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Online casino reviews are a critical component of the Casino Expert website. Our mission is to provide online casino players with top-notch information, allowing them to make well-informed decisions when engaging in online gambling. Choosing the right casino is a vital decision for every player.

Created:Lily Adams
Last Updated: 7 July 2023

Overview of Our Online Casino Reviews

Our casino reviews differ from the majority of those available online. Instead of focusing on website usability, game selection, and other subjective factors in the overall reputation rating, our ratings are based on what we believe to be most important – the casino's reputation. Our global casino rating is called the 'reputation rating.'

Our reputation rating primarily reflects how casinos treat their players and how likely players are to withdraw their winnings without encountering issues, which are quite common at dishonest casinos. Casinos that demonstrate an honest approach to gambling typically receive a high reputation rating from our review team, while those with ill intentions are rated poorly.

Distinctiveness of Our Reviews

We distinguish our reviews by prioritizing elements crucial to player safety, including:

  • Fair play and integrity
  • Reputation and trustworthiness
  • Feedback and complaints from players
  • Quality of customer support
  • Commitment to responsible gambling

Components of Our Reviews

Our team of reviewers accumulates extensive information about each casino, classifying it into five primary areas:

Casino Size

The size of the casino impacts safe gaming since smaller casinos could encounter problems if a player lands a substantial win. If a player's win exceeds what the casino can afford to pay, the casino could face bankruptcy, a situation that is problematic.

Player Feedback

Our team keenly observes player reviews and complaints to ensure our scores are relevant and up-to-date. We also engage with players who have had issues with certain casinos to understand their side of the story better. This helps us provide thorough and precise reviews of the casino's reputation, aiding players in making informed decisions on where to play.

Deductions for Unfair Practices

Besides the base reputation score, we subtract points for specific unfavorable factors that could negatively affect a player's experience or suggest the casino's unfair practices. These include low withdrawal limits, low win limits, unfair terms and conditions, and inclusion in our blacklist.

Points for Positive Attributes

There are certain positive factors that can raise a casino's reputation score. These include high withdrawal limits, exceptional customer service, and proven fairness, verified by reputable third-party agencies.

We also assess a casino's connections to other casinos in the same group or network. A positive reputation of the group can enhance a casino's rating, while a negative one could lower it.

Our Independent Review Crew

Our review team consists of industry veterans who are responsible for collecting and analyzing data about each casino, determining its reputation score, and keeping our database updated. They are chosen based on their expertise, integrity, and commitment to delivering accurate and impartial casino reviews.

Review Procedure in Detail

Our review process, designed to be exhaustive and rigorous, follows the steps: research, testing, analysis, rating, and updating, ensuring the most precise and up-to-date information.

Thorough Examination of Key Factors

We consider factors such as fairness and honesty, reputation and trustworthiness, player complaints and experiences, quality of customer support, and responsible gambling policies and measures.

Data Collection and Review Updates

Our review team constantly collects data and updates our database to ensure our ratings remain relevant. We re-evaluate casinos at least annually or whenever we receive valid information warranting a reassessment.

Openness and Interaction

We advocate for transparency and open dialogue with both players and casino operators. We communicate with parties involved whenever we discover issues or inconsistencies during our evaluation, which helps us deliver well-informed and fair assessments.

Promoting Responsible Gambling

We recognize the importance of responsible gambling. We promote responsible gambling practices, provide information and resources to those who might need help with gambling-related issues, and also evaluate casinos on their responsible gambling policies and measures.