Shadow Raiders MultiMax Slot Review

4.6 out of 5

Shadow Raiders MultiMax by Yggdrasil Gaming
Reviewed by:
Ethan Parker,
Maria White,
Lily Adams.

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  • Provider
    Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Release Date
  • Bonus Bay
  • Bonus Feature
  • Free Spins
  • Autoplay
  • Quickspin Feature
  • Scatter
  • Wild
  • RTP
    96.1% | 94.1% | 90.5% | 86.1...
    96.1 %
  • House edge
    3.90 %
  • Volatility
  • Reels
  • Rows
  • Paylines
  • Layout
  • Theme
  • Free spin freq
  • Hit frequency
    18.32 %
  • Max Win
  • Max Win Probability
  • Min Bet
    0.2 $
  • Max Bet
    40 $

Spotlight: Shadow Raiders MultiMax
Shadow Raiders MultiMax by Yggdrasil Gaming screen 1
Shadow Raiders MultiMax by Yggdrasil Gaming screen 2
Shadow Raiders MultiMax by Yggdrasil Gaming screen 3
Shadow Raiders MultiMax by Yggdrasil Gaming screen 4

🏴‍☠️ As someone who has reviewed hundreds of online slots over the years, I am always on the lookout for games that offer something unique and exciting. Shadow Raiders MultiMax, the latest release from Yggdrasil Gaming partner Bang Bang Games, immediately caught my attention with its thrilling theme and innovative gameplay features.

🌊 I couldn't wait to set sail on this swashbuckling adventure and see if the slot could live up to my high expectations. After playing over 1000 spins across desktop and mobile, I'm ready to share my thoughts in this comprehensive review.

Raiting by

Graphics and Theme: 5/5

The visual design is hands down one of the best parts of Shadow Raiders MultiMax. The graphics team has vividly brought the creepy zombie pirate theme to life through stellar attention to detail. From the tattered pirate ships and flags to the weathered dock backdrop, you really feel transported to a cursed pirate world.

The starring pirate crew look incredible, with top-notch modeling and textures used on their rotting flesh and ragged clothes. Even the reels themselves match the eerie vibe, with skull adornments and a sickly green glow. The whole harbor is alive with motion too, from swaying ships to flickering stars in the night sky. Major kudos to the artists for creating such immersive eye candy here!

Sound Effects & Music: 4/5

Shadow Raiders MultiMax excels on the audio front as well with its mix of ambient pirate harbor sounds, dramatic orchestral score, and unique bonus soundtrack.

The base game features creaking wood, fluttering flags, crashing waves, and seagulls cawing, really making you feel part of the harbor scene. An ominous orchestral melody ramps up the drama and tension.

I especially love the electric guitar rock music that kicks in during the Raiders Free Spins. It offers an edgy contrast to the classical base game score. The zombie growls and gunshots when winning combinations hit also add to the adventure.

Overall, the audio perfectly complements the haunted pirate theme and gameplay. I only wish there were a few more unique pirate shanties mixed into the score. But the sounds offered here are top-notch.

Gameplay: 5/5

When it comes to gameplay features, Shadow Raiders MultiMax is packed with creative options that keep every spin engaging. The MultiMax mechanic adds an extra shot of excitement to the cascading wins. Seeing those reel multipliers ramp up with each successive win never gets old!

The Dropdown mechanic spices things up too, with winning symbols disappearing and new ones falling into place, along with extra wilds or Booty Bombs. Between these varied features, the base game stays dynamic.

And the Raiders Free Spins take gameplay to the next level, especially with those non-resetting reel multipliers making for some epic bonus spin sequences. Being able to gamble and risk my spins for more free games also adds fun player interaction.

With its mix of creativity, skill, and engaging decisions, Shadow Raiders MultiMax gets top marks for gameplay in my book. There's never a dull moment across the many bonus features.

Rewards: 4/5

For rewards potential, Shadow Raiders MultiMax brings some satisfying wins to the table. The top fixed jackpot of 15,000x your bet is quite enticing. And with the right combo of multipliers, wilds, and bonus spins, some huge payouts are possible.

