Cursed Seas Slot Review

4.6 out of 5

Cursed Seas by Hacksaw Gaming
Reviewed by:
Ethan Parker,
Maria White,
Lucas Wilson.

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    Hacksaw Gaming
  • Release Date
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  • Autoplay
  • Quickspin Feature
  • Scatter
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  • RTP
    96.22% | 94.24% | 92.21% | 8...
    96.22 %
  • House edge
    3.78 %
  • Volatility
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  • Paylines
  • Layout
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  • Free spin freq
  • Hit frequency
    37 %
  • Max Win
  • Max Win Probability
  • Min Bet
    0.1 $
  • Max Bet
    100 $

Spotlight: Cursed Seas
Cursed Seas by Hacksaw Gaming screen 1
Cursed Seas by Hacksaw Gaming screen 2
Cursed Seas by Hacksaw Gaming screen 3
Cursed Seas by Hacksaw Gaming screen 4

🏴‍☠️ Ahoy mateys! MiaLee here, your trusted slot expert,

embarking on yet another thrilling slot adventure. This time I'll be reviewing the spooky pirate-themed slot Cursed Seas from Hacksaw Gaming.

🌊 As an avid slots enthusiast, I live for the thrill of sailing the high seas in search of treasure. Cursed Seas immediately caught my eye with its captivating theme of ghostly pirate ships, stormy oceans, and sunken loot.

🧭 In this comprehensive review, I'll provide my expert opinion on all aspects of Cursed Seas, from the immersive graphics to the bonus features. Grab your sea legs and join me on an exciting voyage across the perilous waters of this cursed slot!

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 5/5

Right from the first glance, it's clear this slot nails the look and feel of a ghostly pirate world. The backdrop artwork is stunning, with incredibly detailed seascapes and a galleon caught in raging storms. It feels like you've been transported straight onto the deck of the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean!

I love the muted color scheme permeating the reels, emphasizing the dark situations at hand. Even the character symbols have a shadowy quality, building the dangerous, cursed atmosphere. The cursed chests are a sight to behold when they appear, glowing an eerie green amidst the gloom.

The graphics team truly outdid themselves capturing the peril and mysticism of sailing into cursed waters. I was enthralled from the first spin, eager to see what foreboding delights each turn would bring. For ambiance and theming, Cursed Seas earns top marks - the perilous high seas adventure comes alive on screen!

Sound Effects & Music: 5/5

The audio work harmonizes flawlessly with the visuals to complete the ominous seafaring vibe. The background music sets an intriguing tone, with haunting vocals and strings heightening the sense of foreboding. I found myself leaning in closer, as if being drawn into a siren's song luring me towards hidden danger.

When the reels start spinning, believable water and rigging sounds put you right on deck, with waves crashing and wood creaking. The cursed chests deliver satisfying thuds and creaks when they appear and shower coins when you hit big wins.

I did find the music somewhat repetitive after extended play. Some added variety could enhance the experience. But overall the sounds bolster the piratical setting marvellously. Kudos to the audio team for their contributions to the cursed high seas ambience!

Gameplay: 5/5

Despite the complex backdrop artwork, the gameplay proves smooth and intuitive. The interface is thoughtfully streamlined, with clearly marked buttons so I could start spinning in seconds.

Wins occur frequently enough in the base game to keep anticipation high, and the cursed chests add an engaging extra element as they create bonus multiplier zones. I loved watching the cursed areas expand, knowing it brought me closer to a big payout!

The two free spins bonus features struck an excellent balance - one focused on building multipliers, the other on collecting them. I found both rounds paced excellently, keeping the treasures coming while holding my interest all the way through.

With wins bursting out regularly, cursed chests upping the stakes, and two thrilling bonus games, Cursed Seas delivers compelling gameplay that makes you want to dive right back in, for just one more spin. I was hooked! This is a slot I'll be coming back to often for top quality entertainment.

Rewards: 4/5

Cursed Seas brings good value across the paytable, even on the lower end symbols. The maximum 12,500x jackpot stands out nicely compared to many other slots. While wins in the hundreds were more common in my experience, that epic ceiling presents solid motivation to keep playing.

The dual bonus games contribute generously also, especially in my favorite “Dead Men Tell No Tales” round where the multiplying skulls and krakens can really get your balance soaring. I achieved several nice rewards in the thousands thanks to those menacing characters!

