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3.4 out of 5

Viking Fury Spinfinity by Blueprint Gaming
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:13 January

Spotlight: Viking Fury Spinfinity
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⚔️ Greetings Fellow Slot Enthusiasts! Maria White here, excited to bring you an in-depth review of Blueprint Gaming's latest release - Viking Fury Spinfinity.

🛡️ As an experienced slot reviewer with a passion for exploring hundreds of slot games, I eagerly anticipated diving into this Norse-themed adventure, especially intrigued by its innovative Spinfinity mechanic and enticing multiplier feature.

🎰 After embarking on an extensive journey with over 1000 spins on both desktop and mobile platforms, I'm geared up to share my comprehensive insights.

🌟 Join me as we navigate through the seas of Viking Fury Spinfinity, examining every facet of this slot - from its captivating graphics and immersive music to its dynamic gameplay and exciting bonus features.

🏰 I'll also provide detailed ratings for various elements and conclude with my overall verdict on whether Viking Fury Spinfinity is a voyage worth undertaking. A storm of excitement awaits, so let's set sail!

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Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Viking slots are quite common, but Viking Fury Spinfinity manages to sail ahead of most with its vibrant color scheme and immersive backdrops. The animations are smooth, especially during winning combinations and bonus rounds. The symbols likeaxes, helmets, ships and gems are intricately designed. I especially like how the compass rotates around during the Spinfinity feature.

The only downside is that the background is a bit blurred and two-dimensional. I would have liked to see more details and depth in the Viking longships and landscapes. Overall the graphics create an inviting atmosphere but lack some finer details.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

Upon launch, an upbeat soundtrack with Nordic influences starts playing. The sounds of crashing waves, seabirds and blowing winds add to the maritime ambience. Winning spins are celebrated with uplifting tunes accompanied by the clinking of coins.

I appreciate the effort put into making the audio suit the Viking theme. However, the music loops get repetitive after a while. Some more variability and dramatic sound effects especially during bonuses would enhance the experience.

Gameplay: 4/5

With its scatter pays and Spinfinity mechanic, Viking Fury Spinfinity brings something fresh to the usual Viking slot formula. Forming a win with 8 matching symbols triggers the Spinfinity feature where symbols move in the direction of the compass. This opens up chances of successive wins.

The gameplay is fast-paced and engaging, aided by randomly triggered multipliers. The free spins round shakes things up too with unlimited spins if multipliers are active. The bet range accommodates all types of players. Overall, the innovative format and fluid mechanics make gameplay a blast. Just wish the bonuses hit more frequently.

Rewards: 3/5

Viking Fury Spinfinity boasts high volatility and a max win of 10,000x your bet. However, in my experience, bonus triggering is infrequent at just 1 in 470 spins. Base game wins in the 20-50x range are sporadic too even with the Spinfinity feature. You really need patience for those elusive big wins here.

That said, the free spins can be highly rewarding, especially with multipliers in play. I achieved over 100x wins a couple of times which helped recoup losses. With optimized bet sizes and enough persistence, the slot has potential for huge payouts. But be prepared for some dry spells too.

Originality: 3/5

While Viking themes are common in slots, the Spinfinity mechanic gives Viking Fury a distinct identity. Instead of traditional reel cascades, having symbols step in different directions based on a compass makes for some unconventional wins.

The multipliers and their integration with the Spinfinity feature also showcase Blueprint's innovation. Although not radically different, the slot succeeds in providing a new kind of Viking experience. The visuals and audio could have been more immersive to complement the novel gameplay.

Overall: 3.4/5

Viking Fury Spinfinity scores high when it comes to unique gameplay but falls slightly short on other aspects like music, rewards and graphics. The bonuses and big wins don't land too frequently either. However, the slot still delivers a refreshing experience overall.

I especially appreciate the strategic element of trying to move symbols in the most optimal direction during Spinfinity. Fans of volatility will also find the swingy payouts exciting. While not revolutionary, Viking Fury brings enough new ideas to the table to warrant a try.

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Viking Fury Spinfinity makes waves with its novel take on cascading reels and scatter pays. This Blueprint Gaming offering takes you on a swashbuckling adventure across 6 reels and 5 rows. Its medium-high volatility and 96.01% RTP gives you a great shot at treasure, with wins of up to 50,000x your bet. Are you ready to join the quest for bountiful prizes?

As a scatter pays slot, wins are formed by landing 8 or more matching symbols anywhere on the reels. But that's not all - Viking Fury's signature Spinfinity mechanic keeps the action going by nudging the reels with every new win. Multipliers also make frequent appearances to boost your coffers during this tumultuous journey.

When 4 bonus symbols land, you'll be whisked away on 15 free spins with stacked multipliers for some extra bounty hunting. You can even buy your way into the bonus round if Lady Luck isn't on your side. It all adds up to a quest for riches that you won't want to miss!

My Thoughts Overall

Right off the bat, Viking Fury's vibrant visuals and soundtrack immersed me into the game's Norse theme. The symbols are intricately designed and pop against the muted background of ships, statues and swirling seas. As the reels spin, horn blasts and tribal drums build a sense of anticipatory drama that had me leaning in.

