Pirots 2 Slot Review

4 out of 5

Pirots 2 by ELK Studios
Reviewed by:
Ethan Parker,
Maria White,
Lily Adams.

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  • bandRaiting
  • Provider
    ELK Studios
  • Release Date
  • Bonus Bay
  • Free Spins
  • Autoplay
  • Wild
  • RTP
    94.00 %
    94 %
  • House edge
    6.00 %
  • Volatility
  • Reels
  • Rows
  • Paylines
    Cluster pays
  • Layout
  • Theme
    Animals, Pirates
  • Free spin freq
  • Hit frequency
    25.4 %
  • Max Win
  • Max Win Probability
  • Min Bet
    0.2 $
  • Max Bet
    100 $

Spotlight: Pirots 2

Pirots 2 by ELK Studios screen 1
Pirots 2 by ELK Studios screen 2
Pirots 2 by ELK Studios screen 3
Pirots 2 by ELK Studios screen 4

๐Ÿฆœ Grab your hiking boots and binoculars, slot fans, because we're going on an adventure to the land before time! Pirots 2 from ELK Studios is the highly-anticipated sequel to the swashbuckling success of the original Pirots slot, and this time our beloved birds are setting their sights on the prehistoric era. Join me, Mia Lee, on a journey 65 million years in the making as I take Pirots 2 for a spin and share my thoughts in this in-depth review ๐Ÿ”.

๐Ÿฆ• After spending over 1000 spins with this dino-filled delight across desktop and mobile, I'm ready to let my inner archaeologist run wild and provide you with the most comprehensive and personal perspective possible.

๐ŸŒ‹ From soaring sound effects to savage bonus features, does Pirots 2 mark a thrilling new discovery or will it end up nothing more than fossilized fun? Let's dig in and find out!

Raiting by Casino.band

Graphics and Theme: 4/5

From the first moment the reels slide into view, it's clear you're no longer in the Caribbean anymore with Pirots 2. Lush greenery and towering trees transport players to a dense prehistoric forest, complete with a rickety rollercoaster winding its way through the canopy. It's a creative change of scenery that still retains familiar elements like the see-through grid and our colorful feathered friends.

The backdrop artwork is stunningly detailed, with creeping vines, exotic flowers, and dazzling dragonflies bringing the rainforest to life. Dinos of all shapes and sizes lumber about, from sharp-toothed carnivores to lumbering brachiosaurs. Their animated movements and occasional roars add an immersive ambiance to the gameplay.

As for the symbols, ELK Studios retains their characteristic richness while embracing the new theme. Amber fossils in shades of blue, green, purple and red offer payouts, while special symbols bursting with personality match the prehistoric vibes. My absolute favorites are the red T-Rex egg symbols, which crack open to unleash adorable baby dinosaurs that send the birds scattering.

With such vibrant visuals and theming that transports you to an era of reptilian reign, Pirots 2 fully earns its 4 out of 5 dinosaur rating for graphics and theme. It's a dynamic setting brought to life with imaginative artistry and attention to detail.

Sound Effects & Music: 4/5

Matching the bold new backdrop is an atmospheric soundtrack that evokes feelings of adventure and discovery. Sweeping orchestral melodies rise and fall with building drama, accented by trilling flutes, booming drums, and delicate chimes. It's the musical equivalent of uncovering fossils on a fantastical expedition.

When symbols smash together and big wins occur, the triumphant tunes hit a crescendo, pumping up the excitement. The dinosaurs themselves let out mighty roars on occasion, while chirping birds and buzzing insects add natural ambiance between spins. ELK Studios demonstrates their mastery of slot audio once again, crafting an aural experience as transportive as the visuals.

With crystal clear sounds that spark the imagination and perk the spirit, Pirots 2 soars to a 4 out of 5 rating for its immersive music and energizing sound effects. I was humming along in no time as I spun through the ancient wilderness.

Gameplay: 4/5

The essential mechanics of the original Pirots game carry over for the most part in this sequel. Wins are formed when the colorful bird symbols move to collect adjacent matching fossils and features. Birds can swap places horizontally if it enables them to build clusters, and if 3+ align vertically they battle to remove symbols and grab extras.

It's a unique format that requires close attention compared to standard slots. Some may find it frustratingly complex, while fans of strategic gameplay will delight in its multi-layered possiblities. Personally, I think ELK Studios found a nice balance - it's evolved from the first Pirots but retains the core concepts.

New elements like egg symbols hatching baby dinos and popcorn symbols enabling expanded movement provide fresh dynamics without overcomplicating things further. The graphics make crystal clear which bird can collect which fossil, and the collection meter is handy for tracking progress.

For bringing thoughtful improvements that build on the established mechanics in intuitive ways, I give Pirots 2 a well-earned 4 out of 5 for gameplay. It finds that sweet spot between familiarity and innovation.

Rewards: 3/5

While retaining the prehistoric theme in the bonus features would have been awesome, Pirots 2 provides plenty of rewarding ways to boost earnings that fit seamlessly into the base gameplay. Upgrades for the amber fossils are key, increasing payouts exponentially up to 50x your stake at max level.

