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Best Apple Pay Online Casinos September 2023

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Apple Pay has become an increasingly popular payment method at online casinos over the past few years. As someone who has reviewed countless gambling sites and tested various banking options firsthand, I'm excited to share my in-depth take on the pros, cons, and step-by-step process of using Apple Pay.

This guide will cover everything you need to know, from how Apple Pay works to depositing/withdrawing at casinos, associated fees and limits, security features, bonus eligibility, and more. Let's dive in!

Introduction to Apple Pay

For those unfamiliar, Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases and transfer money using compatible Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs.

It utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and stores your debit/credit card information securely on your device's Apple Wallet app.

To pay at stores, you simply hold your Apple device near the contactless reader and authenticate it with Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode. Online, Apple Pay works similarly - you select it as your deposit method and confirm the payment on your device to transfer funds.

Apple Pay offers a bunch of advantages like speed, convenience, and security. However, it does have some potential drawbacks as well, like limited availability for withdrawals and restrictions to Apple products only.

Below I'll provide my comprehensive review of using Apple Pay for online gambling, including an overall rating, transaction speeds, bonuses, pros/cons, deposit/withdrawal instructions, FAQs, and alternative payment methods. Let's jump in!

Our Rating for Apple Pay (0 to 5)

  • Transaction Speeds: 5/5 - Deposits via Apple Pay are lighting fast. The funds are credited to your account instantly upon authorizing the payment on your device.

  • Customer Support: 4/5 - Apple's own customer service channels like phone and live chat are top-notch. The casinos themselves can vary in support quality.

  • Trust, Security and Safety: 5/5 - Apple Pay is extremely secure, storing card details securely on your device without exposing them to merchants during transactions.

  • Available Bonus Promotions: 4/5 - Most casinos accept Apple Pay deposits for bonuses, but some occasionally restrict bonus funds to certain payment methods only. Always check the specific bonus terms.

  • Limits & Fees: 5/5 - Apple Pay deposits are free themselves, with reasonable limits like £5 - £5,000 commonly imposed. Some casinos may charge small fees.

  • Overall: 4.5/5 - Apple Pay provides an incredibly fast, easy and secure way to deposit at casinos. The lack of universal withdrawals brings the overall score down slightly.

As you can see, Apple Pay scores very well across the board, with exceptional marks for speed, security and limits/fees. The only major drawback is lack of withdrawal support, which I'll discuss shortly.

Next, let's look at the key advantages and disadvantages of using Apple Pay for online casino payments...

Pros and Cons of Apple Pay for Casino Banking

Pros of Apple Pay

  • Extremely fast deposit times - funded in seconds
  • Highly secure payment method that keeps your card details safe
  • Very simple and convenient to use on your Apple devices
  • Widely supported at most of the top UK online casinos
  • Accepted for bonus funds and promotions at many gambling sites
  • No fees charged by Apple itself for deposits

Cons of Apple Pay

  • Limited support for withdrawals - not offered everywhere yet
  • Restricted to iOS Apple devices only
  • Unable to withdraw winnings instantly like some e-wallets
  • Certain casinos may impose deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Occasional bonus and game restrictions imposed

As the pros and cons outline, Apple Pay is overwhelmingly positive for depositing at casinos, with fast speeds and great security being major highlights. However lack of withdrawals and iOS-only compatibility are definite disadvantages to factor in.

Next I'll provide specific instructions for withdrawing and depositing using Apple Pay...

Complete Instructions for Apple Pay Withdrawals

Unfortunately, most online casinos do not support Apple Pay withdrawals at this current time. While deposits are widely available across many sites, cashing out winnings directly via Apple Pay is limited in availability.

This is due to Apple Pay's design as a payment facilitator rather than a digital wallet provider. Platforms like Skrill and Neteller fully function as e-wallets, while Apple Pay is more geared for one-way online/in-store payments.

However, some casinos DO allow Apple Pay withdrawals, though they are in the minority. Before signing up at any casino site, be sure to verify whether BOTH deposits AND withdrawals are supported by Apple Pay specifically.

The alternative if Apple Pay withdrawals are unavailable is to cash out to the main debit/credit card linked to your Apple Pay account. The timeline for card withdrawals is typically 1-3 business days at most reputable online casinos.

While being able to withdraw directly via Apple Pay would admittedly be more convenient, cashing out to your connected debit card still provides reasonably quick access to your funds after wins.

Step-By-Step Guide to Apple Pay Deposits

Depositing money into your casino account using Apple Pay is an extremely quick and straightforward process:

  1. Register an account at the casino site or log into your existing account as usual.

  2. Visit the Cashier or Banking page and select "Apple Pay" as your deposit method.

  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the payment on your Apple device. Double click the side button.

