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Tombstone RIP by Nolimit City
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:23 November 2023

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🌵 Giddy up partners! Maria White here, your trusted slot expert extraordinaire bringing you an in-depth, brutally honest review of Nolimit City's latest volatile video slot - Tombstone RIP. As an avid fan of the Wild West genre who has spun over 1000 times on this deadly game across desktop and mobile, I'll be taking you on a viciously volatile rollercoaster through all the blood-stained features and insane potential of this merciless slot sequel.

🤠 With a wickedly dark theme centered around capturing wanted outlaws and subjecting them to horrific frontier justice, Tombstone RIP takes the original Tombstone tale into terrifying new territory. If you're looking for rainbows and unicorns, stop reading! But if you want to chase colossal 300,000x wins, saddle up and get ready to ride into the gore-filled abyss of this scandalously sinister slot!

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 5/5

The haunting visual design will make your skin crawl before the reels even start spinning. Nolimit City demonstrates zero remorse, eulogizing your favorite gunslinging characters from the first Tombstone slot with sadistically satisfying hanging sequences when you strike gold.

The morbid monochrome color scheme sets the tone for this atrociously appropriate sequel, transporting players into a creepy graveyard under the cover of darkness rather than the bright desert vistas of classic Westerns. Expertly decorated with sinister shadows, smoking gun barrels and gravestones reading "RIP", the reels spin within an infernal iron frame adorned with bones, bullets, broken glass and enough barbed wire for a maximum security prison.

Gaze up and you'll witness the grisly sight of Skinny Joe, Edda Star and El Gordo strung up by the neck midway through the dying process, their faces turning blue while bodies twist violently on the hangman's noose. It's enough to give you nightmares but perfectly encapsulates the shocking extent Nolimit City will go. A devilishly delicious treat for true crime and horror genre fans. 5/5

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

The audio experience is no less impactful than the visuals with screams of sheer agony ringing out whenever you hit a sizeable win. Other suitably sinister sound effects like breaking glass, gun reloads and the locomotive groan of the hangman's apparatus turning heighten the intensity significantly.

The background music further elevates the terrifying atmosphere with a suspenseful theme filled with ominous bells, grinding gears and plodding percussion beat. It may become repetitive after extended sessions but nonetheless drives home the fatalistic feeling of spinning within this nefarious world. Spooky whistling winds and wooden creaks add eerie ambience between wins while gunshots signal special features.

I cannot award top marks though as the screams do get overly intrusive over long stints and lack of a mute option is a glaring omission. Nonetheless, the audio adequately supports the atrocious aims of this amoral adventure.

Gameplay: 4/5

Nolimit City revolutionized gameplay features in 2021 and continue breaking boundaries with the xMechanics deployed throughout Tombstone RIP. While San Quentin and Mental introduced phenomenally original concepts, I feel Tombstone RIP perfects the formula for compelling gameplay with a devilishly delicious combination of volatile expanding features.

The 5x3 grid is slightly unconventional with the last reel in a 1x5 configuration, allowing for special double symbols and removing low pays. This tweak adds extra dynamism alongside the Splitting Wilds and xSplit mechanics which deliver that eagerly anticipated moment of anticipation wondering what path they will carve to double or quadruple symbols.

The xNudge Wilds return too, relentlessly nudging into view with each shift increasing the overall multiplier. My favorite aspect though is the diabolical xRIP feature removing irritating microwins - you either win big or get NOTHING!

This risk-reward amplification hooked me instantly and brought welcome structure to the gameplay loop centered around landing the superbly sinister Hang 'Em High or Boothill free spins. While daunting initially, the features quickly become intuitive and electrifyingly entertaining once you embrace the extreme volatility.

Rewards: 4/5

In a break from tradition, I cannot award a perfect score for rewards. Now let me explain why before you reach for your pitchforks! Tombstone RIP brings the highest max payout ever seen in an online slot with a blood-curdling 300,000x your stake up for grabs...but it comes at a cost.

The volatility level is insane - we are talking a miniscule 9% hit rate here people! You can easily burn through a big bankroll without glimpsing a bonus or useful line hit. This is offset by the huge multipliers attainable, especially in Boothill free spins where x999 Cowboys deliver unbelievable potential. But you need saintly patience.

