Coba Reborn Slot Review

4 out of 5

Coba Reborn by ELK Studios
Written by:Mia LeeMia Lee
Last Updated:15 March

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Spotlight: Coba Reborn
Coba Reborn by ELK Studios screen 1
Coba Reborn by ELK Studios screen 2
Coba Reborn by ELK Studios screen 3
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๐Ÿ’Ž A new day dawns bright and early as I sip my morning coffee, contemplating which online slot game I'll be reviewing today. As a slot enthusiast and writer for Casino Band, I'm always on the lookout for exciting new titles that provide an immersive gaming experience. And let me tell you, I hit the jackpot with ELK Studio's latest release, Coba Reborn.

๐Ÿ This jungle-themed video slot whisked me away on an adventure through ancient ruins, where I encountered mystical snakes and rare orchids. After spending over 1000 spins unraveling the game's secrets, I'm ready to share my thoughts in this in-depth review. So grab your hiking boots and join me as we venture deep into the jungle!

๐ŸŽฒ As a sequel to the popular Coba slot, Coba Reborn had big snakeskin boots to fill. I wasn't sure if ELK Studios could recreate the magic of the original game while putting their own fresh spin on it. Well, color me impressed! Coba Reborn takes the best elements of its predecessor and expands upon them in exciting new ways. With stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and big win potential, this is one slot that certainly earned its rebirth. Let's get into the nitty-gritty details!

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 5/5

Right from the moment I loaded Coba Reborn, I was completely captivated by its graphics and theme. ELK Studios brought the humid jungles of Indonesia to life through vivid colors, dynamic animations and atmospheric sounds. The dark, moody color palette of blues, greens and gold creates an exotic atmosphere, drawing you into the mysterious temple ruins.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the slithering snakes, rendered in striking detail as they twist and curl across the reels. Their smooth, fluid movements are positively mesmerizing to watch. The orchids are also exquisitely designed, from their delicate petals to the ethereal glow surrounding them. Smaller details like lizards, turtles and crumbling stone tiles further enhance the overall jungle ambience.

With such fantastic attention to visual details and seamless integration of theme, Coba Reborn earns top marks for graphics and theme. This jungle adventure is truly a feast for the eyes!

Sound Effects & Music: 4/5

Complementing the stunning visuals is an immersive soundscape of jungle noises and tribal music. Chirping birds, rustling leaves and heavy rainfall establish an authentic rainforest environment. I especially love the deep percussion instruments and chanting vocals that play during key moments like snake releases and big wins.

These tribal beats ramp up the drama and tension, making gameplay even more thrilling. The hissing and rattling sounds when snakes slither onto the grid also sends shivers down your spine. It's clear ELK Studios took great care in crafting a layered, atmospheric soundtrack that transports you right into the heart of the jungle. With consistently high quality across both music and effects, I'm giving sound a 4 out of 5 rating.

Gameplay: 4/5

Now let's get into the meat of this slot - the gameplay! Coba Reborn employs an exciting cluster pays mechanic within a 7x7 grid format. Wins are formed by landing 5 or more adjacent matching symbols in any direction. This innovative format allows for some seriously big win potential through expanded symbol clusters.

Adding to the fun is the avalanche feature, where winning symbols disappear and new ones cascade down to fill the gaps, enabling multiple consecutive wins. The star attraction gameplay-wise though is the slithering snakes! Watching them wind across the grid, transforming symbols as they devour orchids and multiply wins is extremely satisfying.

Between the unusual grid, cascading symbols and snake mechanics, Coba Reborn has forged some truly unique and engaging gameplay. I did find the layout a bit visually busy at times, making it slightly distracting to follow the snake's movements. But overall, Coba Reborn delivers premium gameplay with distinctive features, earning a 4 out of 5 rating.

Rewards: 3/5

In terms of rewards, Coba Reborn offers wins up to 25,000x your bet, which is certainly impressive. However, getting to those mega wins requires some patience due to the game's high volatility. On a positive note, the snake multiplier wilds can really ramp up the winning potential as they double in value with each new snake crossing.

The orchid symbols also add surprises by triggering snake respawns or extra wilds. While rewards may not come around super frequently, the top wins make it well worth the wait. Considering the solid hit rate and massive max win, I'm giving Coba Reborn a 3 out of 5 rating for rewards.

Originality: 4/5

Despite being a sequel, Coba Reborn brings enough fresh ideas to the table to keep gameplay feeling new and exciting. The rhizomatic snake mechanics add loads of originality, making wins feel more dynamic and unpredictable compared to fixed paylines.

The new orchid symbols also shake things up, keeping the experience novel even for veteran players. At the same time, Coba Reborn remains faithful to the original game's spirit, improving upon a proven formula rather than reinventing the wheel. Considering the difficult balance ELK Studios achieved, I'm scoring originality a 4 out of 5.

Overall: 4/5

Taking all factors into account, I'm giving Coba Reborn a overall rating of 4 out of 5 diamonds. This sequel takes everything players loved about the original slot and expands it into a bigger, bolder experience. Although the volatility may not suit everyone's tastes, the highly unique gameplay and phenomenal attention to visual details are extremely impressive. Coba Reborn is surely a jungle adventure that will satisfy slot fans looking for something beyond the ordinary!

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And there you have it - all my thoughts and impressions from spending over 1000 spins unravelling the secrets of Coba Reborn! This exotic 7x7 video slot enthralled me from the first spin with its cinematic visuals and immersive jungle soundtrack. The unusual grid format and creative snake mechanics also provide engaging gameplay built around generating huge symbol clusters.

While the volatility is decidedly high, making big wins a rare occurrence, the top 25,000x prize and snake multipliers offer tremendous upside. Smart use of rebirth and ouroboros orchids can also help overcome steep odds. All in all, Coba Reborn takes an already winning formula and expands it tremendously to create an unforgettable jungle adventure! This is absolutely a slot I'll be returning to again and again.

Whether you're a fan of the original or enjoy slots with high volatility and big reward potential, Coba Reborn is a game you don't want to miss! With its premium presentation, great features and chance for epic wins, this sequel is one rebirth you'll be glad you witnessed. I'm giving it an overall rating of 4 out 5 diamonds. Now grab your machete and go hunt for those snakes - massive prizes are waiting!

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