  4. The funds will immediately be credited to your casino account, ready for gameplay!

The most important step is securely confirming your identity via Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc. This ensures safety since your actual card details are never exposed whatsoever.

Once your identity is verified, the Apple Pay transaction will process instantly. The whole deposit operation takes under a minute in most cases, allowing you to enjoy your favorite casino games without delay!

Apple Pay Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Every payment method has certain limits imposed, which is the case with Apple Pay as well. Here are the typical Apple Pay deposit and withdrawal restrictions:


  • Minimum: £5 - £10
  • Maximum: Up to £5,000


  • Minimum: £10 - £30
  • Maximum: Up to £5,000

As you can see, the deposit and withdrawal limits are reasonable for the average player. The maximums align with most e-wallets and debit/credit card limits at reputable gambling sites.

Keep in mind that while Apple Pay supports credit cards, most UK casinos prohibit credit card deposits and only allow debit cards. So that £5,000 ceiling is typically based on your debit card limits specifically.

It's also worth noting that some casinos may set custom Apple Pay limits that differ from the above ranges, so always double check for any casino you are interested in signing up with. But those figures give a general idea of what to expect.

Apple Pay Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

One of the best aspects of Apple Pay is that there are zero fees for deposits charged by Apple themselves. This makes deposits completely free for the player.

However, do keep in mind that the online casino you are playing at may choose to impose a small deposit fee, though that is not the norm. Most casinos allow Apple Pay deposits free of charge.

In terms of withdrawals, those are handled by your connected debit card, bank account, or an alternative withdrawal method since Apple Pay cashouts are restricted. So there are usually no withdrawal fees from Apple either.

But again, the casino itself may charge a nominal withdrawal fee depending on the method used, so be sure to review the banking page before signing up.

All in all though, Apple Pay is one of the most fee-friendly payment methods, with the large majority of gambling sites allowing deposits and withdrawals free of charges.

Apple Pay Security and Protection

Security is a major priority for Apple Pay and a big reason for its popularity at online casinos. Here are some of the great security and protection features you can expect:

  • End-to-end encrypted payment network keeps all transactions and data private

  • Direct connection between device and payment terminal - card details never go through merchant

  • Unique Device Account Numbers used instead of actual card numbers for each transaction

  • Dynamic security codes generated to further protect each individual payment

  • Biometric authentication required via Touch ID or Face ID to authorize payments

  • Card details stored securely on your device's Apple Wallet app only

As you can see, Apple Pay offers tremendous security advantages. Your financial information is never exposed to merchants. Instead, a secure encrypted token passes through the network, keeping your real account details safe and private.

The required biometric sign-off for payments also prevents any unauthorized access, since only your face or fingerprint can unlock transactions from your device.

In summary, Apple Pay may just be the most secure payment method around for casino deposits thanks to robust encryption, tokenization, biometrics and more.

Apple Pay Bonuses and Promotions

Most quality online casinos today accept Apple Pay deposits when it comes to their welcome and reload bonus offers. However, it's important to note that some gambling sites do restrict which payment methods are valid for bonuses.

While Apple Pay is eligible for most casino promotions, always carefully review the specific bonus terms before depositing to ensure Apple Pay is listed as an approved payment method.

Here are a few examples of Apple Pay deposit bonuses:

Welcome Bonuses

  • 100% match up to £200 + 50 bonus spins
  • £1000 total welcome package + £88 no deposit free spins
  • 300% match up to £3000 across first 3 deposits

Reload Bonuses

  • 50% match up to £100 + 30 free spins on Mondays
  • 25% cashback on deposits over £50
  • Weekly 10% cashback on losses up to £200

As you can see, you can claim some extremely generous bonuses with Apple Pay deposits. Just make sure to pick a solid casino with fair playthrough requirements, and you'll have a great experience.

And of course, remember to gamble responsibly - bonuses simply let you maximize your entertainment budget and extend playtime. Always set limits and bet affordable amounts, whether or not you claim a bonus.

Apple Pay Availability at Online Casinos

Apple Pay is available at a wide variety of reputable UK online casino sites, including most of the biggest names in the industry. Here are just a small few of the many options:

  • LeoVegas
  • PlayOJO
  • Mansion Casino
  • Mr Green
  • Betfair
  • Casimba
  • Casoola

You'll notice pretty much every top-tier online casino supports Apple Pay deposits, and some even allow withdrawals too. While not universally adopted across every single gambling site just yet, coverage is extensive and continues improving all the time.

I highly recommend verifying that any potential casino accepts Apple Pay before signing up. All the casinos I review and recommend feature clear payment method listings on their banking pages. Simply check for the Apple Pay logo!

Is Apple Pay Safe for Online Gambling?