With an RTP of 96.22%, Cursed Seas delivers better returns than many rival games. The cursed chests supply frequent boosts to line wins. While I always long for bigger and better prizes, overall this slot dishes out excellent rewards to keep the adventures profitable!

Originality: 4/5

Pirate-themed slots sail a well-charted course in the gaming world, so I didn’t expect massive innovation from Cursed Seas. It wisely incorporates classic features like wilds, scatters, free spins and multiplying bonuses.

But the developers got creative with the cursed chests, building bonus zones that persist across an entire feature. I also appreciated the dual free spins games, each with their own personality.

While not groundbreaking, Cursed Seas shows refinement in how it weaves traditional elements together into a cohesive package. The cursed waters theme proves an engaging twist on the well-loved pirate slot formula. For bringing admirable creative touches to a classic genre, I give Cursed Seas credit where due!

Overall: 4.6/5

After many hours sailing its gloomy seas, I happily pronounce Cursed Seas an excellent addition to the pirate slot fleet! For immersive gameplay, big win potential, and bringing a cursed twist to familiar features, this is a title I can recommend without reservation.

The developers clearly poured their hearts into crafting an eerie high seas world, and it shows in the phenomenal visual and audio presentation. Spend enough time on these waters and you may just come to believe in ghost ships after all! If you have any taste for adventure, put this slot on your radar.

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Cursed Seas comes from the creative minds at Hacksaw Gaming, transporting players to the hazardous waters of a supernatural sea filled with ghost ships and damned pirates. One look at the game screen is enough to be drawn into the dark, intriguing world crafted so elegantly by the developers.

The lavish graphics depict an ominous seascape, with a massive pirate ship caught in tumultuous waves and stormy skies. It's clear no living souls are aboard this vessel - only cursed undead sailors roam the weathered deck. The colors are muted and murky, from the deep blues of the sea to the sickly greens of the ghoulish faces. Every minute detail contributes to the ominous atmosphere - you can almost smell the brine and feel the spray of the sea.

Soundwise, the muted melody and groaning wood plank sound effects further enhance the ghostly vibe. The music takes on a more urgent tempo when the reels spin, building anticipation. Minor gripes are the repetitiveness and lack of different compositions tailored to game events.

Standard slot features get a haunted twist in Cursed Seas. Sinister cursed chests bestow cursed areas and multipliers, while ghostly lanterns trigger free spins and a battle against skeletal pirates. The format includes 5 reels, 4 rows, and a generous 26 paylines.

Wagering options range from 0.10 to 100 per spin, accommodating all bankrolls and risk appetites. The RTP of 96.22% is above average and likely a draw for many players. Do note the game's high volatility - payouts may be sporadic but with the potential for huge sums.

Now let's batten down the hatches and take a deeper dive into the lucrative features awaiting in the dangerous Cursed Seas!

My Thoughts Overall

Having spent countless hours in the treacherous waters of Cursed Seas, I've developed some strong opinions on this slot game. In terms of presentation and theme, Hacksaw Gaming has outdone itself. The graphics are simply breathtaking, bringing an eerie ghost ship and its damned crew to chilling unlife. Even veteran slots players will be awestruck by the meticulous detailing that creates a truly cinematic atmosphere.

The gameplay itself is on par with quality slots - smooth mechanics, rewarding bonus features, and a solid bet range to satisfy diverse players. But fans seeking innovation may find certain elements like the expanding areas and locked wilds to be a touch too familiar. Also, the stinging high volatility means rewards can be sporadic, Testing patience.

Ultimately, while not radically innovative, Cursed Seas excels at crafting an immersive world brimming with personality. The stormy seas and ghostly beings leap from the screen, drawing you into an adventure both dangerous and alluring. The generous free spins and multiplying bonuses provide plenty of chances to seize forbidden treasure - if you dare confront the curses plaguing these waters.

Weigh anchor and prepare to be transported to a richly thrilling, if ominous, seafaring saga in Cursed Seas. Just mind the kraken!


These features, especially when combined, provide the tools for unlocking this slot’s maximum potential payout of 12500x your total bet.

Symbols Payouts

The lower-value reel symbols consist of classic pirate imagery, including an anchor, compass, waving flag, crossed pistols, and the obligatory skull and crossbones. These symbols offer payouts ranging from 0.1x to 1.5x the stake for landing 3 to 5 matching icons on an active payline.