That said, as a high volatility game, the slot can also experience some dry spells. But the max win potential ultimately outweighs any quiet periods. I was able to rack up some very strong rewards during my many sessions.

Just be aware that Shadow Raiders MultiMax does have adjustable RTP versions ranging from 96% down to 86%. So make sure you are playing one of the higher RTP options to maximize your long-term rewards potential.

Originality: 5/5

This is where Shadow Raiders MultiMax really shines - in bringing something truly fresh and unique to the pirate slot genre. The horror zombie theme is far from typical and gives this slot a ton of personality.

And while other games have used Yggdrasil's MultiMax mechanic, Bang Bang Games has implemented it in their own creative way here. From the immersive audio and visuals to features like the Booty Bombs, this is no cookie-cutter pirate slot.

Shadow Raiders MultiMax proudly stands out as a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It shows what skilled designers can do when taking risks and not resting on familiar tropes. Major originality points here!

Overall: 4.6/5

When all is said and done, Shadow Raiders MultiMax is one of the most polished and engaging online slots I've played in recent months. For fans of pirates, zombies, horror, or just thrilling gameplay, this slot is an absolute must-try. It fires on all cylinders across visuals, audio, rewards, and features.

Sure, the high volatility means it's not suited for all players. But if you enjoy risky, high-reward slots, Shadow Raiders MultiMax will scratch that pirate itch with gusto. I'd sail gladly sail these haunted waters again anytime. A definite hit in my book!

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Now that you've seen my overall rating, let's dive deeper into what makes Shadow Raiders MultiMax worthy of 5 stars. This action-packed video slot from Yggdrasil partner studio Bang Bang Games takes place on the rotting deck of a ghostly pirate ship. Symbols include creepy zombie pirates and swinging skeletons. With 243 ways to win across 5 reels and 3 rows, every spin is brimming with swashbuckling fun.

The star of the show is the MultiMax mechanic, where wild symbols boost multiplier values that persist and expand during free spins for monstrous payout potential. Other features adding to the buccaneering fun include Booty Bomb random mystery symbols and the zombie captain free spins game with unlockable bonus screens.

With an RTP of 94.1% or higher, medium-high volatility, and a maximum win of 15,000x your bet, Shadow Raiders MultiMax is packed with treasure-hunting action. Are you ready to join the zombie pirate crew on a quest for huge wins? Let's break down what makes this slots adventure so special.

My Thoughts Overall

As a long-time slots enthusiast, I'm always seeking out games that provide an immersive experience with entertaining gameplay and big rewards. In Shadow Raiders MultiMax, Yggdrasil's partner studio Bang Bang Games has absolutely nailed it on all fronts. Here are some of the key things that stood out to me across my many hours spent raiding with the zombie pirates.

Firstly, the graphics are superb. The creepy pirate harbour setting creates an entrancing backdrop that pulls you right into the action. The characters are full of personality, from the glaring skull wild to the laughing, zombie pirate captain eager for your gold. Small touches like swinging skeletons and flickering lamps add ambience. I also appreciate the mobile optimization.

Gameplay is varied and exciting thanks to MultiMax cascading wins and expanding reel multipliers. I'm always intrigued to see where wilds land and how high the multipliers will climb, especially during free spins. The Booty Bomb adds extra anticipation. Speaking of free spins, I love the zombie captain bonus game with unlockable screens.

While volatility is high, the frequent small wins and big payout potential keep things entertaining. Across over 1000 spins, I hit plenty of multiplier-boosted wins in the 200x-400x range, along with a few 1000x+ hits during epic free spin runs. With everything from visuals to sounds to gameplay hitting the mark, Shadow Raiders MultiMax is a supremely polished, premium slot.

Whether you're on desktop or mobile, I highly recommend giving this swashbuckling slot a shot. The MultiMax features combined with zombies and pirates make for an absolute blast. Don't be surprised if you find yourself still spinning long past sundown! Shadow Raiders MultiMax will appeal most to fans of slots with creepy themes and high volatility gameplay chasing mega wins.

Bonus Features

A key reason Shadow Raiders MultiMax hooked me in is the array of entertaining bonus features that spice up gameplay. From cascading multipliers to free spins and more, there are plenty of ways to uncover huge zombie pirate treasure. Here are the main features that make this slot sizzle.

