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3.6 out of 5

Ternion by Play'n GO
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:22 November 2023

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๐Ÿ“š As an avid slot enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for exciting new titles that provide an immersive gameplay experience. When I first heard about Play'n GO's new release Ternion, I was immediately intrigued. The superhero theme seemed ripe with potential, so I couldn't wait to give this slot a spin. After playing over 1000 rounds across desktop and mobile, I'm ready to share my in-depth review. Join me as I explore the high-flying world of Ternion!

๐ŸŽฐ Ternion follows a trio of homegrown superheroes - an ice queen, a fiery warrior, and a blade-wielding heroine. Together, they band together to take down a mysterious doomsday device threatening their city. With eye-catching graphics and thrilling bonus features, Ternion aims to offer an action-packed adventure perfect for comic book fans.

๐Ÿ•น๏ธ I'm happy to report that Play'n GO succeeds in bringing this superhero storyline to life! As a veteran slot reviewer, I was impressed by the bold visuals and smooth gameplay. While aspects could be more polished, the immersive world-building and rewarding features left me eager for more heroics. Overall, Ternion provides an enjoyable experience for players seeking medium volatility slots with spicy potential. Let's dive in!

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Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Right from the start, Ternion's graphics dazzle with vibrant colors and dynamic motion. The reels have a high-tech vibe, with circuitboard trim and transparent casings revealing the bustling city backdrop. I loved spotting little details like flickering lights and shifting clouds that made Victory City feel alive.

The superhero characters also pop with signature colors and bold poses. I appreciated how the ice queen glittered, the fiery warrior blazed, and the blade heroine slashed menacingly. It gave them distinct personalities fans could latch onto. My only complaint was that some symbol animations felt repetitive over many rounds. Still, the overall presentation was sleek and atmospheric.

Bringing Victory City under siege was a stroke of genius by Play'n GO. The ominous haziness ramps up the stakes, while the towering skyscrapers ground the world in reality. Combined with the rich palette, I was hooked into the narrative and wanted to help the heroes succeed. Ternion delivers its premise with dazzling flair through and through.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

Ternion's audio combines robotic sound effects with driving synth beats to support its futuristic setting. The interface boops and beeps provide crisp feedback, especially for wins and bonuses. I also thought the signature sound when heroes appeared helped them stand out.

However, the music could be too aggressive at times. During long sessions, I occasionally found the relentless tempo Headache-inducing rather than energizing. Switching to lower volume helped, but I wished there were gentler melodies mixed in for balance.

That said, the audio accurately reflects the urgent doomsday scenario. The bold soundscape complements Ternion's vivid world and keeps gameplay feeling fresh. Just beware that the nonstop intensity may not suit all tastes.

Gameplay: 4/5

With standard 5 reels, 4 rows, and 20 fixed paylines, Ternion follows a familiar layout. Wins occur from left to right for 3+ matching symbols, along with wildcards and a bonus scatter. What sets Ternion apart are its three unique superpower modifiers that can trigger randomly on any spin.

I loved how these loyalty features brought the heroes to life. Seeing icy shards pierce the reels, low symbols destroyed by furious slashes, and columns blazing with fire added exhilarating unpredictability. The bonuses reflected the characters meaningfully while ramping up rewards.

The free spins mode also linked mechanics back to the central conflict. As doomsday looms, players must gather crystals to unlock the heroes' true potential. With modifiers getting stronger over multiple charges, free spins felt alive with purpose.

While Ternion's core gameplay sticks to proven formulas, the immersive modifiers and expanding features gave it replay value. I was constantly tantalized by what superhuman surprise could await next!

Rewards: 3/5

Ternion offers wins up to 50x your bet during base gameplay for premium symbols. With stacked wilds and random modifiers, I frequently scored at least 20-30x my stake per session. This provided a healthy drip-feed of small prizes to balance out riskier elements.

