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3.6 out of 5

Invaders Takeover by Light & Wonder
Written by:Mia LeeMia Lee
Last Updated:13 February

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๐Ÿ‘ฝ Hello fellow slot enthusiasts! Mia Lee here, welcoming you to my review of the new Invaders Takeover online slot from Light & Wonder. I've now spent over 1000 spins with this game across desktop and mobile, so I'm excited to share my thoughts and ratings in detail. Buckle up for an intergalactic adventure!

๐ŸŽฐ As a seasoned slot reviewer, I'm always eager to test out new games and share my experiences with readers. When Invaders Takeover launched on January 25th, 2024, I cleared my schedule and hunkered down to give this slot the full treatment.

๐Ÿš€ Right off the bat, I was intrigued by the space theme and expanded 6x4 layout offering over 4000 ways to win. The graphics looked sharp and promised some extraterrestrial excitement. After playing through multiple bonus features, my first impressions were positive. While Invaders Takeover doesn't necessarily break new ground, it delivers solid entertainment with diverse gameplay.

๐Ÿ‘พ Over the next few days, I continued spinning across desktop, tablet, and mobile to get the complete picture. Now that I've experienced all this game has to offer, I'm ready to dive in and provide my detailed thoughts across multiple criteria. Read on for my full review!

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Graphics and Theme: 5/5

Invaders Takeover immediately grabs your attention with its bright, galactic visuals. The color palette combines shades of purple, green, blue and black to create a futuristic atmosphere. Inside the alien spaceship, you'll see high-tech control panels and flashing lights surrounding the reels. Zooming stars and distant planets are visible through the front viewport.

The symbols also fit the space theme nicely. Along with royalty cards from 9 to A, there are detailed original symbols like a perplexed cow being abducted, a bug-eyed alien, a mad scientist, and the Invaders Takeover logo. The graphics are smooth, crisp and polished across all devices.

While not the most unique theme, the presentation breathes new life into the classic aliens concept. The visuals keep things exciting as you spin and await the next bonus trigger. Overall, the graphics and theme earn a 4/5 rating for their quality and consistency.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

Upon loading Invaders Takeover, you're immediately immersed in quirky sci-fi sound effects. Futuristic beeps and bloops play with each spin, while big wins are celebrated by a rising crescendo. The alien attack bonus adds laser blast noises for extra drama.

However, the background music left me wanting more. There's just a simple, looping electronic tune that gets repetitive quickly. More robust, engaging music could have raised the energy and excitement over long play sessions.

The sound effects are well executed and complement the visuals nicely. But the music underwhelms and detracts from the experience somewhat. For these reasons, I rate the audio package a 3/5. More variety and better music integration would improve this area.

Gameplay: 4/5

With its expanded 6x4 layout and over 4000 ways to win, Invaders Takeover brings solid gameplay variety to the table. Wins are formed by landing 3+ matching symbols on adjacent reels from left to right. With the exception of scatters, this occurs without fixed paylines. You have ample chances to hit combinations thanks to the numerous ways.

The volatility felt high during my sessions, which keeps things exciting but also exposes your balance to some risk. Luckily, the bonus features deliver frequent engagement. Free spins, extra wilds, multipliers, gambling options and more give you plenty to look forward to. With all these factors combined, Invaders Takeover earns a 4/5 gameplay rating.

Rewards: 3/5

Invaders Takeover offers decent reward potential, but jackpots likely won't break records. With high volatility, payouts vary wildly between dry spins and big hits. My highest reward reached about 600x my bet.

The theoretical RTP ranges from 87% to 96% depending on operator config. This means the slot is programmed to pay back between 87 and 96 cents for every $1 wagered over an infinite number of spins. The default is 96% RTP, which is about average.

Given the volatile math model and average payout percentages, Invaders Takeover earns a solid 3/5 for rewards. You can certainly win big with bonus luck, but frequent smaller payouts would improve the rating.

Originality: 3/5

While polished and entertaining, Invaders Takeover doesn't bring radically new ideas to the table. The core gameplay structure of expanded reels and thousands of ways to win has been seen before. And the space theme, while well executed, lacks novelty factor at this point.

However, credit is due for seamlessly blending familiar elements with innovations like the computer-driven alien attack bonus. This brings a clever twist to the typical "add wilds" feature. And the overall presentation breathes new life into the classic aliens concept.

