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3.8 out of 5

Roadkill by Nolimit City
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:2 December 2023

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🚗 Greetings, fellow slot enthusiasts! Maria White here, your trusted slot expert extraordinaire. Today I'll be test driving the brand new Roadkill online slot from Nolimit City and sharing my thoughts in an in-depth review.

🎰 As a seasoned slot tester, I've spun the reels over 1000 times on Roadkill to fully experience everything this unique game has to offer. I've played across desktop, mobile, and tablet to ensure compatibility across devices. Buckle up, because we're going on a wild ride down a long and winding dirt road in my comprehensive review!

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Graphics and Theme: 4/5

The moment I loaded up Roadkill, I found myself immersed in a rural setting with trees on either side of a dirt road where the 5x3 reel grid is positioned. The cartoon style graphics are vibrant, detailed, and really capture the quirky persona of the animal characters.

I love the way Papa Bear, Deer Joe and Fred The Rabbit are personified as gutsy animals, ready to fight back against those pesky hillbillies driving recklessly along the road. It encapsulates the unique theme of animals as heroes trying to avoid becoming roadkill.

The visual design styles are similar to Nolimit City's previous release, Road Rage. Yet I feel Roadkill takes the graphics and theme to the next level with its charismatic band of animals and comical redneck drivers Hilly and Billy.

Overall, Roadkill definitely delivers the goods when it comes to top-notch graphics paired with a humorous theme centered around determined animals seeking justice on the roads.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

The sound effects in Roadkill's base game mostly comprise general traffic noise from cars zooming by and the occasional helicopter flying overhead. I really enjoyed the upbeat, fast-paced rocky soundtrack with banjos that kicks in when the bonus features are triggered.

It fits the comical mood perfectly and builds anticipation as you watch the Jumping Wild animals battle the cars. I did find the hillbilly singing at the very start of the game slightly irritating though, and the music can become somewhat repetitive after extended play.

While the sounds mostly reinforce the quirky theme, they felt simpler than the polished visuals and lacked some punch for my liking. But overall, decent effort that engages the senses well enough.

Gameplay: 3/5

With up to 99 win ways and wins formed from left to right on adjacent reels, Roadkill's format is pretty standard Nolimit City fare. I was able to intuitively adjust my bet from $0.20 to $100 and appreciated the wide range that accommodates varying bankrolls.

What sets Roadkill apart is how feature-rich it is. The gameplay centers around Jumping Wild animals battling cars by blocking their path as they zoom across rows, with successful hits upgrading bonuses. I'll dive deeper into specifics shortly, but with so many interconnected elements, I found gameplay slightly overwhelming initially.

Several hundred spins in, the penny dropped, and I better understood trigger sequences and functionality of Papa Bear, Fred The Rabbit etc. So while innovative, Roadkill's complex gameplay requires an extended learning curve that could frustrate some players. For those willing to invest time to master its nuances, it offers engaging gameplay.

Rewards: 4/5

Roadkill gifts players with a bounty of rewards when in full flow. During my extensive evaluation, my balance oscillated wildly thanks to the high 8/10 volatility. I endured icy cold dry spells but also revelled in red hot wins up to 800x my stake from juicy base game symbol combinations.

The bonus features unlock tremendous winning potential, especially if you can upgrade to Junkyard Assault with triple armoured hearts and frequent mighty Roadblocks. My max recorded payout reached 6534x from one epic bonus that showcased immense win potential.

With RTP a notch above average at 96.05% , Roadkill delivers more consistent rewards for devoted players compared to some of Nolimit City's higher variance slots. Add in a 1 in 734 ratio for 100x+ wins with 11,091x max possible, and Roadkill's rewards ultimately impressed me.

Originality: 5/5

This is trademark Nolimit City when it comes to off-the-wall themes paired with innovative gameplay features. The premise of wacky animals banding together to put the brakes on crazy drivers barrelling along the reels shows imagination and quirky humour.

