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3.2 out of 5

Apex Strike Megaways by Iron Dog Studio
Written by:Mia LeeMia Lee
Last Updated:13 February

Spotlight: Apex Strike Megaways

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๐ŸŒฒ Hello dear readers! Mia Lee here, back again with another in-depth slot review fresh off my latest thousand spin marathon. This time I ventured into the wilderness with Apex Strike Megaways, a new online slot from Iron Dog Studio.

๐ŸŽฐ After braving the rugged terrain and fending off fierce wildlife over the course of 1000 adrenaline-filled spins, I've compiled my thoughts on this ambitious slot. Strap in for a wild ride through stunning vistas and face-to-face encounters with majestic beasts.

๐ŸŒŒ Will Apex Strike Megaways claim the apex predator position amongst slots or fall prey to the competition? Read on to find out!

Raiting by Casino.band

Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Apex Strike Megaways instantly transported me to the awe-inspiring landscapes of the North American wilderness with its backdrop of dusty desert vistas and towering rock formations. The color palette perfectly captures the arid feel and I found myself enthralled by the setting.

The game features beautifully rendered high paying animal symbols like bears, lions, wolves, and eagles that I just couldn't tear my eyes away from. Their designs are crisp and brimming with details that make you feel like you're observing them in their natural habitat.

Lower paying symbols comprise classic playing card ranks, which felt a touch underwhelming by comparison. But the immersive setting and stunning creatures more than make up for any visual shortcomings.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

Upon loading Apex Strike Megaways I was greeted by an upbeat, fast-paced soundtrack that immediately got my heart pumping faster. The tribal drums and wind instrument melodies evoke a sense of adventure and heighten the anticipation.

Landing wins triggers authentic animal roar sound effects, from the piercing shriek of an eagle to the thunderous bellow of a bear. These layered auditory details add a thrilling, almost startling dimension that keeps you engaged.

While the music suits the theme well, I did find it slightly repetitive over longer play sessions. Some additional tracks could alleviate this issue and provide more diversity.

Gameplay: 4/5

Apex Strike Megaways employs the popular Megaways mechanic, offering up to 200,704 ways to win on its 6 main reels and horizontal reel above.

This dynamic structure coupled with medium-high volatility and an RTP of 96.13% provides smooth, exciting gameplay. The tumbling feature where winning symbols disappear and are replaced led to frequent cascading wins during my session.

The intuitive interface allows for seamless adjustment of settings like bet size and autoplay. I had no problem toggling between options on both desktop and mobile. No lag or glitches hampered the experience.

I did find the bonus buy option of the Hold and Win feature a bit expensive at 50x bet. Lowering this would improve access to the main attraction. But overall the gameplay delivers action-packed entertainment.

Rewards: 3/5

Apex Strike Megaways offers decent rewards across its varied symbol mix. Lower playing card symbols deliver smaller payouts on 3 to 6 of a kind combinations.

The eagle, wolf, lion and bear offer the biggest prizes - a 6 symbol bear match pays out a massive 500x bet! The lion can pay up to 150x, wolf up to 100x and eagle up to 50x. These prizes add up quickly with the tumbling wins.

While the max payout of 10,000x bet is generous, I was left wanting by the lack of bonus features beyond the Hold and Win. Including free spins or more bonus rounds could boost earning potential. But with a high hit rate, rewards flow steadily.

Originality: 2/5

As stunning as the presentation is, I've come across many comparable wildlife-themed slots before. The setting and high paying animal symbols, while beautifully executed, felt familiar. Even the gameplay structure of tumbling wins and Megaways has been widely explored.

The Hold and Win mechanic of locking bonus symbols in place over respins is engaging, yet not particularly innovative. Playing card symbols are a tried and tested staple.

While I enjoyed my time with Apex Strike Megaways, I was hoping for more uniqueness in themes and features. It follows a proven formula but doesnโ€™t break new ground.

Overall: 3.2/5

Despite its lack of trailblazing originality, Apex Strike Megaways delivers a hugely enjoyable experience with its stunning visuals, exciting features and generous rewards.

I was captivated by the immersive wilderness setting and lifelike beasts who kept me company over 1000 heart-pounding spins. Smooth navigation and frequent payouts thanks to the Megaways mechanics also earn high marks.

The Hold and Win feature reliably boosted earnings during my sessions, especially when bonus symbols kept tumbling in. While more novelty in themes and bonuses would elevate this slot, its execution of tried and true elements is truly apex.

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Developed by Iron Dog Studio, Apex Strike Megaways takes players on a thrilling expedition through the rugged wilderness of North America. This 6 reel slot features a variable row structure with 2 to 7 symbols per reel, allowing for up to 200,704 ways to win.

