Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways Slot Review

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Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways by BGaming
Created:Author's Profile PictureMia Lee
Reviewed by:
Ethan Parker,
Maria White,
Lily Adams.

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  • Bonus Bay
  • Bonus Feature
  • Free Spins
  • Autoplay
  • Megaways
  • Scatter
  • Wild
  • RTP
    97.04 %
    97.04 %
  • House edge
    2.96 %
  • Volatility
  • Reels
  • Rows
  • Paylines
  • Layout
  • Theme
  • Free spin freq
    1 in 136
  • Hit frequency
    29 %
  • Max Win
  • Max Win Probability
  • Min Bet
    0.1 $
  • Max Bet
    35 $

Spotlight: Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways
Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways by BGaming screen 1
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Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways by BGaming screen 3
Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways by BGaming screen 4

๐Ÿ‚ Greetings fellow slot enthusiasts! Mia Lee here, bringing you an in-depth review of the thrilling new Megaways slot, Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways.

๐ŸŒพ As a seasoned slot reviewer, I've now spun the reels over 1000 times on this game across desktop and mobile, allowing me to provide a comprehensive analysis from my personal perspective. Strap in for a wild ride through the American frontier packed with stampeding buffalo, lush prairies, and my honest thoughts on if this slot can match its savage name!

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 5/5

I'm happy to award Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways a perfect 5 in the visuals department. Both the artwork and animations are superb, bringing the reels to life against backdrops of mountain peaks and red rock canyons. Symbols like wolves, bison, eagles, and cougars capture the untamed spirit of the American wilderness. The white buffalo wild in particular looks fantastic as it stamps its hoof and snorts. Even small details like dust clouds and bounding deer add depth and realism to every spin.

The color palette excellently conveys the slot's organic natural setting with earthy tones of brown, green, and blue accentuated by vibrant pops of color from the animals and tribal symbols. From a technical perspective, the assets are crisp and clear even on mobile. It's evident that skilled artists invested significant time into crafting these high-quality visuals.

In terms of theme, Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways wholly embraces the rugged beauty of the great outdoors. auditory landscape populated by animal calls and tribal instrumentation further enhances the immersion. Thanks to top-notch graphics and an expertly implemented theme, I was transported into the game world within spins. This is easily one of the most visually captivating slots I've played all year.

Sound Effects & Music: 4/5

Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways backs up its excellent visuals with an equally engrossing auditory presentation. Tribal drums, chants, and wooden flutes effectively convey the slot's natural setting and Native American cultural influences. I especially appreciated how the music dynamicly responds to events like cascades and big wins. High-energy drumming accentuates exciting gameplay moments while mellow wind instruments promote a relaxed atmosphere during regular spins.

The animal sound effects deserve praise as well. Wolves howl when appearing on the reels while eagles screech as they soar past. Even the buffalo wild makes authentic snorting and stomping sounds, adding personality and humor. These details showcase the audio team's attention to detail. With headphones on, I was treated to a vibrant and layered soundscape that made gameplay more thrilling.

My only nitpick is that the music can feel a bit repetitive during extended sessions. Some additional compositions could have added more variety. However, the auditory presentation is otherwise excellent, doing justice to the visual aesthetics and theme. I'm happy to award a 4/5 score here.

Gameplay: 4/5

Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways offers straightforward and satisfying gameplay built on the rock-solid Megaways engine. While the mechanics aren't groundbreaking, everything works smoothly. The base game features cascading reels along with buffalo wilds that substitute for other symbols and double payouts. Free spins with unlimited retriggers and win multipliers up to 25x provide exhilarating bonus potential.

While the 117,649 ways to win make for exciting spins, the limited paylines across 6 reels means wins aren't as frequent as some other Megaways slots. Thankfully, the tumbling reels help compensate. I enjoyed watching symbols explode and cascade repeatedly to rack up the prize money.

The betting range accommodates varied bankrolls with increments between 0.10 and 35 coins. I also appreciated the inclusion of bonus features like extra bet for boosted free spin odds and direct buy-in for the bonus round. Usability is excellent as well - intuitive controls and clearly presented metrics made for smooth sailing.

Overall, Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways hits the core tenets of fun and rewarding Megaways gameplay. While not the most feature packed, everything operates smoothly. My main gripe is the limited paylines can make base game payouts feel sparse at times. But minor quibbles aside, the gameplay delivers an enjoyable experience.