Small balances will get ripped to shreds by the xRIP feature removing microwins. However, watch Skinny Joe take his last breath after landing some formidable features and you could amass legendary riches! Just prepare mentally and financially before stepping into the firing line.

Originality: 4/5

When it comes to imaginatively macabre design and fiendishly explosive mechanics, none come close to the Nolimit City creative team for sheer audacity and originality. While building upon familiar xFeature foundations, introducing the uncompromising xRIP concept demonstrates remarkable ingenuity and bravery.

The Callous Western theme breaks boundaries too in the online slots realm. Not since Dead or Alive has frontier justice been depicted so violently. Yet it fits perfectly with the Nolimit City brand of aggressively volatile slots pushing moral and legal lines like none other. Even entering the game takes nerves of steel and intelligence to answer ominously ominous questions correctly!

With a paranormal premise centered around pursuing wanted outlaws and subjecting them to grisly deaths when the reels align, Tombstone RIP leverages the Wild West setting stunningly. Every aspect from aesthetics to features feels unconventionally cutting-edge, cementing Nolimit City's reputation for pioneering player engagement with imaginatively original content.

Overall: 4/5

While repaying patience with iron-willed fortitude and saintly spinning stamina with glimpses of promised prosperity, Tombstone RIP represents the very limits of acceptable brutality. Graphically gorgeous yet grimmatically ghastly with a Scream-worthy soundtrack, this is no casual game of cops and robbers.

Hunting down bandits has never been so violently volatile with features fine-tuned to deliver deadly blows capable of wiping out entire gunslinging gangs when aligned just right. Yet with such minimal marginally acceptable play, most sessions end badly. Lady luck demands a heavy toll here.

Nonetheless, Nolimit City has spawned another work of twisted masterpiece here for those who can stomach the depressingly diabolical themes. Not for newcomers by any stretch of the imagination, Tombstone RIP is strictly for dangerously demented aficionados craving ludicrously large payouts and willing to risk devastating defeats spinning within this merciless world where horrific brutality rules.

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Tombstone RIP is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with a starting configuration of 2-3-3-3-1 amounting to 108 ways to win. It's the bloodthirsty sequel to Nolimit City's milder 2019 release, Tombstone. This time around the characters have gone full outlaw, necessitating their graphic demise across tumbleweed-laden graveyard reels.

A wonderfully macabre theme greets players as does a slew of menacing features to navigate, including various wild types and two tiers of free spins. Volatility is cranked up to the maximum 'Insane' level so rollercoaster variance awaits. With bets starting from $0.20 up to $50, the stage is set for some heart-stopping spins. Just be warned, the brutal xRIP mechanic prevents any wins below your wager amount. So small victories won't offer respite from cold spells.

It's in the two free spin features where Tombstone RIP reveals its true potential. Here multiplying wilds combine with reel-filling cowboy symbols able to multiply payouts by insane factors ranging from 5x all the way up to 999x! Max potential caps out at an otherworldly 300,000x your bet. So astronomical sums are possible, albeit highly improbable without lady luck on your side.

Overall the presentation and gameplay loops here are exceptional, continuing Nolimit City's red hot streak of creative slots. Volatility is no joke however, making Tombstone RIP suited only to seasoned players and perhaps not the best option for bankroll management. But if you have the nerves and coin to weather brutal dry spells, then do saddle up and accompany me deeper into this expert Tombstone RIP review!

My Thoughts Overall

I must say the outstanding creativity Nolimit City demonstrates time and time again has me thoroughly impressed. Tombstone RIP captures that signature volatility and innovative spirit, enhanced even further by one of their best executions on a slot theme yet. The murky graveyard Wild West setting oozes atmosphere and immediately pulls you into an otherworldy gaming experience.

What struck me early on across many sessions was just how brutal the base game can be however. While other top tier slots tend to mix in smaller victories to keep your balance healthy, Tombstone RIP makes no such allowances. On multiple occasions, I spun through over 150 losses in a row thanks to the punishing xRIP mechanic. Only mega wins from stacked wilds bring relief.