The higher-paying symbols are represented by four unique pirate characters, each depicted against different colored backgrounds. The purple pirate captain symbol delivers the biggest payouts, awarding 0.5x for 3 matches, 1.5x for four matches, and 10x for five matching captains on a payline. The other pirate symbols offer similar pays at smaller multipliers.

The wild symbol is shown as a treasure chest brimming with gold coins and jewels. This substitutes for all standard symbols to help complete winning combinations. Five wilds in a row award an excellent 50x the stake.

A ghostly green lantern serves as the scatter symbol and triggering tool for the free spins bonus rounds. While the scatters do not pay during the base game, they become highly lucrative during the features.

  • low_1 symbol
    5 - $2.004 - $0.603 - $0.20
  • low_2 symbol
    5 - $2.004 - $0.603 - $0.20
  • low_3 symbol
    5 - $2.404 - $0.803 - $0.20
  • low_4 symbol
    5 - $2.404 - $0.803 - $0.20
  • low_5 symbol
    5 - $3.004 - $1.003 - $0.40
  • high_1 symbol
    5 - $6.004 - $3.003 - $1.00
  • high_2 symbol
    5 - $6.004 - $3.003 - $1.00
  • high_3 symbol
    5 - $10.004 - $5.003 - $2.00
  • high_4 symbol
    5 - $20.004 - $10.003 - $4.00
  • wild symbol
    5 - $100.00

The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols in the paytable.

The Cursed Chest symbol substitutes for all other symbols in the paytable.

Extra Features

cursed_wild symbol

Cursed Chests

Joining the standard reel symbols is the special cursed chest bonus symbol. These glowing chests appear on random spins and trigger expanding cursed areas on the reel set when opened. If a cursed chest forms a winning combo after opening, it reveals a random multiplier value between 2x and 200x that applies specifically to that cursed area for the spin.

Any active paylines that intersect with the cursed area receive a huge boost in payout thanks to the cursed chest multiplier. Having multiple cursed chests open on a single spin with overlapping cursed areas can lead to tremendous wins, as their multiplier values combine before being applied. This makes the cursed chests a highly lucrative symbol to root for.

skull symbol

Cursed Skull

The Cursed Skull symbol reveals a multiplier value that is added to the total multiplier above the reel where it landed and creates a Cursed Area from its position to the top of the reel. The Cursed Area on a reel grows if a new Cursed Skull lands below it.

Cursed Skull multipliers can have one of the following values: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 500x

tormented_skull symbol

Tormented Skull

The Tormented Skull symbol reveals a multiplier value that multiplies the total multiplier above the reel where it landed.

Tormented Skull multipliers can have one of the following values: x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, x15, x20, x25

kraken symbol


The Kraken symbol reveals a multiplier value that is added to the total multiplier above all reels.

Kraken multipliers can have one of the following values: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 500x

freespin symbol

Sunken Treasure

Landing three lantern scatters starts the Sunken Treasure bonus feature with 10 free spins. During this round, any cursed chest symbols that appear on the reels will automatically open up to reveal multipliers and generate cursed areas. The cursed areas then persist and expand over the course of the feature any time new cursed chests show up below them on the reels.

All multiplier values revealed by the chests get added to an accumulating total multiplier displayed at the top of the screen. At the end of the feature, this grand total multiplier is applied to any paylines intersecting the cursed areas. Landing two more scatters during the feature re-triggers and adds 2 more spins, while three scatters give 4 extra spins, and four scatters award 6 additional spins.

skull symbol

Dead Men Tell No Tales

This bonus game activates when four lantern scatters land during the base game. Players receive three respins with the objective of collecting as many multiplying symbols as possible to boost the starting 1x reel multipliers.

The pays transform to showcase cursed skull symbols that add anywhere from 1x to 500x to their corresponding reel's multiplier meter, along with tormented skull symbols that multiply their reel's full multiplier value by amounts ranging from 2x to 25x. Menacing kraken symbols can also appear to add 1x to 500x multipliers to all five reels simultaneously.

Landing any of these three special symbols replenishes the respin count back to three so players can keep accruing multipliers and building up the reel meters. At the conclusion of the feature, the final reel multipliers fill in all positions on matching cursed areas for colossal overall wins.

Bonus Buy

This game offers the possibility to purchase the special feature(s) directly from the main game by pressing the BUY BONUS BUTTON.

This game offers the FeatureSpins™ buy option. When FeatureSpins™ are activated, each spin guarantees certain features and costs a set amount, based on your current bet level. FeatureSpins™ remain active until you disable them by clicking the DISABLE BUTTON.