Coins bursting with multipliers help turn small clusters into big wins, especially the epic max win coin. I also love the egg symbols that crack open to reveal cute baby dinos that scatter the birds to new spots. And having the expanding meteor strikes on my side was extremely satisfying!

The free spins bonus brings the excitement, letting you continue building symbol upgrades and meter progression across 5 complimentary games. And for players outside the UK, the X-iter provides handy buy-in options to access bonuses and modifiers.

While the RTP of 94% is on the lower end, the generous 10,000x max win potential keeps your dreaming big. For packing a plethora of rewarding features on top of innovative base gameplay, Pirots 2 scores a 3 out of 5 for rewards.

Originality: 5/5

When it comes to sheer originality, the team at ELK Studios has few equals, and they continue thinking outside the box with Pirots 2. The first Pirots carved out a niche as a truly unique grid slot, and the sequel takes the ingenious mechanics in bold new directions.

From the creative rainforest meets dinosaur park setting to the evolved bird collecting format and bonuses like meteor strikes and egg hatchings, Pirots 2 feels distinctly fresh and imaginative. Yet it retains the core concepts that made the original a hit while elevating them to new levels.

For finding the perfect balance between familiar and innovative elements, I happily give Pirots 2 a 5 out of 5 for originality. This sequel retains the best parts of its predecessor while venturing into creative new territory.

Overall: 4/5

When you spin Pirots 2 for the first time, you quickly realize you're in for something special. Vibrant graphics and sweeping scores transport you to a lost world brought to life in meticulous detail by ELK Studios' talented artists and sound designers.

The unique gameplay retains its strategic appeal while implementing smart new mechanics that complement rather than complicate. Rewarding features give your earnings a satisfying boost, even if the RTP is on the lower side. And most importantly, that feeling of originality and discovery that made the first Pirots so iconic shines through.

For delivering an exceptional balance of familiarity and innovation alongside immersive aesthetics and rewarding gameplay, Pirots 2 earns an overall 4 out of 5 rating. ELK Studios has once again pushed slot boundaries in wildly entertaining new directions. I'd gladly follow our feathered friends on many more fossil-filled adventures!

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Get your hiking boots on slot fans, because Pirots 2 from innovative developer ELK Studios is taking us all on a prehistoric expedition! This long-awaited sequel to the original smash hit Pirots slot trades in pirate ships for lush jungles and swashbuckling birds for lumbering dinosaurs.

Joining the colorful feathered foursome from the first game, players now navigate a dense rainforest filled with amber fossils, explosive bonuses, and even a rickety mine cart rollercoaster winding through the treetops! It's a bold new world, but the signature bird collecting format returns with some intelligent upgrades.

Traverse treacherous terrain as you build payout upgrades, crack open dino egg symbols, and reap coin rewards. When those amber meters max out, meteor strikes wreak beautifully destructive havoc. And a free spins bonus with persistent rewards provides the crowning glory. With top-tier graphics and sound design bringing it all to life, Pirots 2 is a journey well worth taking!

Several key factors make Pirots 2 a must-play slot for fans of exotic themes and innovative gameplay...

Vibrant Graphics and Sound: Tropical scenery and sweeping scores set the scene beautifully. Dinosaurs and details galore immerse you in a lost world.

Strategic Gameplay: The bird collecting mechanic returns with smart new elements added seamlessly to the mix. Intuitive and engaging.

Egg-Cellent Rewards: Upgrades for amber symbols, explosive bonuses, multiplier coins, and a free spins bonus with persistent perks.

Originality Shines Through: Pirots 2 retains the series' signature style while moving in creative new directions. Revision done right!

So sharpen those talons and prepare for takeoff as we soar into the acclaimed sequel that is Pirots 2! This dino-sized package of cascading symbols, explosive bonuses, and 10,000x max wins makes for a slot adventure 65 million years in the making. Time to join the fowl fellows on their most egg-citing escapade yet!

My Thoughts Overall

Having spent over 1000 spins across desktop and mobile with this highly-anticipated sequel from ELK Studios, I'm happy to report that Pirots 2 definitely delivers the goods! The team behind legendary slots like cygnus and Bison Trail have crafted yet another instant classic here.

While some sequels fail to capture the magic of the original, Pirots 2 succeeds wonderfully on all fronts. The signature bird collecting gameplay has been intelligently built upon with new elements like egg hatching symbols and grid-expanding meteor strikes that liven up the action.

Win potential remains an impressive 10,000x your bet, with amber fossil upgrades, multiplier coin rewards and a free spins bonus with persistent features helping you hit those lofty heights. And even over 1000 spins in, I'm still wowed by the vibrant graphics and immersive sound design.

Pirots 2 really shows what can be achieved when a talented team respects the strengths of an existing formula but has the courage to push boundaries and evolve it to the next level. ELK Studios has struck the perfect balance here between familiar and innovative.