Yet at the same time, I kept coming back for more. The boiling point seems to happen when those cowboy symbols finally flood the reels, either in the base game or one of the two bonuses. That's when lady luck can catapult you to dizzying heights. Witnessing a 5x or even 25x multiplier pop is exhilarating enough. But the knowledge that 999x is possible too keeps you glued to the edge of your seat!

Of course, even max multipliers don’t guarantee winning spins given how many dead spaces can occupy reels. Ultimately Tombstone RIP reflects the harsh unforgiving nature of the Wild West itself. Luck plays a massive role in success, much like how notorious outlaws met their maker at the end of a noose.

So I wouldn't recommend this volatile beast to casual players or anyone with a modest bankroll. But for gaming veterans and slot connoisseurs who crave maximum excitement, even in the face of extreme adversity, then saddle up for Tombstone RIP. Just brace yourself for the inevitable cold streaks!

Bonus Features

Let's dig into the myriad features Nolimit City has crammed into Tombstone RIP, including 3 unique wild types and 2 graduation levels of free spins with persisting multipliers:

Enhanced Bet

This is an optional toggle that boosts bets by 10%, making the base game less rewarding. But in exchange, it guarantees a Hang 'Em High scatter symbol on reel 2 to help trigger free spins. Having tested extensively with Enhanced on and off, I recommend keeping it active as the bonus potential outweighs negatives. Plus it increases overall RTP from 96.08% to 96.28%.

xNudge Wilds

Fans of Nolimit City slots will recognize the beloved xNudge Wilds mechanic returning here. These fully stacked wilds automatically shift up or down to fill their entire reel, increasing an associated multiplier by 1 with each nudge. Getting multiple xNudge on adjacent reels creates some mouthwatering multiplier potential!

Wilds & Splitting Wilds

Standard wild symbols populate reels 2-5. While split wilds occupy the middle three reels, slicing themselves and all other symbols in two. This is beautifully represented by cowboy bandits losing their thieving fingers to a sharp axe! The x2 doubling effect splits brings creates even more scoring opportunities.

xSplit Wilds

Similar to split wilds, these rare x2-high wilds appear only on the pivotal 5th reel. When triggered, xSplit carves up symbols to the left in one of 4 random directions: all top row, all bottom row, middle rows plus top symbol on reel 1, or middle rows plus bottom symbol on reel. Further multiplying potential!


Easily the most sadistic feature here (even more so than graphic hangings!), xRIP denies any wins below your wager amount. So no minor payouts as consolation. This harsh rule forces you to pray for stacks upon stacks just to turn a profit. An extreme risk/reward dichotomy for sure!

Hang 'Em High Free Spins

Triggered by landing 3 scatters on reels 2-4, the initial free spins bonus awards 8 spins with a starting 1x win multiplier. Wilds that strike during spins increment that multiplier, which persists throughout the feature without resetting. Boothill scatters grant 2 extra spins too.

Boothill Free Spins

The coveted super bonus arrives by hitting 3 scatters + 1 boothill scatter. Now the party kicks into overdrive with persisting win multipliers and cowboy symbols on reel 5 turning all matching ones wild. As if that wasn't enough, every spin also applies a random 5-999x multiplier to one cowboy for absolutely astronomical potential!

Win Potential

Let's touch on the insane max payout ceiling that cements Tombstone RIP as one of the most volatile and risquit slots on the market. A gobsmacking 300,000x your stake is possible here, handily defeating the previous Nolimit City record set by San Quentin at 150,000x.

To put that number into perspective, a max bet spin of $50 could theoretically reward a staggering $15 MILLION! Of course, that would require biblical level luck with max cowboy multipliers repeatedly overlapping. Nonetheless, the free spin features allow tremendous room for exponential wins to develop across the large playing area.

In my experience, bonus buys tended to pay out 20-50x when they hit. And I even witnessed the elusive 999x symbol blessing me with a 750x return at one point, which felt like wrangling a unicorn! Suffice to say, Tombstone RIP holds virtually limitless potential if the wild multipliers collide favorably. Just steel yourself for copious dry spells punctuated by sporadic mega wins.

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