anubis DoubleMax offers wins ranging from 1X to 20,024X your bet, which is a stellar prize ceiling for any slot. With its medium-high volatility, payouts feel evenly distributed instead of super rare.

Even smaller symbol matches can accumulate nicely thanks to the unresetting multipliers during cascading sequences and free spins. I was impressed by how quickly my balance escalated during lucky bonus rounds in testing.

While max wins won't hit as frequently due to the volatility, the theoretical RTP of 95.5% indicates rewards are dispersed fairly regularly. Plus, with frequent cascades and a randomly triggered sandstorm feature, even less lucrative spins usually result in some kind of payout.

Overall, Secret of Anubis DoubleMax provides ample winning potential, especially when you capitalize on the multiplier perks. Just be prepared for some variance between bigger prizes. But the ceilings are high enough to satisfy thrill-seekers and reward patient persistency.

Originality: 3/5

As I pointed out earlier, the Egyptian theme is common among slots, so no points for originality there. However, Reflex Gaming deserves recognition for integrating the unique cascading reels and unresetting multipliers into a proven blueprint.

The variance between standard spins and multiplying cascades keeps gameplay exciting. And being able to gamble for more free spins is a twist I always appreciate seeing too.

While not the most groundbreaking or distinctive slot out there, Secret of Anubis DoubleMax succeeds at feeling familiar yet fresh simultaneously. It didn't strike me as the most innovative game, but I give kudos to the developers for revitalizing traditional features like cascades and multipliers.

Overall: 3.8/5

When compiling all the key elements, Secret of Anubis DoubleMax earns a strongly positive overall rating from me. It blends an immersive Egyptian aesthetic with engaging gameplay built around cascading reels and escalating payout multipliers.

The top-notch 20,024X max win potential is alluring as well, even if reaching it requires some patience. While not every component is perfect, the total package provides an entertaining and rewarding experience overall.

I deducted points for audio that could be more vivid and graphics that, while charming, lack next-gen polish. However, the seamless incorporation of multiplier mechanics into a proven template is commendable.

For players craving ancient adventures, Secret of Anubis DoubleMax is absolutely worth unraveling. The generous free spins and cumulative multipliers add excitement, while the high reward ceilings give your bankroll room to ascend.

I'm happy to recommend this quality slot that kept me compelled for hours of playtime. It may not go down as an all-time great, but offers plenty of enjoyment nonetheless. Now let's get to the meaty details!

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To quickly recap my comprehensive Secret of Anubis DoubleMax review, this slot delivers a captivating ancient Egyptian theme blended with engaging cascading reels gameplay.

The multipliers that increase during cascades provide tremendous winning potential, especially during free spins. Wild symbols and a random sandstorm feature also boost your odds.

While the visuals and audio are nicely executed rather than mind-blowing, the overall presentation and gameplay mechanics merge seamlessly. Medium-high variance keeps payouts coming steadily to satisfy your craving for rewards.

For an immersive slot experience with frequent small hits and chances at a stunning 20,024X top prize, Secret of Anubis DoubleMax comes highly recommended by this seasoned spinner.

The multiplier system isn't brand new, but feels polished and integral to the game's flow and personality. Secret of Anubis DoubleMax achieves a praiseworthy balance of familiar features and integrate original touches.

So unlock this capable slot's mysteries for cascading wins and hidden treasures.

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