Bottom line - Pirots 2 is an instant must-play for me! It retains everything I loved about the original Pirots slot while venturing into creative new territory. The gameplay is strategic and engaging, the bonuses are clever and rewarding, and that sense of being transported to an immersive lost world is stronger than ever thanks to the stellar aesthetics.

While the RTP of 94% leaves a bit to be desired, and some may find the mechanics overly complex at first, the good vastly outweighs any negatives here. I'd follow our Fearsome Foursome on Jurassic adventures forever if ELK Studios kept up this level of quality!

Bonus Features

Beyond the innovative bird collecting format in the base game, Pirots 2 incorporates a suite of rewarding bonus features that keep gameplay feeling fresh even after many spins. Here's an overview of the extras that kept me happily hatching big wins!

Amber Upgrades: Land upgrade arrows to boost your amber fossils up to 7 levels, increasing their payouts exponentially with each milestone met.

Coin Multipliers: Coins bearing juicy multipliers award instant payouts when collected, including the epic max win coin.

Egg Symbols: These crack open to reveal adorable baby dinos that scatter the birds to new spots for a refreshed grid.

Meteor Strikes: Massive red button symbols trigger meteors that explode symbols and expand the grid for more action.

Popcorn Perk: Buttery popcorn symbols let your birds access hard-to-reach spots for a spin by crossing over empty spaces.

Mushroom Magic: Transforms adjacent amber symbols to match collecting birds and may convert them into valuable new features.

Free Spins: The main event - land 3 scatters and enjoy 5 free spins with all your hard-earned progress and features persistent!

As you can see, Pirots 2 incorporates a diverse array of bonus features on top of the already engaging base gameplay. They blend seamlessly into the mix rather than feel tacked on, with each one providing uniquely rewarding dynamics to pursue. It's a testament to ELK Studios' design talents!

Win Potential

One key aspect I look at when reviewing slots is whether their features and format can translate to big winning potential as well as entertainment value. I'm pleased to say that Pirots 2 delivers admirably in this department!

With the RTP set at 94%, you can expect to endure some dry spells as the birds seek out those elusive big wins. But persistent Amber upgrades are where the real money lies - maxing them out turns even small clusters into 500x wins or more.

Those multiplier coin symbols help turn modest beginnings into mega payouts when they appear at opportune times as well. I most appreciated their impact in the free spins bonus, where all progress stays locked in across the 5 complimentary games.

And with a staggering 10,000x max win in play, the biggest payouts deliver life-changing sums. It may take hundreds of spins to hit, but everything lines up perfectly for that once-in-a-lifetime score. Matching high paying upgraded Amber symbols with a max win coin is the dream!

While Pirots 2 provides entertainment value even when the wins are small, its innovative format promises so much more. The persistent upgrades and features mean your winning potential is constantly expanding. Smart design and engaging gameplay make grinding out that huge 10,000x jackpot achievable with patience.

ELK Studios Games Provider

Established in 2013, ELK Studios has swiftly made a name for itself as an innovative game software provider, featuring a curated selection of high-quality slots and casino games. Their offerings are marked by an ingenious blend of creative gameplay, captivating storylines, and solid mathematical structures, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.

The team at ELK Studios comprises experts from a range of disciplines including mathematics, graphic design, animation, software development, and quality assurance. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, ELK Studios continually adds to their distinguished gaming portfolio, keeping pace with the evolving demands of the industry.

ELK Studios is licensed and regulated by prestigious authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring their games adhere to the highest standards of fairness and integrity. With a global presence and a dedication to quality, ELK Studios caters to a wide international audience, providing engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

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Indulge in the premium games from ELK Studios without any financial commitment, exploring their innovative design philosophy and immersing yourself in the exhilarating atmosphere they create, capturing your attention and interest from the very beginning.

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When I first loaded Pirots 2, I'll admit I wondered if ELK Studios could recapture the magic of the original while bringing something fresh to the table. 1000+ spins later, I can definitively say they have succeeded marvelously on both fronts!

Pirots 2 delivers everything fans loved about its groundbreaking predecessor while intelligently building upon that winning formula at the same time. The signature bird collecting cascades return with intuitive new elements seamlessly woven in, from egg hatching symbols to explosive meteor strikes.

Equally impressive is the aesthetic presentation, with Pirots 2's rainforest backdrop and sweeping musical score creating an immersive lost world ambiance that grips you from the first spin. This is a masterclass in slot graphics, sound and game design.

Smart new takes on bonuses like persistent Amber upgrades and popcorn symbols that assist navigation demonstrate ELK Studios' knack for innovation. Combine that creativity with rewarding wins up to 10,000x your bet, and Pirots 2 offers the complete package.

While the RTP of 94% is at the lower end of the spectrum, and the involved mechanics may deter some, the good outweighs any negatives for me. Pirots 2 retains the best of its beloved predecessor and expands upon it in intelligent new directions.

In summary, Pirots 2 is a triumphant sequel that soars to new heights while retaining the core concepts that made the original a classic. Join me in taking flight with this instant must-play slot that blends innovation with intuitive and rewarding gameplay. I'd gladly follow this franchise through many more bold new worlds!

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