With its blend of proven formulas and unique touches, I rate Invaders Takeover a 3/5 for originality. Veterans may find it somewhat familiar, but newcomers will find plenty to discover and enjoy.

Overall: 3.6/5

Despite some minor shortcomings, Invaders Takeover succeeds as an engaging, rewarding and entertaining online slot. The graphics and audio provide immersive space escapism, while expanded reels deliver exciting gameplay. frequent bonus triggers keep the action coming across desktop and mobile.

While not radically innovative, Invaders Takeover executes proven features smoothly and reliably. This is a game I could comfortably play for extended sessions and recommend to fellow players. Given its strengths across key areas, I'm happy to award an overall rating of 3.6/5 stars.

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Invaders Takeover is a fun-filled online slot from Light & Wonder featuring an expanded 6x4 layout with over 4000 ways to win. Set aboard an alien spaceship, the presentation features bright graphics and immersive sound effects. The volatility feels high, leading to an exciting mix of dry spells and big payouts. Powerful rewards are possible thanks to diverse bonus features like free spins, extra wilds, multipliers and more. With smooth performance across desktop and mobile, Invaders Takeover delivers rock-solid entertainment.

My Thoughts Overall

After playing through over 1000 spins and triggering all the bonuses, here are my key takeaways:

  • The expanded reel format creates tons of action with wins forming frequently. Over 4000 ways to win keeps you on the edge of your seat awaiting combinations.
  • Despite some familiarity, the theme and visuals are engaging. The aliens concept gets a fresh coat of paint that looks great on modern devices.
  • Bonus features like free spins and extra wilds hit frequently enough to keep things interesting through long sessions. The alien attack bonus adds a clever twist.
  • High volatility exposes your balance to risk but also allows for big rewarding hits. Payout potential is solid, especially during hot bonus streaks.
  • Smooth technical performance across desktop and mobile makes for seamless play anywhere. No lag or bugs.

Overall, while not the most groundbreaking game, Invaders Takeover provides an exciting, rewarding gameplay loop with great visuals and engaging features. It's a quality all-around slot that delivers on entertainment.

Bonus Features

Let's take a closer look at the bonus features that bring Invaders Takeover to life:

Alien Attack Bonus

One of the most unique aspects of Invaders Takeover is the creative alien attack bonus. Triggered by landing 2 bonus symbols, an onboard computer first analyzes for threats. If a threat is detected, your bonus symbols turn into wilds. Then a laser gun shoots out and converts up to 5 additional random symbols into wilds! This bonus really enhances the slot's theme and adds drama to the typical "add wilds" feature.

Free Spins

Landing 3 or more bonus symbols triggers the fun free spins round. You'll get to destroy select planets, revealing how many spins you've won. New positions also open above the reels. Any wild that lands flies up to lock in place for the remainder of the round. Having multiple wilds on a reel also applies a special multiplier that can lead to huge wins!

Premium Play

This optional feature increases your bet by 50% in exchange for access to the Space Wheel Bonus. Triggered by any win over 1.6x your premium bet, the wheel offers prizes like free spins or a multiplier up to 5x. It's a nice risk-reward dynamic for those seeking extra action.


After any win bigger than 5x, you can gamble to try doubling your payout. Simply choose red or black on a spinning wheel for a chance to win big or lose it all. Free spins are also possible prizes on the wheel. This adds even more risk-reward excitement.

Win Potential

With theoretical RTP ranging from 87% to 96%, Invaders Takeover offers solid payout potential. The default 96% RTP means average losses of just 4% over huge sample sizes. Of course, anything can happen in the short run.

My highest observed win reached about 600x my bet, triggered by stacked wilds during free spins. But the maximum possible win is advertised at a whopping 14596x! While reaching that will rely heavily on luck, the expanded layout and frequent bonuses give you a fighting chance. Even smaller wins add up quickly across the thousands of ways.

Due to the high volatility though, payouts tend be inconsistent. You may hit bonus after bonus, then have long dry spells of dead spins. Bankroll management is key to survive the ups and downs. I'd recommend using a stop loss limit and betting within your means.

Ultimately, if the bonuses line up, Invaders Takeover can definitely deliver big rewards. But variance means results will deviate widely between players. Don't let the maximum win fool you - patience and persistence is key!

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