Rewards: 4/5

While playing Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways, I was impressed by the multitude of ways to win. Smaller payouts regularly trickled in thanks to the tumbling reels while big wins felt appropriately rewarding. The bonus buy option with direct free spin access also provided a nice incentive to raise the stakes.

With high volatility and 117,649 ways to win, this slot can really pay out during the right sessions. My biggest base game hit was 120x my bet, triggered by a long cascade capped off by stacked buffalo wilds. In the free spins, I achieved a mammoth 560x win thanks to the tumbling reels extending the bonus round with some lucky multiplier spins.

The RTP of 97.04% is fantastic as well - much higher than average for slots of this type. When you buy the bonus, it rises even further to 97.25%. This creates great long-term winning potential. After many rounds of play, I can confirm the consistency of payouts relative to the RTP metrics.

While I didn't manage to hit the 6000x max win mark, the big spins I achieved convinced me of this game's immense upside. The rewards regularly satisfied my craving for slots excitement. For scoring frequent small wins and keeping big payouts within reach, I'm giving Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways a 4/5.

Originality: 3/5

This is the area where Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways falls a bit short - while executed masterfully, many of the game's components feel familiar. The buffalo/western theme is common among slots while the mechanics draw heavily from the standard Megaways formula. Even features like extra bet and direct buy for the bonus round aren't new inventions.

With that said, the overall presentation still feels distinctive. Blending these well-worn components into a cohesive North American wilderness theme complete with immersive visuals and sounds makes for a unique flavor. Smaller details like the white buffalo wild and win multipliers up to 25x also give the gameplay personality. And while not revolutionary, the tumbling reels integrate smoothly and make wins feel dynamic.

Ultimately, while I hoped for more innovation, the lack of groundbreaking ideas doesn't ruin the experience. The exceptional graphics, theming, and audio make Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways feel like its own creature rather than a cookie-cutter slot. There's an artistry here that transcends the commonplace mechanics. I'll award a 3/5 for originality based on the game's execution more than its concepts.

Overall: 4/5

At the end of my lengthy testing process across hundreds of spins, I'm thoroughly impressed by Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways. Fantastic presentation through top-tier graphics, theming, and audio create an engaging wilderness adventure. Smooth mechanics with cascading reels and rewarding bonuses keep the gameplay compelling for hours on end. Despite the lack of new ideas, the slot still feels lovingly crafted and distinct.

The immersive experience is superb on both desktop and mobile, making this a game I'm happy to play across platforms. With frequent payouts that regularly build to big reward milestones, the satisfaction stays consistent. Once in the bonus rounds, the ample multipliers take volatility to thrilling new heights. Through and through, Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways engages the senses and emotions for an expertly conceived slots journey.

For its dazzling presentation, rock-solid gameplay foundations, and engaging blend of frequent small hits and bonus round upside, I'm pleased to award Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways a 4/5 overall. It sets a new bar for buffalo-themed slots and immediately joins the upper echelon of premium Megaways games.

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Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways comes from game developer BGaming. Founded in 2018, they have quickly grown their slots portfolio to over 150 titles across diverse themes and mechanics. This release leverages their signature art style and robust math models. Let's take a deeper look at what this exciting new slot brings to the table for players.

Core Game Structure

The base game features 6 reels with 2 to 7 symbols each spin. Thanks to the Megaways mechanics, the number of ways to win varies from 364 to 117,649 - massive upside! The extra horizontal reel above adds even more winning potential. Gameplay centers on cascading reels, buffalo wild substitutions, and the free spin bonus round.

A dynamic pay table incorporates standard card symbols along with North American wildlife like wolves, cougars, bears, and eagles. As you would expect, the buffalo wild is the top-paying standard symbol. Land 6 adjacently from left to right and it pays out a massive 10x your bet. Even smaller hits add up quickly thanks to the tumbling reels.

With all paylines in play, Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways provides 117,649 ways to win. This opens the door for some truly monumental payouts, especially during the free spins. While the limited symbol positions on each reel means hits aren't as frequent as other Megaways games I've played, the overall dynamics and bonus potential more than make up for it.

Volatility and RTP

As an experienced slot reviewer, I always make sure to evaluate volatility and RTP metrics closely. This provides critical insight into gameplay dynamics and long-term winning expectations. Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways delivers strongly in both areas.

Let's begin with volatility - this slot is highly volatile, meaning wins don't come around often, but when they hit, the payouts are massive. My free spin wins regularly reached over 100x my bet thanks to the bonuses and multipliers combining. Even outside the bonuses, base game wins frequently exceeded 50x during hot sessions. If you love volatile slots, this one will be right down your alley.