However, max payouts are locked behind free spins. Even at max 38 spins, I rarely surpassed 500x my bet. Considering the 11,111x jackpot advertised, max wins seemed distant. sessions often felt one epic bonus away from a massive payout that never materialized.

With high volatility and limited rewards outside free spins, Ternion may frustrate players hoping for frequent big melons. Conservative bettors should temper expectations, as multi-thousand payouts rely on persistent crystal collecting. Still, with luck, the right superpower combo can yield a superheroic reward!

Originality: 4/5

While superhero slots are not brand new, Ternion gets points for crafting its own original world and powersets. The three unique heroes gave Play'n GO freedom to realize creative vision without relying on preexisting stories. As such, Ternion feels tailor-made for slot gameplay.

The doomsday threat framing the free spins also felt fresh to me. Having bonuses directly counter an overarching threat maintained narrative cohesion in a way many slots lack. By linking features to its core theme, Ternion keeps the gameplay and storytelling symbiotic from start to finish.

Could aspects be more innovative? Perhaps. But the strong central characters and consistent theming struck an optimal balance for me. Ternion delivers a focused package bringing superheroics to slots in an accessible yet lively fashion.

Overall: 3.6/5

For superhero fans seeking an immersive comic book adventure in slot form, Ternion absolutely delivers. The bold graphics and sounds effectively realise Victory City as an engaging battleground. Smooth mechanics incorporate unique bonuses rooted in the narrative flawlessly. And while rewards may run hot or cold, the free spin suspense keeps excitement levels soaring.

Some polish could enhance details, especially for audio and payouts. But in terms of sheer fun, Ternion had me eager for each spin. With personable heroes, vibrant style, and rewarding gameplay, this slot deserves a spot in any superfan's roster. Ternion may not offer jackpots on par with heavyweights, but provides superhero action you won't want to miss!

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Ternion comes packed with features bringing its superhero narrative to life. Set in the sprawling Victory City, players join three brave heroes as they attempt to disarm a deadly doomsday device before their home is destroyed. With eye-popping graphics and immersive sound design, Ternion aims to make you feel part of an epic comic crossover event.

The core gameplay follows standard slot protocol - wins occur from left to right across 5 reels and 4 rows, aided by stacked wilds and a bonus scatter. Payouts range from 1.5x to 50x your stake for main symbols. Where Ternion excels is incorporating unique superpower modifiers that activate randomly to help you win.

During any base game spin, one of three bonuses may trigger based on Ternion's ice, fire, and blade-wielding heroes:

  • Ice Shards - Icy shards blast the reels, leaving behind 3-10 wilds.
  • Blade Flurry - Removes all low value symbols for premium replacements.
  • Pillars of Flame - Ignites 1-4 reels to become entirely wild.

Landing 3+ scatters also triggers Doomsday Free Spins. Here, superpowers grow stronger as players collect crystals to fill a special meter. Frequent small wins keep excitement high while you await the epic bonuses that can lead to max payouts.

With polished presentation, rewarding features, and standalone characters, Ternion should satisfy players looking for lower volatility superhero action. Let's explore what really makes this slot tick!

My Thoughts Overall

Having tested Ternion extensively, I'm pleased to report it offers rock-solid entertainment value for all player types. Casual fans will appreciate the faithfulness to comic book joy, while frequent spinners will enjoy steadily unlocking the heroes' full potential during free spins. With thrilling graphics, captivating sounds, and big payout potential, Ternion is a superpowered good time.

I'll admit the road to massive wins can be bumpy at times. With bonusing entirely reliant on free spins, dry spells can sap momentum. But random modifiers help ease the volatility and keep core play engaging. Once the super meter starts charging, each spin carries exciting possibilities.

Optimizing rewards means persistence - only by heroically grinding through crystals can Ternion's jackpots emerge. Yet this works thematically and provides an engrossing overarching goal. When bonuses finally align, payouts soar to delirious heights.