Price for Bonus Buy Feature


    Each spin is 5 times more likely to trigger a bonus game!
    Volatility: Very high
    96.21 RTP

    All Cursed Areas combine into one with a total multiplier that applies to the whole area!
    Volatility: High
    96.29 RTP

    Collect Cursed Skulls and fill the reels with multipliers that are added together to a total win!
    Volatility: High
    96.33 RTP

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Maximum Win Potential 12500x

The abundance of high paying symbols and multiplying bonus features means Cursed Seas offers maximum wins up to a staggering 12,500x the stake. Even playing at minimum bet, full lines of five wild or cursed chest symbols in the base game pay out excellent 500x wins. The cursed chests can pile up multipliers in the 200x range for immense base game payouts too.

But the biggest wins hide in the two free spins rounds. With so many chances to add high multipliers and expand the cursed areas, wins climbing into the thousands and ten-thousands are possible from lucky bonus activations. Players betting at the $100 max stake could theoretically walk away with gargantuan $1,250,000 jackpot payouts!

Ways to Win

The specified requirements for a winning combination in the main game are the same for bonus rounds or free spins unless noted differently. Every bet qualifies for all potential win combinations unless mentioned otherwise.

You'll score a win if corresponding symbols line up on any of the given paths on neighboring reels, beginning from the far left. This game offers 26 potential paths. Check the payout chart to see how many of each icon you need to land a win.

Inside the Odds: Cursed Seas's RTP

If you're aiming to get the most bang for your buck in the realm of online slots, then you'd want to pay attention to the game's RTP, also known as Return to Player.

For our featured game, Cursed Seas, the Max RTP is set at a competitive 96.22.

This percentage represents the average amount players can expect to recoup from their bets over an extended gameplay period.

While it doesn't predict outcomes for individual gaming sessions, an understanding of RTP can help players make informed gaming choices, and Cursed Seas certainly presents an enticing proposition.

Hacksaw Gaming Games Provider

Established in 2018, Hacksaw Gaming has rapidly emerged as a leading gaming content provider, offering a diverse portfolio of high-quality slots and scratch cards. Their games stand out for seamlessly blending innovation, entertainment and strong mathematical models to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Their talented team brings together industry experts from various domains including mathematics, art, animation, software architecture and QA. Supported by investors Blackstone and Nauta Capital, Hacksaw Gaming is poised for rapid growth as they continue diversifying their content portfolio.

The provider holds licenses from respected regulators like the UKGC, MGA, ONJN, and HM Government of Gibraltar. With offices in Malta, Marbella, and Riga, Hacksaw provides services to 50+ global partners.

Hacksaw Gaming Slots - Play for Free

Try the top games from Hacksaw Gaming for free to appreciate their creative approach to design, and immerse yourself in an engaging atmosphere captivating from the first minute that you'll never want to leave.

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From bow to stern, Cursed Seas is undeniably a first-rate slot game, albeit with a few barnacles. The haunting graphics and chilling mood are an artistic triumph, scaring up an atmosphere of adventure and otherworldly charms. Smooth mechanics and a compelling theme make gameplay a treat, even across extended sessions. The bonuses offer avenues to truly enormous wins for willing risk takers with hardy sea legs. Just brace for potential droughts courtesy of its stormy volatility.

In a sea of pirate-themed slots, Cursed Seas charts its own course by eschewing a cartoony vibe for a darker, more cinematic tone. Those seeking a genuinely thrilling and visually engrossing experience will find their fix here. Yet for players demanding more innovative features, this ghost ship may feel a tad familiar.

Overall, Hacksaw Gaming has crafted an exceptional high-seas slot that, despite its creepy denizens, won't have you sleeping with the fishes. I heartily recommend all avid slot fans and piracy enthusiasts set their heading for Cursed Seas. Just mind that this voyage may test your backbone with its choppy volatility. Hoist the mizzen and may the winds fill your sails - who knows what treasures or terrors lurk over the horizon!

Well, that concludes my epic review of Cursed Seas! I hope you enjoyed following along on this swashbuckling slot adventure. If ye have an itch for dangerous waters and ghostly bounties, I'd say Cursed Seas is well worth staking your hard-earned doubloons. But first be sure to check out the free demo so you can test the cursed waters. Let me know if you uncover any epic wins during your own Cursed Seas voyage! Fair winds and following seas!

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