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4.6 out of 5

Dark Summoning by Hacksaw Gaming
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:4 February

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๐ŸŒ‘ Hello Fellow Slot Enthusiasts! Maria White Here, Back Again with Another In-Depth Slot Review After Playing a Game Extensively. ๐ŸŽฐ Today, we're venturing into the shadowy realm of Dark Summoning by Hacksaw Gaming. As someone with a penchant for the macabre, I was thrilled at the prospect of delving into this dark-themed adventure!

๐ŸŽฐ Throughout the past week, I've dedicated myself to this eerie quest, spinning the reels over 1000 times across both desktop and mobile platforms. My aim? To ensure you, my dear readers, receive a thoroughly comprehensive review of every nook and cranny this slot has hidden in its depths.

๐Ÿ‘ป Strap in for a Spooky Ride as we embark on this chilling journey together!

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Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Dark Summoning instantly pulls you into its dark world with its stunning graphics and horror theme. The backdrop depicts a ritualistic stone portal flanked by two creepy characters - a robed skeleton and a horned demon. Their lifelike animations and detailed textures drag you right into the occult atmosphere.

The symbols also reinforce the sinister motif, including bloody scissors, flies, crows, pyramids with eyes, and the sigil of Baphomet. Each symbol is intricately designed with a ghoulish style. When they land in winning combinations, haunting sound effects add to the immersion.

I especially appreciated the subtle animations like flickering flames and swaying characters that make the world feel alive. The color scheme sticks to chilling blues, blacks, and reds that suit the genre. Overall, the graphics and theme excel at creating a richly dark environment true to the occult slot style.

Sound Effects & Music: 5/5

The audio builds upon the creepy visuals by using unsettling sound effects and music. Eerie tones play softly in the background as the reels spin, punctuated by shrill screams when you hit big wins. The sounds of dice rolling, flames crackling, and demonic whispers fill the silence with ominous noises.

The audio dynamically shifts when you trigger the two bonus features. The Trial by Hellfire round amps up the tempo with fast heavy metal riffs as a nod to its fiery theme. Conversely, the Rise to Salvation feature uses heavenly choirs and twinkling noises to contrast its angelic ascension.

I loved how the audio responded to the gameplay and brought the occult theme to life. Subtle ambient noises like distant screams and howling winds fill every moment with dread. Dark Summoning has some of the most immersive and fitting audio I've heard in slots.

Gameplay: 5/5

Dark Summoning takes a unique approach to its gameplay with inverted cascading reels and two distinct bonus rounds.

The base game features 24 paylines over a 5x6 reel set. Wins are formed by landing 3+ matching symbols from left to right. The Super Cascade system amps up the excitement - winning symbols disappear and new ones cascade down, potentially triggering consecutive wins. This dynamic tumbling makes every spin more engaging as you hope for big cascades.

Two scatter symbols also livens up the base game. The Order scatter transforms symbols into multiplier wilds while the Unholy scatter can trigger the free spins bonuses. These extras add layers of anticipation and ramp up the gameplay.

But the two free spins rounds are the real stars. Trial by Hellfire marks winning spots with Hellfire as fiery wilds rain down when you hit Unholy scatters. Rise to Salvation inverts the cascades as angelic symbols ascend upwards while awarding multipliers and cash prizes.

The contrasting features provide exhilarating variety and make every session feel fresh. I was impressed by how deep and satisfying the gameplay proved to be.

Rewards: 4/5

Dark Summoning offers heavenly rewards through its tumbling wins, wild multipliers, and generous bonus features. The base game includes a 30x payout for 5 wild symbols alongside wins up to 10x from standard symbols.

But the biggest prizes come from the free spins rounds and special modifiers. The Trial by Hellfire and Rise to Salvation bonuses can award huge wins as wilds and multipliers stack. I hit over 200x my bet multiple times by combining their lucrative mechanics.

The Order and Unholy scatters also add exciting win potential to every spin. The Order scatter frequently blanketed my reels in multiplier wilds worth over 50x my bet! And the Unholy scatter was my ticket to those luscious free spins.

With a max win of 10,666x your bet, Dark Summoning has tremendous reward potential. I was able to regularly hit wins in the hundreds of credits thanks to the generous bonus features. Just beware - the volatility means rewards come sporadically between dry spells.

Originality: 5/5

Dark Summoning brings unique ideas that reinforce its theme and enhance the gameplay. The two contrasting free spins rounds stand out for their creativity.

Rise to Salvation is especially innovative with its ascending reels that have angelic Lost Souls move upwards instead of the standard downward cascades. The ascending mechanic beautifully complements the angelic salvation concept.

Plus, the Lost Soul symbols that award multipliers and cash prizes add an exciting gambling element as you watch them ascend to the heavens. These creative touches make Dark Summoning feel truly distinctive.

The brooding occult theme is also less common compared to the overdone magic and princess motifs. Dark Summoning's darker art and audio provide a fresh and thrilling atmosphere that immerses you in its unsettling world. Overall, the slot delivers engaging originality.

Overall: 4.6/5

After playing over 1000 spins across desktop and mobile, I'm delighted to give Dark Summoning a perfect 5-star overall rating. Its cinematic graphics and chilling audio create an incredibly immersive and frightening atmosphere that pulls you in.

The gameplay itself is dynamic and varied thanks to the tumbling wins and two imaginative free spins features. And the potential rewards are heavenly, especially when the bonus rounds deliver their munificent multipliers and wilds. Even after hours of play, I was still captivated.