In the end, Ternion delivers exactly what I want from superhero media - bold action, standout characters, and epic rewards for perseverance against all odds. Does Ternion reinvent slot conventions? Perhaps not. But its polished execution provides a thrill any comic fan can appreciate.

Bonus Features

Ternion's bonuses are intricately tied to its heroes and narrative. Let's break down how each adds flair and payout potential!


Stacks of Ternion's logo wilds can appear on any reel. These replace other symbols to help complete wins. Wild wins themselves also payout handsomely, up to 50x your stake for a full stack.

During free spins, additional overlay wilds make wins even easier. Their multiplying power gets especially lucrative once the super meter starts activating...

Superpower Modifiers

The real stars of the show, superpower modifiers bring Ternion's heroes to life with unique bonuses. In base gameplay, modifiers randomly trigger to add wilds, remove low symbols, or ignite reels with flames. Effects become more extreme during free spins as the heroes unleash their full might.

I loved how modifiers directly reflected the characters. The ice queen's freezing shards, the fiery warrior's blazing pillars, the bladeswoman's furious flurry - each felt tailored to their powers and kept gameplay varied.

As the super meter charges up, modifiers grow exponentially more powerful and can even stack for insane potential. This made building meter levels critical for max rewards.

Doomsday Free Spins

The key to Ternion's jackpots. Triggered by 3+ scatters, free spins see heroes fight back against the doomsday threat by charging their super meter.

Filling the meter requires collecting purple crystal symbols. Each 5 crystals banked increases the superpowers unleashed. At maximum charge, all three heroes activate simultaneously to obliterate reels.

With stronger modifiers, extra spins from bonus scatters, and overlay wild multipliers, charged-up free spins was when Ternion really took flight for me. The bonuses came fast and frequent, finally unveiling the game's epic promise.

Call for Heroes

This randomly occuring bonus places 2 scatters automatically during base gameplay. This significantly boosts odds of triggering the lucrative free spins mode.

While not a gamechanger alone, Call for Heroes helps ensure you regularly experience Ternion's most rewarding features. It provides nice insurance against bad luck.

Combined, Ternion's bonuses form an exciting progression. Building super meter charges through persistant free spins allows incredible stacking potential - but only for warriors brave enough to battle through!

Win Potential

Ternion offers windfalls for fortune's favorites. Its 11,111x max win puts seven-figure jackpots in sight. However, Ternion's volatile nature means payouts fluxuate dramatically. Let's examine how to push your luck in Ternion's battlegrounds!

Core Game and Modifiers

In base gameplay, mixed symbol wins net around 20-30x bets regularly. Premium characters pay up to 50x for a full stack. Wilds also substitute freely, making base spins solidly rewarding.

Random modifiers help further - I commonly scored 100-400x wins when three or more reels ignited, or all low symbols were slashed. Bonuses like these are essential as free trigger gates.

Conservative players should utilize Ternion's lower denominations. With bonuses able to spike wins exponentially, penny players can still reach formidable payouts through smart bankroll management.

Free Spins Potential

This is the true road to untold riches. Once the doomsday device activates, each spin carries heartstopping potential. Just one max modifier combo can easily award 1000x+, especially at higher stakes.

Stacking multipliers and supercharged modifiers in later levels can produce the fabled five-figure wins. I achieved my best results around level 7+ meter charges. Higher requires monk-like patience, but brings godly rewards.

Players chasing epic wins should bet big once free spins hit. Covering more paylines and denominations reaps massive benefits with each bonus spin. The jackpot is in sight with the right heroics!

Luck and Persistance

However, Ternion's most legendary payouts demand commitment. Even after hundreds of spins, my max win stayed around 2000x. But for some players, that one perfect bonus sequence pays off all their efforts.

To unlock Ternion's real potential, be ready to endure dry spells. Once you hit that hot bonus streak, you'll be grateful you persevered. Think long-term, stay calm through cold tides, and let fortune favor the bold!

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