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3.6 out of 5

King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas by Blueprint Gaming
Written by:Maria WhiteMaria White
Last Updated:1 February

Spotlight: King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas
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๐ŸŒŸ Welcome, Slot Enthusiasts! Maria White, Your Trusted Slot Expert, Here

๐ŸŒ I'm thrilled to welcome you to my latest in-depth review! I've dedicated myself to an adventurous journey, delving deep into the jungle mysteries of King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas slot by Blueprint Gaming.

๐ŸŽฐ After embarking on an epic quest of over 1000 spins, I'm ready to unfold every layer and share my rich experience of this jungle-themed marvel, meticulously tested across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Let's Swing Into Action!

๐Ÿ”ฅ Join me, as we explore the lush visuals, immersive soundscapes, and the thrilling mechanics that make King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas stand out. From its engaging gameplay to the bountiful bonus features, I'll give you the insider's view on how this game performs under scrutiny and whether it deserves the crown in the realm of slot entertainment.

๐Ÿ‘‘ Prepare to Embark on a Jungle Adventure Like No Other!

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Graphics and Theme: 4/5

Right from the start, King Kong Cash's vibrant graphics jump off the screen, immersing you in the lively jungle setting. The color palette pops with bright greens, deep blues, and bold yellows that evoke the lush landscape. King Kong himself looks crisp and detailed, his fur textured and muscled frame animated smoothly.

The Cash Banana symbols add a playful touch, ranging from crisp and fresh to overripe and bruised. When the Cash Collect feature triggers, the bananas bounce and sway as King Kong swings in to gather them up. It's a dynamic presentation that brings the theme to life.

I played across desktop and mobile and found the responsive design held up well on both formats. The only downside is the background feels quite static, with minimal animation beyond the reels. But overall, the graphics create an inviting atmosphere that suits the lighthearted nature of the game.

Sound Effects & Music: 3/5

The jungle sound effects blend seamlessy with the cheerful soundtrack, featuring lively beats interspersed with calls from exotic birds and animals. King Kong's roars ring out strongly whenever he hits the reels. The monky sounds are clear and fit the visuals perfectly.

I appreciate that the music and SFX aren't overbearing or distracting. However, they feel a bit too subdued at times. Turning up the volume helps, but I would have liked a bit more oomph to fully immerse you in the setting.

Overall, the audio complements the look and feel of the game smoothly but could use a bit more punch to match the visual impact. The laidback vibe fits the gameplay, just don't expect an audio jungle adventure.

Gameplay: 5/5

King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas serves up smooth, engaging gameplay that hits the sweet spot. With 4096 ways to win, the potential payouts roll in regularly enough to keep your banana stash brimming without ever feeling overwhelming.

The intuitive controls make it easy to adjust your bet and autoplay settings. I had no issues across desktop and mobile play. The responsive interface allows fast-paced enjoyment or laid back sessions alike.

But it's the Cash Collect feature that really shines. Unlocking the stages added an extra shot of anticipation and kept me engaged for all 1000+ spins. The lock and respin function also bring a skill element as you hope for winning combos.

With a high RTP, medium volatility, and exciting features, the gameplay strikes a perfect balance for fans of action and rewards. This is a jungle I was happy to get lost in!

Rewards: 4/5

King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas provides solid reward potential. While max wins cap at 888x your bet, the Cash Collect system and medium volatility keep your balance moving in the right direction.

With Cash symbols on every spin and frequent Collection events, small payouts steadily accumulate. And the upgraded Collectors add substantial value, especially the golden Monkey.

Of course, don't go in expecting giant monster payouts from the base game. But the bonus features deliver reliably, with free spins and multipliers making big wins feasible. The jackpots add extra incentive, though hitting the mega prize takes tremendous luck.

For a volatile slot, the rewards come through regularly enough to sustain lengthy sessions and prevent frustration. Just don't go bananas with max bets expecting massive returns. Play smart and the jungle provides!

Originality: 2/5

In terms of originality, King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas doesn't venture far off the beaten jungle path. The theme and presentation, while well executed, cover familiar territory. And the Cash Collect mechanic has featured in other Blueprint slots as well.

That said, the unlockable collector symbols do provide a more rewarding spin on the cash grab concept. I appreciate the diversity of bonuses they bring, from dual collects and respins to value boosts and multipliers.

The free spin feature also throws in a fresh twist by letting you upgrade rewards as you fill the collector trail. But at the end of the day, even these feel like refinements rather than innovations.

For players seeking something completely new, this trip to the jungle won't unearth undiscovered treasures. But it smoothly combines proven features into an appealing package. Sometimes, a fresh coat of banana paint is all you need.

Overall: 3.6/5

Bringing it all together, King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas delivers an exciting, rewarding online slot experience. While not radically original, the presentation pops with quality graphics, suitable audio, and engaging Cash Collect upgrades that keep gameplay fresh after 1000+ spins.

The rewards roll in steadily thanks to numerous bonus triggers and medium volatility. And the RTP around 96% means your bananas won't deplete too rapidly. For fans of the first King Kong Cash or similar Blueprint slots, this bigger, bananier iteration offers more polished fun in the jungle.