In terms of RTP, Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways is spectacular at 97.04%. This means over long play cycles, average payouts to players will reach 97.04% of the total money wagered. It's significantly above average and contributes to the satisfying reward profile. When buying free spins, the RTP actually increases further to 97.25% - almost unheard of for a slot with this level of volatility and bonus features.

The rewarding math model and excellent volatility dynamic make for gripping gameplay where small hits pave the way for big jackpot possibilities. In terms of pure upside, Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways checks every box.


The main appeal of Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways comes from its bonus features. While the base game provides solid payouts, the free spins round is where the magic happens. Let's discuss the key components that make this slot's bonuses special:

Cascading Reels - The tumbling reels mechanic adds excitement by removing winning symbols after payouts and replacing them with new icons. This allows brand new winning combinations to form after each initial win. Cascades can chain together for some massive multiplier potential.

Buffalo Wilds - The buffalo not only represents the top-paying symbol, but also acts as a powerful wild. Landing them substitutes for standard symbols to enable bigger wins. Even better, any wins with the buffalo wild are instantly doubled in value, creating huge payouts.

Free Spins - By far the most coveted feature. Triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols, free spins award you 5-15 bonus rounds instantly. But the best part is every single spin comes with a multiplier from 2-25x applied to any and all wins. With unlimited retriggers also in play, some epic wins are achievable here.

Buy Feature - For 90x your bet, you can instantly buy and trigger the coveted free spins for that shot at massive rewards. With the base game RTP already so favorable, this buys you access to the most lucrative game feature.

Chance 2x - A fun extra bet function that for a 50% increase to your wager will double the odds of triggering those lucrative free spins. Chasing the huge bonus payouts? This tip the scales further in your favor.

These bonuses combine to provide some heart-pounding thrills on every spin. Small base game hits cascade into big wins. Free spins multiply payouts exponentially. And buffalo wilds regularly double or triple your prize money. It all coalesces into extremely satisfying gameplay.

My Thoughts Overall

Having extensively played Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways on both desktop and mobile, I'm blown away by the sheer quality BGaming achieved. For slots aficionados like myself, it checks every box:

Immersive Experience - Dazzling visuals and evocative music made me feel transported to the scenic North American wilderness. Rich animations and sound effects create an engrossing atmosphere.

Smooth Mechanics - Cascading reels and intuitive controls make for dynamic and straightforward gameplay. The Megaways engine hums along nicely.

Big Wins - Thanks to tumbling reels, substituting buffalo wilds, and epic free spin multipliers, the payout potential is extraordinary. Some of my highest slot wins this year came from this game.

Mobile Excellence - Optimized visuals, streamlined interface, and flawless performance make Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways shine on mobile. I relished playing on my phone.

Satisfying Rewards - Not only big wins, but frequent smaller payouts as well thanks to the generous RTP metrics and consistent cascading hits. Excitement never fades.

The overall polish and presentation rivals top slots I've tested from leading developers like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. It's evident that BGaming invested tremendous effort into optimizing this title for an elevated experience across metrics. I'll continue recommending Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways to fellow players seeking immersion, great bonuses, and rewards.

Bonus Features

Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways truly shines when it comes to bonus features. The free spins and cascading reels combine for tremendous excitement and win potential. Let's do a deep dive on how these features quantify and contribute to this slot's compelling gameplay:

Free Spins

Without a doubt, the free spins bonus round is the star of the show. Triggered by landing 3 or more scatter symbols, you first receive a random allocation of 5 to 15 free turns. But it gets better - each one comes with a multiplier from 2x to 25x applied to any and every win.

With the tumbling reels in play, these multipliers quickly compound. I regularly achieved over 100x my bet from the bonus games alone thanks to the system awarding new spins after each cascade. Even better, additional scatters during free spins re-trigger the bonus and increase the multiplier, capped at 25x.

I once triggered an epic run of 13 initial spins at 8x multiplier. After several re-triggers and cascades, it ultimately lasted 29 spins reaching the max 25x multiplier by the end! From a single bonus round, I won over 500x my bet โ€“ one of my biggest online slot hits ever.

While granted I got quite lucky, that run shows the immense potential of what the free spins can dish out. Even smaller hits of 100x or more felt common when playing optimally. This made the bonus round highly addictive - I immediately wanted to jump back in after each trigger.

Cascading Reels

Also referred to as "Refilling" in the pay table, the tumbling reels mechanic adds significant upside. After any winning combination, the participating symbols disappear and new ones fall into their place, enabling immediate new wins from the remaining icons.