I especially love how collecting Jumping Wilds physically battle cars with differing abilities - multipliers from Papa Bear, split symbols courtesy of Deer Joe, and symbol traps via Fred The Rabbit. It is such a distinctive and clever interpretation of accumulating symbols triggering in-game events.

The way bonus features interlink and evolve is equally inventive e.g Call to Arms upgrading to Team Assemble potentially leading to mighty Junkyard Assault with climatic showstopper Roadblock delivering colossal 3x3 wilds.

For sheer creativity and uniqueness, Nolimit City is up there with the best, and Roadkill exemplifies their development pedigree to craft games unlike anything else. Kudos to them for delivering such an innovative gaming experience.

Overall: 3.8/5

When you add up all the elements covered in my extensive evaluation, Roadkill scores very highly as a feature-packed slot oozing with creativity. Nolimit City has carved its own niche with slots centred around bizarre themes, volatility and invention.

While Roadkill shares similarities with previous efforts, especially Road Rage, I believe they have fine-tuned the formula with this release to achieve better balance. Reward potential and winning frequency outperform many of their titles thanks to lower variance paired with decent RTP.

For me, Roadkill hits the sweet spot, offering something suitably leftfield yet tempering some of their trademark volatility punches that can overwhelm casual players. I may be more tolerant than most when it comes to complex mechanics, yet over time, Roadkill's nuances become more digestible.

Ultimately, Nolimit City will divide opinion as a slot provider marmite, with players either loving or hating their extreme creations. Roadkill feels like their most universally appealing game to date - eccentricity made enjoyable without alienating audiences.

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Join the animal rebellion in Roadkill, Nolimit City’s cheeky 5-reel, 3-row slot with connector pays across 99 lines. Ambient base gameplay transports you to the countryside before escalating features pit nimble creatures against hazardous traffic. Land 2+ scatters to trigger Call to Arms then upgrade to the Team Assemble and coveted Junkyard Assault rounds! With high variance and 11,091x top wins from a 1 in 25 million chance of the Kings of the Road jackpot, volatility lovers are in for a dramatic experience!

My Thoughts Overall

As a huge Nolimit City fan, I had high hopes for Roadkill’s zany premise and was not disappointed! Their signature high octane volatility shines throughout bonus features - assuming you have the patience to penetrate initially baffling mechanics. I lost count of frustrating bonus buys that flopped early on. But once the gameplay clicked after many spins, with jumping wild animals blocking cars to enable multipliers, splits and traps for pay boosts, racing towards that epic 3x3 wild brought tremendous satisfaction!

Yes, roadkill’s Heavy reliance on features means navigating dead spins in the base game mostly just builds nervous suspense rather than paying out much. Yet the experience rolls along smoothly when you’re upgrading papa bear and his friends turn by turn. Leaderboards also showcase tremendous wins from other players to inspire chasing bigger payouts!

In terms of improvements, perhaps lower variance options would accommodate more playing styles and bankrolls. Novices may also benefit from an integrated tutorial. But for sheer creativity, I’m floored! Nolimit City has crafted an absolute masterpiece here in Roadkill that should enter halls of fame for novelty and engagement!

Bonus Features

While I’ve covered Roadkill’s diverse features briefly already, let’s dig deeper on how they trigger and what exactly they bring to the table. Get ready for an eventful ride!

Call to Arms

Everything kicks off by landing 2 scatters during base gameplay. This awards 2 regular hearts and 2 jumping wilds as Papa Bear, Fred the Rabbit or Deer Joe enters play. Essentially you now have limited ‘lives’ represented by hearts that sustain features until depleted. With every spin cars will speed by horizontally, which your wild animals try blocking to receive upgrades, multipliers and more via related collectors. Land an additional scatter and you’ll trigger the main Team Assemble feature!


These stats trackers are the key to levelling up your overall feature experience. Each jumping wild animal like the dynamic Papa Bear has its own collector, with numbers increasing by 1 whenever your wild blocks an incoming car. Max out any collector by reaching a count of 5 and the feature gifts you major boosts! For instance, Papa bear earns a permanent 2x multiplier while Fred the Rabbit starts placing multiplier traps. Reaching collector caps also converts regular hearts into tougher armored hearts, helping sustain features longer before losing all ‘lives’ when cars escape unblocked.