Just don't go in expecting giant monster wins. Approach the game with measured bets and enjoyment for the features over massive payouts and you'll have a smashing time with this king-sized gorilla. Now let's swing into the rest of this review and really peel back the layers of the game!

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King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas takes players on a fun jungle adventure with everyone's favorite giant ape. This sequel to the original King Kong Cash provides all the familiar features you love but with some added twists to up the banana factor.

The expanded 6x4 reel format allows for 4096 ways to win for plentiful payout potential. And the vibrant graphics bring the setting to life beautifully across desktop and mobile play. Like any good banana, Blueprint Gaming has ensured this sequel offers more of the sweet stuff players want.

But the real draw here is the Cash Collect feature. With unlockable collector symbols, respins, prize multipliers, and more, this mechanic keeps every spin fresh and rewarding from start to finish. Match this with the classic Kong theme and King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas serves up a winning formula.

My Thoughts Overall

Over 1000+ spins on desktop and mobile, King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas left me well satisfied. As a sequel, it delivers more of what made the original so enjoyable while also upping the ante to keep fans invested spin after spin.

The expanded reels and ways to win open up plenty of payout potential combined with a generous RTP around 96%. Volatility sits at a comfortable medium, paying out frequently enough to sustain balance without an excess of dead spins.

Of course, the star is the Cash Collect feature. Even after hundreds of triggers, it remained engaging thanks to the unlockable upgrades. I loved anticipating the next level and experimenting with the new bonuses they provided. This added an interactive element beyond simply spinning and watching the reels.

The only weaknesses for me were in the originality and audio departments. Musically and effects-wise, everything fits smoothly but felt a bit too low energy at times for such a vibrant theme. And experienced players may desire more innovation to go with the increased rewards.

But in terms of presentation, gameplay, and most importantly entertainment value, King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas had me going bananas spin after spin! Blueprint has crafted an exemplary sequel that will appeal to fans of the first outing as well as new players alike.

Bonus Features

King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas incorporates several bonus features that can lead to huge win potential. Here are the main extras that kept the gameplay fresh and rewarding during my 1000+ spins.

Cash Collect Feature

The Cash Collect feature is undoubtedly the star of the show here. Whenever a Collect Kong symbol lands on the last reel, it expands to grab all Cash Banana symbols and their payout values too.

But the real magic comes from the four unlockable collect symbols:

  • Dual Collect - Unlocks an additional Collect symbol on the first reel for more collection opportunities.
  • Lock & Spin - Holds any Cash Bananas in place for a free respin as you hope to land more.
  • Cash Booster - Adds a bonus cash boost to collected value.
  • Golden Monkey - Grabs the total value of all Cash Bananas before collecting them, giving your payout a juicy boost.

Unlocking these upgraded Collectors added an extra layer of excitement to the base game. The anticipation of hitting the next symbol kept me engaged, and the rewards ramped up nicely with each new bonus.

Of all the features, the Lock and Spin respins brought the most satisfaction when I managed to prolong the collection across multiple spins for mega rewards.

Free Spins

Landing 3 or more scatter symbols in the base game awards 10 free spins. But the fun doesn't stop there!

During free spins, additional scatter symbols fill up spaces on the collector trail, earning multipliers and extra spins up to 20 total spins. By the end, your Cash Collects can be worth up to 10x their base value thanks to the multipliers.

These upgraded free spins added tremendous potential, especially when combined with the unlocked Collect symbols from the base game. The cumulative impact leaves room for some truly giant wins when luck goes your way.

Jackpot Barrels

One last treat comes from the Jackpot Barrel symbols which offer instant wins when collected via the Cash Collect feature. You can snag:

  • Mini Jackpot - 20x bet
  • Major Jackpot - 200x bet
  • Mega Jackpot - 2,500x bet

Now hitting that Mega Jackpot took some serious luck across 1000+ spins. But even the Mini provided a nice surprise bump here and there. And since they are collected just like standard wins, the Jackpot Barrels seamlessly integrate into the gameplay for some added banana goodness!

Win Potential

Across 1000+ spins, I encountered a healthy mix of small and mid-sized payouts from the base game. With Cash Bananas consistently hitting the reels and frequent Collection events, my balance remained steady.

The unlocked Collectors then boosted payouts substantially when activated. My best base game hauls stemmed from stacking collectors, especially when the Lock & Spin granted additional respins.

But the free spins ultimately offer the highest win potential when you max out the collector trail. Those multiplied values can lead to monstrous cashouts on lucky spins. I achieved my best results from XX free spins sequences boosted by multiple upgraded collectors.

While the 888x max win won't rival some of the top progressive slots, King Kong Cash Even Bigger Bananas provides ample rewards to keep your bankroll ticking upward with its high hit frequency. Medium volatility means you won't be waiting ages for hits either.

Just be sure to manage your bets - max wagers can burn through balances quickly even with a 96% RTP. But used wisely, this jungle offers bountiful bananas for patient players!

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