With security threats abounding online these days, it's reasonable to question if Apple Pay is safe to use at online casinos. The answer is an emphatic YES - Apple Pay is one of the most secure payment methods around.

Here's a quick recap of the security advantages to put your mind at ease:

  • End-to-end encryption ensures payment info remains private
  • Card numbers are replaced by secure unique device tokens
  • Dynamic security codes generated per transaction
  • Biometric authentication required to confirm payments
  • Minimal exposure of your account details at any point

Apple Pay even keeps your financial information safe from merchants and retailers themselves, sharing only encrypted tokens instead of actual card numbers. Combined with strong biometric identity checks via Touch/Face ID, this creates tremendous protection.

As long as you maintain the security of your Apple device itself, you can feel totally safe using Apple Pay for all your casino deposits. Just be sure to choose trusted gambling sites only, like those I recommend.

Apple Pay Transaction Speeds

One of the best aspects of Apple Pay is how fast it allows you to deposit funds into your casino account. Here's an overview of the excellent transaction speeds:

  • Deposits - Instant! Funds are credited to your account right after authenticating on your device.

  • Withdrawals - 1-3 days in most cases, since you need to withdraw to your connected card.

As you can see, Apple Pay deposits are pretty much as fast as it gets. The funds become available in literally seconds, allowing you to begin playing your favorite casino games in no time flat!

Withdrawals are a tad slower since they are handled by your debit card or alternate method. But 1-3 days is still reasonably quick compared to options like bank transfers.

The rapid deposit times are a major perk of Apple Pay. No waiting around - just confirm on your iPhone or iPad and enjoy instant access to your bankroll.

Apple Pay Deposit and Withdrawal Steps

To quickly recap the specifics of depositing and withdrawing using Apple Pay:


  1. Select Apple Pay at the casino cashier
  2. Confirm & authenticate on your iPhone/iPad
  3. Funds instantly deposited!


  1. Select debit card or alternate withdrawal method
  2. Enter amount to withdraw
  3. Verify transaction if required
  4. Funds returned to your account in 1-3 days

As you can see, Apple Pay deposits are a piece of cake - just confirm your identity via Face ID or Touch ID on your device. Withdrawals take a couple extra steps since you need to use a connected card or other method.

But overall, Apple Pay offers a smooth user experience whether you are funding your account or cashing out winnings. The speeds and convenience are truly next-level.

Apple Pay FAQs

Let's review some frequently asked questions about using Apple Pay at online casinos:

Is Apple Pay completely free to use for deposits and withdrawals?

Apple Pay itself does not charge any fees. However, some casinos may impose small deposit/withdrawal charges. Check the casino's banking page first.

What Apple devices allow Apple Pay deposits?

Any iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac with Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode login capabilities supports Apple Pay. Just add your card!

Can I use Apple Pay at online betting sites too?

Yes, many major betting sites have added Apple Pay support alongside casinos, allowing fast deposits on sports wagers.

Is my financial data safe when depositing via Apple Pay?

Extremely safe - your actual card number is never shared with merchants. Instead, a secure encrypted token is used while biometric ID authorization prevents misuse.

Are there any deposit or withdrawal limits?

Yes, most casinos impose £5-£10 minimums and £2,500-£5,000 maximums on Apple Pay. Be sure to verify the limits for any site before playing.

How long do Apple Pay withdrawals take to process?

Since Apple Pay withdrawals are rarely available, you'll likely need to withdraw to your connected card, which takes 1-3 business days in most cases.

Can I use Apple Pay on an Android phone or tablet?

Unfortunately, Apple Pay is only available on Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs due to iOS exclusivity.

What should I do if I have an issue with Apple Pay deposits?

You can contact the casino's support team for assistance. Additionally, Apple has 24/7 customer support via live chat or phone if the issue seems to be on their end.

That covers the most common Apple Pay questions - please gamble responsibly and play safely!

Closing Thoughts

In closing, I'm thrilled with Apple Pay as an online casino deposit and occasional withdrawal option. The sheer speed and security it provides gives Apple Pay a significant edge over most payment methods.

Compatibility across iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs also ensures convenience - you can fund your account seamlessly from anywhere. And zero direct fees from Apple is icing on the cake.

While lack of universal withdrawal support does hold Apple Pay back slightly from being truly perfect, it handles the deposit side of things admirably. I'm hopeful that Apple Pay casinos continue expanding withdrawal availability over time.

But for now, its ultra-fast secure deposits may just provide the absolute best user experience around. I wholeheartedly recommend Apple device owners give it a try next time they need to stock their casino account.

As always, be sure to select only trusted licensed sites for the safest experience. And remember to set reasonable budgets and gambling limits - your enjoyment is what matters most.

Thanks for reading and best of luck winning big with those rapid Apple Pay casino deposits! Play responsibly and may fortune favor you.

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