Powered by the popular Megaways engine, Apex Strike Megaways delivers dynamic, action-oriented gameplay. The medium-high volatility and RTP of 96.13% supplies frequent payouts through cascading tumbling wins. Smooth navigation and aesthetically stunning high paying animal symbols ramp up the entertainment factor significantly.

While the Hold and Win respin feature serves as the primary bonus, I was hoping for additional elements like free spins or pick me bonuses to provide more variety. The theme and presentation also follow conventional slots formulas very closely. But seamless gameplay and remarkable visuals transport you right into the heart of untamed nature. With wild beasts and towering vistas around every spin, Apex Strike Megaways captures the allure of the wilderness - even if it doesn't fully realize its potential for innovative gameplay.

My Thoughts Overall

Over the course of my marathon thousand spin session, Apex Strike Megaways proved itself both beautiful and beastly. I was immediately struck by the cinematic visuals that brought the vibrant wilderness setting to life. Iron Dog Studio's artists deserve accolades for creating such lifelike renditions of majestic animals like the wolf and bear. Their animations and expressions give each spin a thrilling immediacy.

The soundtrack also complemented the theme well, ramping up excitement and drama with its tribal beats and rousing melodies. I did wish for more variety over extended play but the audio design is very solid.

Gameplay was smooth as silk across 1000 spins on desktop and mobile. The Megaways engine provided plenty of action thanks to the 200k+ ways to win. I triggered frequent tumbling cascades that really get the adrenaline pumping, especially when the roars and howls kick in!

While I craved more novelty in the bonuses and features, the Hold and Win mechanic consistently delivered solid payouts at a reasonable price. Combining animal symbols and special suns for those re-spin jackpots became addictive.

The rewards definitely skewed towards the quadruped quartet - the eagle, wolf, lion and bear accounted for my biggest wins by far. Their potential payouts seem appropriately high for these regal creatures. On the flip side, the playing card symbols felt very underpowered.

Apex Strike Megaways may not claim the most original theme or mechanics, but its stunning production values, great rewards through tumbling wins and respins, and overall polish cements its place near the top of the food chain. I'd eagerly return to these reels and recommend any fellow slot fanatic join the hunt within Apex Strike Megaways' lush world!

Bonus Features

While not the most bonus feature-packed slot, Apex Strike Megaways provides enough big thrills to satisfy. Here are the highlights:

Tumbling Wins

The tumbling win mechanic is integral to gameplay and payout potential. Any winning combination causes associated symbols to vanish and new ones cascade down to replace them. This leads to chained reactions when symbols align for multiple consecutive wins, quickly ramping up earnings.

Hold and Win Feature

By far my favorite bonus that reliably delivered big wins is the Hold and Win feature. Triggered by landing 6 of the special Bonus Sun or Strike Nugget symbols, they lock in place while you get 3 respins. Any additional Bonus symbols appearing during the respins reset the count to 3, allowing huge potential payouts as the reels fill with high paying icons.

The Bonus Suns reveal cash prizes while the Strike Nuggets represent mini, minor, major and mega jackpots worth 10x to 2000x your stake. Building a screen of respin symbols and accumulator jackpots is extremely rewarding.

Buy Feature

For 50x your bet, you can instantly buy access to the Hold and Win feature rather than waiting for bonus symbols to trigger it organically. This provides a solid way to get straight into the main action. I found it a worthwhile investment on some occasions but still hoped for a lower fee.

Win Potential

  • Max payout: 10,000x stake
  • High paying symbols: Bear (500x), Lion (150x), Wolf (100x), Eagle (50x)
  • Bonus feature payouts: Hold and Win up to 2000x from mega Strike Nugget jackpot

While 10,000x your total bet is a sizable top prize, I was consistently impressed by the large base game payouts possible from the animal symbols during regular play.

The tumbling wins made lining up those eagles, wolves, lions and bears for big prizes exhilarating, especially when they cascaded in succession. The generous 500x maximum for just 6 bears created huge potential even without bonuses.

But the Hold and Win feature is really where Apex Strike Megaways' win potential goes wild. During my sessions, filling the grid with multiple Bonus Suns and Strike Nuggets as they held in place spin after spin resulted in some mammoth payouts.

The 2000x jackpot from the Mega Strike Nugget is enormous, but even steadily accumulating an array of Major and Minor jackpots over the re-spins builds tremendously. On one heart-stopping occasion I landed 4 Mega Strike Nuggets during the feature, which combined with the other symbols for a truly epic windfall.

While more bonus features could provide additional avenues to big wins, Apex Strike Megaways offers significant reward potential through base gameplay and Hold and Win respins. Any player has a legitimate chance of claiming a massive prize haul whether through cascading animal symbols or hitting those re-spin jackpots. This apex predator has some serious bite!

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