Sweet Alchemy 100 Slot Review

3.8 out of 5

Sweet Alchemy 100 by Play'n GO
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:15 March

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Spotlight: Sweet Alchemy 100
Sweet Alchemy 100 by Play'n GO screen 1
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🧙‍♀️ As an avid slot enthusiast who has played hundreds if not thousands of different slots over the years, I'm always on the lookout for exciting new titles that bring something fresh and innovative to the table. When I first caught wind that Play'n GO was releasing a new addition to their Sweet Alchemy series called Sweet Alchemy 100, I was immediately intrigued.

🍬 I've long been a fan of the original Sweet Alchemy game with its whimsical candy theme and innovative cascading reels feature. The sequel, Sweet Alchemy 2, was also a delight, though perhaps a bit too similar to the original. That's why when I learned that Sweet Alchemy 100 would be taking the series in an exciting new direction with a focus on 3 magical witch sisters, I could hardly contain my excitement to give this slot a spin!

🎰 After playing Sweet Alchemy 100 extensively, across both desktop and mobile, I'm ready to give my comprehensive review from the perspective of a slots veteran. Overall, I was dazzled by the game's vibrant new take on the series and impressed with the bonus features and massive 15,000x max win potential. Read on for my full thoughts!

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Sweet Alchemy 100 employs a bright and cheery magical theme that deviates from the original games' focus on anthropomorphic candy characters. Instead, the stars of the show are three young witch sisters - Cherry, Berry, and Apple. The background depicts the witches flying over a sky filled with clouds, rainbows, and falling candy pieces.

I really appreciate that Play'n GO tried something new instead of rehashing the same old theme. The graphics are crisp, vivid and do a great job bringing the mystical world to life. The witch sisters have unique designs and personalities. Small animated details like the flying witches and cascading candy keep things feeling dynamic. Overall, a top-notch presentation that fits the theme beautifully.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

The upbeat soundtrack combines whimsical orchestral instruments and synth tones to match the game's fantasy theme. It reminds me of the sort of music you might hear in a children's fairy tale movie. The witch sisters also have their own unique little jingles that play when they make an appearance.

I enjoyed the music for the most part, though it doesn't quite reach the level of being memorable or catchy. The sound effects like cascading candy and winning spins work well, but are pretty standard fare. Decent audio experience overall but not necessarily groundbreaking.

Gameplay: 5/5

Sweet Alchemy 100 utilizes a 5x5 grid with cluster pays, requiring 3+ adjacent matching symbols for a win. The cascading reels feature from the original games also makes a return, allowing for some explosive chain reactions when symbols get cleared away. Matches can occur anywhere on the grid, opening up huge win potential.

The gameplay is fast, smooth and highly addictive. Wins come frequently enough to keep you engaged, while the occasional dead spin makes the big wins even more exciting. Plus the various witch power modifiers, trinity feature, and free spins round inject even more action. Easily some of the most enjoyable gameplay in any online slot.

Rewards: 4/5

With a max win of 15,000x your bet, the potential rewards in Sweet Alchemy 100 are truly mouthwatering. And thanks to the cascading reels and unlimited multiplier during free spins, you can steadily build up some epic wins if luck is on your side. Smaller payouts from candy symbols are frequent as well.

The volatility feels medium to high, which matches the theme. You may experience some dry spells but success definitely pays off. Overall the payouts feel great for the most part, though it can take some perseverance to hit the biggest prizes. Still, the win potential here keeps things extremely exciting!

Originality: 3/5

While the shift from candy characters to witches gives Sweet Alchemy 100 a fresh coat of paint, there's no denying that the underlying mechanics borrow heavily from previous games like the original Sweet Alchemy and Moon Princess 100. The grid, cluster pays, witch powers, Trinity feature, and free spins will feel very familiar to experienced players.

That said, the new theme and tweak to the free spins feature still gives this title its own distinct flair. I appreciate the effort to pivot in a new creative direction and keep the series feeling fresh. A decent amount of innovation, but lacks that truly groundbreaking element.

Overall: 3.8/5

When you add up all the different elements - the vibrant new theme, explosive cascading wins, fun bonuses and modifiers, and terrific 15,000x top prize - Sweet Alchemy 100 comes together as an absolute treat of a slot game. Both seasoned players and newcomers are sure to find hours of enjoyment here.

The graphics and gameplay are as good as it gets. My only critiques would be the soundtrack could use a bit more distinctiveness, and some mechanics like the witch powers aren't completely original. But overall this is one magical slot that I won't hesitate to recommend!

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While seasoned slots players will notice the similarities to earlier titles like Moon Princess, there is no denying that Sweet Alchemy 100 takes the best elements of those games and packages them into something new and improved. For me, this title represents a masterful culmination of Play’n GO’s work in grid slots.

The delightfully fresh witch theme combined with explodey cluster pays action makes for gameplay that is wickedly addictive. Little details like the win multiplier and randomized witch powers keep things feeling dynamic. And chasing that elusive 15,000x top prize in free spins will have you coming back for more.

Of course, like any great slot this one relies a bit on luck. You may have dry spells before those big wins explode. But the recipe for success is here. I have no doubt Sweet Alchemy 100 will cast its spell over players across the internet and go down as a true online slot classic!

So break out the candy corn and buckle up for a spookily good time. This is one slot I'll be playing throughout the entire Halloween season and beyond! Sweet Alchemy 100 absolutely earns my recommendation for all fans of magic, sweets, and most importantly, winning big.

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