MultiMax Multipliers

The MultiMax mechanic is the star of the show. Whenever a wild lands during a cascading win sequence, it boosts the multiplier value for that reel by 1, up to a maximum of 15x. With 5 reels, you can imagine how quickly these can stack up! What's great is that unlike some other slots, the multipliers don't reset after each spin. As long as you keep hitting wins, the multipliers persist and expand, leading to massive payouts.

Booty Bomb Random Symbols

After any cascading win sequence with a wild, Booty Bomb symbols may appear in empty spaces. These work like random mystery symbols, transforming into matching symbols or even cold hard coin wins. Any coin prizes get multiplied by the total reel multipliers, making these bombs extra lucrative when you've built up the multipliers. I always hold my breath waiting to see where Booty Bombs appear!

Zombie Captain Free Spins

By landing 3+ scatter symbols, you'll activate 8 free spins featuring those all-important non-resetting multipliers. You can also gamble to try winning additional spins before the round starts. What I really like is the creepy zombie captain symbol that appears on reel 5 during free spins.

Not only does he animate and laugh when you hit wins, but get a full stack of 5 zombie captains and you'll unlock entertaining bonus screens, like the captain's cabin. With multipliers persisting, free spins can result in massive payouts in the 1000x+ range fairly often.

Win Potential

With an RTP ranging from 94.1% to 96.1% and high volatility, Shadow Raiders MultiMax serves up exciting winning potential. The maximum possible win clocks in at an incredible 15,000x your bet amount.

Wins in the base game tend to be smaller but frequent, often in the 10-50x range thanks to cascading symbols and Booty Bomb surprise payouts. With Booty Bomb coin prizes getting multiplied, you can sometimes hit a few hundred x your bet from them.

The biggest wins come from free spins, as the non-resetting MultiMax multipliers dramatically boost your payouts. It's not uncommon to hit consecutive 1000x+ wins when multipliers climb. I reached over 5500x my bet in one epic free spin sequence!

While mega 15,000x wins likely only happen once in many thousands of spins, the upper ceiling is sky-high. If you love volatile slots that can surprise you with 1000x+ wins, Shadow Raiders MultiMax is sure to satisfy. Just be ready to weather dry spells in between massive zombie pirate treasure drops.


Established in 2013, Yggdrasil Gaming has rapidly emerged as a leading game software provider, delivering an impressive assortment of superior slots and casino games. Their products stand out due to a remarkable blend of innovative gameplay, captivating stories, and strong mathematical foundations, providing an extraordinary gaming experience.

Their skilled team includes experts from various fields such as mathematics, graphic design, animation, software engineering, and quality assurance. Supported by reputable investors, Yggdrasil Gaming is on a fast track of growth, consistently expanding their notable collection of games.

Yggdrasil Gaming holds licenses from respected authorities including the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. With a worldwide presence in locations like Malta, Gibraltar, and Poland, Yggdrasil serves a diverse international customer base.

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After joining this zombie pirate crew for a lengthy slots voyage across desktop and mobile, I walked the plank mighty impressed. Shadow Raiders MultiMax stands out as one of the most polished and rewarding online slots I've played lately.

For slots fans seeking an engaging theme, big win potential, and entertaining gameplay, it's a must-try. The MultiMax mechanic keeps the base game lively with cascading wins and expanding multipliers, while free spins can shower you with epic wins when the multipliers really take off.

From its immersive harbour graphics to eerie pirate soundtrack, Booty Bomb surprises and zombie captain free spin fun, Shadow Raiders MultiMax had me fully immersed in the adventure. I always anticipate my next chance to raid the zombie pirate treasure. Despite high volatility swings, the frequent smaller wins and mammoth payout potential in free spins make it easy to dive back in.

Across the board, from its superb visuals to rewarding gameplay, I rate Shadow Raiders MultiMax as a first-class online slot that belongs on any slots enthusiast's radar. This is one zombie pirate crew you'll want to be shanghaied into joining. Climb aboard for cascading wins, creepy fun, and treasures galore.

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