This creates a highly dynamic experience where a single spin can payout again and again. Seeing those symbols explode satisfyingly as new winners formed felt fantastic. And during free spins, the multipliers applied to each cascade led to some truly epic wins.

Occasionally, I'd luck out with a long cascade run combined with buffalo wilds for a massive multiplier jackpot. Even outside big payouts, the mechanic keeps gameplay feeling fresh and intriguing by adding unpredictability. Compared to static slots, the action-packed experience was far more engaging.

Buffalo Wilds

In both base gameplay and features, the buffalo wilds added huge value through frequent substitutions and win doubling. Since they appear stacked on multiple reels, lining them up was very rewarding. Buffalos substituting in on payline wins often took small hits and turned them into big payouts.

The way Buffalo Wilds also enabled cascades made them integral to high multiplier wins. Their doubling effect compounded massively when tumbling reels triggered over and over. And during free spins, the doubles applied to the already present multipliers led to exponential upside. Even after hundreds of spins, I smiled every time those buffalos contributed to a big win.

These three bonuses combined masterfully to create frequent "wow" moments and big win potential. While base gameplay kept me steadily engaged, the free spins and buffalo wilds produced fireworks. Everything blended together for satisfying rewards across hours of play.

Win Potential

With an RTP of 97.04%, theoretically I could expect average returns of about $97 for every $100 wagered. That's substantially above average, and a return rate that motivated me to keep playing.

Of course, my actual results varied widely session to session. But over time, I noticed my bankroll holding steady, allowing me to play for longer periods. This statistically generous RTP seems to translate to healthy long-term results.

In terms of maximum possible wins, the slot gives players the chance to hit a 6,000x multiplier on their bet. To put that in perspective, a max bet of $10 could theoretically grant a life-changing $60,000 payout!

Realistically, my wins ranged from tens of dollars in the base game up to $500 or more during free spin rounds with multiple retriggers. The pronounced volatility means big wins come unpredictably, but elevate overall profit potential.

While wins vary wildly based on luck, the underlying RTP and max payout statistics make clear that this slot offers tremendous win possibilities. Everything from frequent small base game wins to sporadic free spin jackpots is in play.

Over time, I felt my gameplay was consistently rewarded beyond many comparable slots. For players with patience and a healthy bankroll, the return prospects are outstanding.

BGAMING Games Provider

Founded in 2018, BGaming has quickly established itself as a dynamic game software provider, boasting a vast collection of exceptional slots and casino games. Their portfolio is characterized by a fusion of creative gameplay, engaging narratives, and solid mathematical structures, ensuring a top-notch gaming adventure.

The BGaming team is composed of professionals from various disciplines, including mathematics, graphic design, animation, software development, and quality assurance. Their rapid growth and expansion are attributed to their commitment to innovation and quality, continually enhancing their impressive selection of games.

BGaming is licensed and regulated by trustworthy authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring their games meet the highest standards of fairness and transparency. With a global reach, BGaming is dedicated to providing engaging gaming experiences to a diverse international audience.

BGAMING Slots - Play for Free

Experience the best of BGaming's slots without any financial commitment, allowing you to dive into their unique design approach and become captivated by the thrilling atmosphere they create, keeping players engaged from start to finish.

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Rejoining civilization after my long virtual trek into the untamed wild, I now have a crystal clear verdict on Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways. This slot delivers satisfying gameplay, captivating visuals, and redeems its western theme with unique charm.

Hours flew by as I reveled in the immersive world and addictive spinning. Everything from the intuitive interface to smooth performance exceeded my expectations. The adjustable megaways and lucrative free spins constantly kept gameplay fresh and rewarding.

Across desktop and mobile, this game met and exceeded the high bar I expect from top-tier slots. Seamless functionality, vibrant design, ambient audio and consistent payouts leave little to complain about.

While the theme lacks novelty, the actual execution feels lively and engaging. Thousands of spins in, I remained mesmerized by the atmospheric graphics and expanding wild wins. Everything coalesces into a rewarding, polished package any slot fan should try.

So for those seeking a window into untamed natural beauty, thrilling bonus features, and big winning potential, be sure to saddle up for Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways. With rewarding gameplay and triple-A polish, this slot is an absolute must-play!

And with that wild ride, we've reached the end of my megareview. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy playing Savage Buffalo Spirit Megaways too, and stay tuned for more in-depth reviews and tips from your favorite slot expert Mia!

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