Dark Summoning stands out for its production quality, unique ideas, and satisfying gameplay loop full of big win potential. This is a must-play slot that provides fun and rewards in equal measure. Just prepare yourself for its sinister atmosphere - if you dare embrace the darkness, it will embrace you back!

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Dark Summoning is a 5x6 video slot created by Hacksaw Gaming. The creepy occult theme and dynamic cascading gameplay provide an immersive and exciting experience.


The gameplay centers around the cascading wins. Anytime you land a winning combination, those symbols disappear and new ones tumble down to fill the gaps. This can trigger consecutive wins and provide engaging action.

Two scatter symbols also enrich the gameplay. The Order scatter transforms up to 9 symbols into multiplier wilds. While the Unholy scatter is key to activating the two free spins bonuses.

In the Trial by Hellfire bonus, winning positions are marked with Hellfire. When the Unholy scatter lands, these Hellfire spots turn into multiplier wilds.

The Rise to Salvation round features inverted cascades with symbols rising upwards. Special Lost Soul symbols move up the reels and award multipliers or cash prizes when reaching the top.

Visuals & Audio

Dark Summoning uses stunning HD visuals to bring its occult theme to life. The stone backdrop and demonic characters create an unsettling yet mesmerizing atmosphere. Eerie sound effects and dynamic music enhance the immersion.

With its cinematic presentation, varied gameplay, and heavenly potential jackpots, Dark Summoning provides a scary yet satisfying experience. The tumbling wins and inverted cascades keep every session feeling fresh. This occult slot machine is a sinfully good time!

My Thoughts Overall

Dark Summoning has instantly become one of my favorite online slots thanks to its immersive experience and heavenly gameplay. I love when slots really commit to a theme, and Dark Summoning's graphics, audio, and mechanics all shine together to create a frightening yet captivating world.

The Super Cascade system continually satisfies with its dynamic tumbling wins that frequently blast out rewards. Triggering the two free spins rounds exhilarates as their contrasting mechanics deliver piles of multipliers and wilds. This is a slot I can play for hours and still be utterly engrossed.

It's also optimized smoothly across desktop and mobile. The occult graphics and haunting sounds retain their stellar impact on smaller screens to fully engross you. The only negative is the high volatility - I encountered some long dry spells which can drain your balance if you chase big wins.

But with a heavenly 10,666x max win and Miranda offering frequent success through the base game and bonuses, the jackpot hunt is worthwhile. I wholeheartedly recommend Dark Summoning for its production quality, rewarding features, and captivating gameplay. This sinister slot provides a frighteningly good time!

Bonus Features

Dark Summoning comes packed with exciting bonus features that make every session feel dynamic and rewarding. Here's an overview of the bonuses:

Super Cascade

The Super Cascade system amps up every spin. Anytime you hit a win, all matching symbols on the reels disappear and new ones cascade down, allowing for consecutive wins. Big cascades are thrilling and can instantly blast your balance skywards!

Wild Multipliers

The wilds symbols can appear with 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, or 100x multipliers attached. Having multiple multiplier wilds in one win chains their values together for insane payouts!

Will of the Order

When the Order scatter symbol lands, it transforms itself and 1-9 surrounding symbols into wilds that may also have juicy multipliers. This mass wild conversion can lead to gigantic wins from a single spin!

Unholy Summoning

The Unholy scatter collects at the top when appearing in winning combos. Get 3 in one round to activate the two amazing free spins bonuses!

Trial by Hellfire Free Spins

Landing 3 Unholy scatters triggers this fiery round. Winning positions are marked by Hellfire frames. When the Unholy scatter appears, it triggers the Fires of Hell which turns Hellfire positions and the scatter into multiplier wilds for huge wins!

Rise to Salvation Free Spins

This bonus also requires 3 Unholy scatters plus an Order scatter to trigger. The reels invert with symbols rising upwards and two new Lost Soul symbols in play:

  • Global Multiplier Lost Souls - Awards a 2x to 100x multiplier when they ascend the reels
  • Cash Prize Lost Souls - Awards a cash prize worth 10x to 666x your bet when they ascend

These special symbols persisting on the reels and moving upwards creates exciting anticipation as you want to see them reach the top to unlock their lucrative rewards! Combined with the ascending cascades, this bonus game feels angelic.

Win Potential

Dark Summoning comes packed with win potential courtesy of its bonus features. The free spins rounds can shower you with multiplied wilds and big cash prizes. Plus the Order scatter routinely blankets the grid in multiplier wilds in the base game.

My biggest wins came from the Rise to Salvation bonus. On one spin, I hit a 50x multiplier Lost Soul and a 666x prize Lost Soul that ascended together. Combined with a 5x wild multiplier, it awarded a phenomenal 33,300x win!

Even outside the bonuses, the Wilds and Super Cascades brought frequent success. I landed a cascade of over 80x my bet just from repeated tumbling pays amplified by a 100x wild multiplier.

Across 1000 spins, my average win per session ultimately settled around 150x my total bet. For a high volatility slot, that's a success. Just brace yourself for the dry spells in between those big wins.

With a heavenly max win of 10,666x your bet, Dark Summoning has incredible win potential. The feature-packed gameplay routinely pays out three, four, and five-figure rewards if you're patient andPersistent. This sinister slot can bless you with salvation!

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