Jumping Wilds

As mentioned, Roadkill introduces not just any ordinary wilds but special Jumping Wilds denoting Papa Bear, Fred the Rabbit and Deer Joe. These three friends bounce around the middle ‘Battle Zone’ reel positions on every spin, attempting to obstruct passing cars using their signature moves. Papa Bear tries blocking vehicles to build a 5x general multiplier for example, while Deer Joe triggers split pays and Fred the Rabbit leaves behind additional wild symbols. Upgrading collectors for the wild animals unlocks superior rewards, so keep striving towards those cap levels!

Team Assemble

This is the first major feature where gameplay really picks up, triggered by hitting 3 scatters initially or adding one more during the Call to Arms round. You’re awarded 3 hearts/lives and both green and red cars start shooting by, with the deadlier red vehicle appearing every 5th spin. Team assemble introduces all jumping wild friends simultaneously with collectors counting up car hits distinctly. Go on the offensive as increasing collectors to max transforms hearts into tougher armored hearts and sets you up for an epic upgrade!

Junkyard Assault

The coveted Junkyard Assault round only unlocks once you pull off the incredible feat of fully upgrading all 3 jumping wild animals to their collector limits during Team Assemble. Your hearts reset to 3 now with armored status, and it’s pedal to the metal madness with both red and green cars gunning through the rows each turn! Instead of separate collectors per wild, you now have just one cumulative collector with the next goal hitting a total of 20 hits to enable the unstoppable...


After cumulative hits on the lone collector in Junkyard Assault reaches 20, next spin heralds the formidable Roadblock! All jumping wild friends now expand to cover entire rows while you’re also gifted extra lives. Bring it on Billy and Hilly! Each vehicle striking unique rows in their path triggers explosive outcomes before they too succumb to the roadblock’s might. We’re talking extra wilds added, multipliers boosted, and symbols split for more connective pays. Then when the roadblock withstands the onslaught by stopping both cars, the entire middle battleground converts to a giant 3x3 wild!

I live for moments like these in volatile Roadkill gameplay when features sync up perfectly! Building towards the maximum 3x3 symbol payoff event requires skill and luck, which makes finally clinching it an adrenaline rush like no other! Even just upgrading to Junkyard Assault alone keeps my pulse racing every step of the way with its fast and furious rhythm!

Win Potential

As expected from a quintessentially high variance Nolimit City slot boasting an 8/10 volatility rating, Roadkill’s erratic payouts demonstrate drastic swings. Spinning the 5 reels, 3 rows and 99 bet lines can feel fruitless trudging through dry spells without bonuses hitting. But oh boy, do wins ramp up exponentially when they finally do!

Even the earliest Call to Arms feature gifted by just 2 scatters coughs up reasonable rewards from multiplier and split pays. Building collector counts towards attribute upgrades keeps tension high. Maxing out any of the 3 jumping wild friends to access superior perks pays off remarkably over time. And sealing the motherlode 3x3 roadblock symbol through skill and persistence over potentially endless Junkyard Assault free spins feels nothing short of euphoric, easily multiplying your total wager dozens to hundreds of times over!

Of course, the warning signs are equally severe on Roadkill’s risk scale. A few terrible bonus buys in my early test run bled my practice bankroll quickly with barely any features triggering. Highly aggressive players face great peril over long sessions if Lady Luck deserts them on this volatile battlefield against traffic. Budget carefully and brace for gut punching losses amid glorious wins!

Ultimately, Roadkill provides exactly the extreme pendulum rides you expect of Nolimit City slots. Paired with adjustable bet sizes from 0.2 to 100 credits, both micro stakes dabblers and ‘whales’ wagering large enjoy prime real estate to spin. Just be prepared for the 96.05% RTP range's ultra rare 1 in 25 million max payout cap at a whopping 11,091x your total stake!

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