Things only got more exciting once I started unlocking the game's features. The Spinfinity mechanic brings the symbols to life, with new wins nudging the reels in different directions like pieces on a chessboard. It injects an engaging skill element as you make strategic decisions about which way to send the reels walking.

Adding to the fun are Viking Fury Multipliers which appear randomly to boost your winnings. There's a thrill to seeing the multipliers accumulate, then getting showered with a mega payout at the end of a long cascade. Between the dancing reels and surprise multipliers, Viking Fury had me hooked!

Beyond keeping me glued to the screen, Viking Fury impressed me with its frequent payouts. Thanks to the scatter pays system, small wins came around every 2-3 spins in the base game. When I did strike a big win, like 132x my bet, it felt all the more rewarding after a stream of smaller payouts.

That said, I was hoping for slightly bigger prizes from the free spins based on the high volatility. The stacked multipliers going up to 10x definitely helped ramp up rewards. But with max wins capped at 50,000x my bet, the ceiling felt a bit low for such an action-packed bonus round.

Minor quibbles aside, my overall experience with Viking Fury was thrilling from start to finish. Blueprint has crafted an immensely enjoyable game that exceeded my expectations. With its novel mechanics and thoughtful design, this is one slot that will have you coming back time and time again!

Bonus Features

Now let's take a deep dive into the bonus features that make Viking Fury such a unique playing experience. There are a host of special elements that keep gameplay sizzling from the base game all the way through the free spins.


The star of the show is definitely the Spinfinity mechanic that kicks in with every win. Anytime 8 or more matching symbols land, the reels will nudge one position in the direction of the compass. As long as new wins are created, the reels keep on walking in all directions.

Spinfinity adds oodles of excitement by keeping the symbols in perpetual motion after a win. Beyond eye-candy, it presents an interesting strategic element - do you send the reels moving up to build on a win, or down to bring more high-paying symbols into view?

Watching the reels cascade until no more wins appear had me literally on the edge of my seat. And when a lucky nudge revealed a big symbol that led to an even bigger win, the satisfaction was immense!

Viking Fury Multipliers

This feature had me yelling “Odin be praised!” as random multipliers up to 10x appeared on the reels. Each time the reels nudge during Spinfinity, the multipliers accumulate and get applied to your total win from the sequence.

Seeing the multiplier values tick up with every step quickly whipped up my anticipation. By the time they applied after a long cascade, my winnings were shot through the roof! The multipliers inject huge excitement and bring home some epic prizes.

Mystery Symbols

Adding to the anticipation are Mystery symbols that transform into matching symbols when the reels nudge. It keeps things exciting, as you never know what high or low-paying symbol they’ll reveal next. These chameleons added a fun unpredictability that kept me tuning in.

Free Spins

This is where Viking Fury really shines. Not only do you get 15 free spins to start with, stacked multipliers are added from the get-go to turbo-charge rewards. With every nudge of the reels, the multipliers kept piling up to dizzying heights.

By the time they applied at the end of the Spinfinity cascade, I was richly rewarded with prizes worth over 100x my bet! Free spins is when the big wins happen, and getting there is an adrenaline-pumping treat.

Buy Bonus

For a small price, you can skip right to the free spins bonus when the scatters aren't hitting. While not ideal, Buy Bonus is a nice option when you're itching to trigger those all-important free spins. I appreciated having it just in case, even if patience pays off more often than not.

Extra Bet

By boosting your bet by 25%, you can decrease the scatters needed to trigger free spins from 4 to just 3. It comes at a small price for more regular shots at that coveted bonus round. For trigger-happy players like myself, Extra Bet is a good route to free spins glory!

Win Potential

As a medium-high volatility slot, Viking Fury's win potential is pretty solid. The RTP clocking in at 96.01% indicates your chances of winning are in the upper range. In my experience, the frequent small scatter pays in the base game struck a good balance with bigger bonus wins.

In the base game, scatter pays were roughly in the range of 2-20x my bet. With the minimum bet being $0.20, even the smaller 2x wins added up quickly. And I appreciated that hits came around every 2-3 spins on average, so the action never slowed down.

Jackpots were few and far between during base game play, but I did hit an incredible 132x win when the scatters aligned! It was a nice surprise amidst the smaller scatter pays.

As hoped, rewards ramped up significantly during free spins where I netted multiple 50-100x wins. The stacked multipliers reaching up to 10x my bet really compounded my earnings. And with the reels cascading for longer during the bonus, prizes had more time to accumulate.

That said, I didn't quite hit the max win capped at 50,000x my bet despite triggering free spins multiple times. Given the sky-high multipliers in the mix, my expectation was to land at least one or two 1000x wins. While I walked away very much in profit, a life-changing jackpot eluded me. But your mileage may certainly vary!

With its volatility tipped towards the higher end and boatloads of winning potential during free spins, Viking Fury should satisfy thrill-seekers looking for big bounties. While rewards were skewed more towards the low end in my experience, the hunt for a mega jackpot will have you coming back for more.

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